Issue nr. 178
Monday, November 8th 2021


Well, quite a few happenings this week with the most important listed hereunder.

Green Line service reductions.

Oxford Bus announces several service changes

Full details are shown under the company heading however the first picture of split route 6 was caught in the lens of Gavin Francis.

Hybrid 313 is seen in Magdalen Street West with a restored nr 6 to Wolvercote on November 8th.

A gathering of old and new at Stagecoach Swindon took place to celebrate 100 years of the company at its predecessors serving Swindon.

James Freeman enjoys a day out at Beaconsfield.

Oxfordshire Bus Enthusiasts Society

We shall meet at 7 p.m. on Tuesday 16 November at The Tree Hotel, Church Way, Iffley, OX4 4EY, when Richard Morgan will speak on:  

A Pioneering Extended Coach Tour in 1926: including original 95 year old documents and photographs. 

Meals are available before the meeting and the bar is open all evening.  

We look forward to welcoming you to this meeting.  

We agreed at our last meeting to meet on the Third Tuesday of the month, rather than the second, but we shall not meet in December as Christmas will be almost upon us. So details of the January meeting will follow in a few weeks time. We also agreed to continue to meet at The tree Hotel as food and parking are available, which suits our regular members. 

SWINDON OPEN DAY Saturday, November 6th 2021 

Picture from Martyn Sacaloff.

Some weeks ago I was contacted by Stagecoach West with a request for suggestions regarding an Open Day at Swindon depot to celebrate a history of 100 years.

Four contributors recorded events on the day and their photographs are included below.

Ben Studley

Ben's mother Mandy took these pictures which show Ben's day at Swindon.

A very happy day for young Ben who obviously enjoyed himself very much indeed.

Double deck selection including some in the latest local livery.

Single Deck selection which proves interesting.

Oxfordshire's 36763 was this E200 which took a small group from Banbury depot to the event.

Visiting heritage buses with Rachel Geliamassi taking a picture of the driver - her son? 

Jack Cooper

Oxford Bus Museum sent their AEC Reliance 756  to represent the old order.

Gold 10989 seen in Swindon depot yard.

The delight for many young enthusiasts was a ride through the bus wash on 15857.

Here was Oxfordshire's 36763 freshly repainted in the latest local livery. 

Martyn Sacaloff

Advertising the ride through the bus wash.

Martyn's pictures of his visit to the event.

Theo Freeman

Went to the Swindon open day yesterday with 36763, it was a really good day and was packed, so I’m sure lots of money was raised (although a pain for pictures). A few pictures are attached include a couple from the bus station as some tridents needed collecting that were stored out the way (it’s surprising that they manage to fit 85 buses in the depot!). Whilst heading down there I did see 36109 in the bus station so I assume this transferred with the 2 standard MMCs from Oxford.


Interesting to note 34618 is now back at Swindon and not Witney Outstation.


Pictures are of 36763 in Burford, 34618, Olympian line up in the bus station with 14271 leading and 20687 leaving the bus station.


With many thanks to the contributors. 



James Freeman has a day out in Beaconsfield on November 2nd


Alpine's AP68ALP at the services on the M40.


JustGo Tours YT19KUE also seen at the M40 services.


Bagnalls BAG562S is seen on the M40.


Airline Tourismos 36 and 40 also running along the M40.



Martin Banks was at COP26


SC East  10806 and 54317 in use at Cumbernauld on November 6th.


MMC 11533 seen at Renfrew with a COP26 special on November 5th.


Cumbernauld with ex Oxford tubes 50276 and 50277 but it is not known if these were used on COP26.


With many thanks to Martin in Scotland.

Fleet news and developments

Paul Swann of Arriva has supplied the latest fleet list and news of some new buses due for Luton.

Arriva fleet lists/SR Enthusiast Fleet 3 Nov 21.xlsx

Paul adds "Wigston Garage Closed after service on October 30th with most vehicles going to Thurmaston some to Hinckley and some Thurmaston vehicle going to Hinckley for the 158 service  

There are still more fleet change more changes to do  

14 New Volvos B8RLE MCV EVoRa for Luton Fleet numbers 3967 to 3980  9 x10.8m and 5 x 12m , due from Mid November ".

No cascades for Wycombe with 13 x 36xx Scania’s going for scrap and 3812 going to Aylesbury !

Gavin Francis

.... spent some time in The Eden Bus Station on November 2nd.

2790 is one of the white demonstrators acquired by Arriva now repainted into the latest livery.

3813 was until recently also white but now carries the latest livery here working route 300.

Nigel Peach

DAF DB250 6002 (KL52 CWP) was withdrawn some months ago,
leaving just two double deckers at Wycombe (4819 and 6000). (Sorry about the bars!)  

DAFS 2786 and 3700 with StreetLite 2325 in the yard at Cressex. 

The allocations list from October 7th shows 6002 as still being at Wycombe, but shows it as withdrawn and as running its last journey (a 37) on 22nd July. I was very surprised to see it; I don't think it has been in the yard on other times I've been to Cressex recently.  

I saw 3646 is parked on the far side, to the left of the workshop building, having been there for some time. Still listed on bustimes but has been out of service since 1st October.

1. Wycombe Citaro 3915 (the one without the Mercedes badge on the front) is working on Aylesbury routes - loan or transfer? 

2. Citaro 3924 now at Wycombe, is the bus using "SP HI Spare ticket machine". 

Tony Bungay

As the clocks have changed so to the temperatures have changed especially in the evening! Today has proved very productive for some vehicle variety. 

Caught 3758 which one can only assume had problems with it’s destination message, as it was doing a turn on service 500,

The second of the pictures with a fine range of autumn colours, had three people aboard, presumably passengers despite the Not in Service message! Given the impending exit of Arriva from Guildford the branding will become historic!!!! 

Not a stranger to working to Aylesbury on the 500, even recently with the return of Hemel workings on this service.
6460 is now seen on the 150, a  similar liveried vehicle was also seen today on the 300.

Freshly painted 3813 on the 300.

Gavin Francis

StreetLite 63314 is seen with an X74 in the Eden Bus Station on November 2nd.

Michael Wadman

In this week’s OCBP, Kevin Fuller had some nice photos showing the variety of vehicles and liveries in the First Beeline fleet. I thought you might like a few of my recent photos. 

A couple of Volvo 7900s in Staines bus station on September 15th on routes 8 and 8A. 69930 has a blue front but no route branding,
whereas 69928 has a grey front with branding for slough local services. 

Slough depot has recently been the recipient of several vehicles from Southampton. 69389 is a Volvo B7RLE with Wright body,
transferred last year, seen on service 4 at Heathrow Central on September 30th.

Gavin Francis

...........from Wycombe on November 2nd.

I saw this bus myself but was unable to get a picture so Gavin's is very welcome.
Double decks on the 8 are somewhat unusual.

Nigel Peach

Citaro 878 (BT09 GOJ) stands alone in the yard in front of the depot.

Other buses would have been doing school runs at the time. 

Gavin Francis

Not quite what one has to expect for the X3 - 355 ins St Aldates on November 6th.

Seen turning at Carfax Citaro 847 working 15 road on November 6th.

Jack Cooper

New timetables caught in the lens of Jack Cooper.

I hope that you enjoy the variety of locations, and some I am not sure you will have featured on the page before! With the low winter sun, parts of Oxford City Centre I find are hard to get good pictures, hence why I have less pictures from Oxford.  

Next Saturday (13th) is another Brookes open day, as per the previous day there will be additional Brookes services running, numbered as the U1B (Thornhill P&R - Headington Campus - Marston) and U1X (Thornhill P&R - Headington Campus - Oxford City Centre - Frideswide Square / Rail Station). 

From Sunday (7th) the planned timetable changes will be taking place on the 35, with the route split, with the 35 running between Oxford City and Abingdon, and the 6 returning covering the Oxford City to Wolvercote portion of the route. 

As ever there are new leaflets for the timetable changes! The 1/5 and 8/9 did change on 31st October too. 

MMC 601 is seen working the X3 at Peachcroft Roundabout on November 2nd.

StreetDeck 661 is seen working the X3 on November 3rd.

662 moves around the routes seen above working the 5 on November 4th but three days earlier was working the X3.

Park & Ride 678 is seen at Thornhill on November 3rd.

Orange 8/9 branded 686 is seen working 15 road on November 4th.


From my A34 watch this week.

Tuesday 2nd and captured 316 heading back to the Cowley House depot - obviously returning from its Diesel conversion.
Note the new engine covers visible at the rear.


Steve Knight reports from East Yorkshire that the Mercedes Sprinter 975 they were operating on loan from Oxford Bus Company, was returned to Oxford on November 2nd 2021.

Jack Cooper

Another nice picture of Tourismo 30 heads into the City on November 3rd.

Jack Cooper

City Sightseeing is now running in the winter timetable, with a 30 minute frequency running Mondays - Thursdays (requiring 2 buses), and a 20 minute frequency on Friday / Saturday / Sunday (requiring three buses).   

Gavin Francis

Working the 11 from Wallingford and Chalgrove 207 is seen heading down St Aldates on November 6th.

Also in St Aldates on the same day we have some detail of the super rear adorning 866.

Jack Cooper

Scania 209 is seen with a 94 service on November 3rd.

StreetLite 441 is seen at Didcot Parkway with service 98 on November 6th.

E20D MMC 454 is seen heading for Wantage with an X36 on November 3rd.

StreetDeck 621 seen Harwell Campus with the 98 on November 3rd.

Citaro 849 is seen in Faringdon on October 31st.

907 is seen heading to Didcot with an X36 on November 3rd.

A very nice picture as 909 passes 908 between Didcot and Wantage on November 3rd.

Gavin Francis

JG Connect of Harefield BD18TLO. Mercedes Benz Tourismo working for National Express on October 30th.

Edwards Caetano Boa Vista bodied Scania BV66WPJ working the 040 in Buckingham Palace Road on November 4th.

Edwards have loaned Oxford Airline 67 as seen here in Victoria on November 4th.

Yellow Bus, Bournemouth were using this yellow Irizar YN15YTC seen in Bulleid Way on October 31st. 

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

Robert Williams

Please see re-issued press release below together with two attached digital images on behalf of Reading Buses for your further interest.


Email Immediate:  November 2 2021

Press release no. 1656 

Reading Buses are playing their part in plans to help local people into essential work to ease the mounting problem of staff shortage issues. 

They are providing free bus travel for homeless people or those at risk of losing their home so that they can get around the town for job interviews and other essential travel needs in testing times. 

Reading Buses are integrating with Launchpad – Reading’s leading homelessness prevention charity - in the interests of supporting local people to get a job and therefore help to keep the shelves stocked as well as easing the pressure on other essential services.

Robert Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Reading Buses, said today: “We are donating free journeys to help these people get back on their feet. 

“It is also about helping prevent homelessness and giving local people the independence they need without worrying about finding money for their bus fare. 

“We are clearly aware of staff shortages in many sectors of our local economy and feel we can make a contribution towards easing the current serious problem. 

“We have done something similar in the past in providing free travel for the Forgotten British Gurkha charity as part of supporting Reading’s community and helping people to get around Reading. 

“We’re also continuing to support those with Job Centre Plus cards with our Job seeker ID. We’re giving job seekers access to discounted all-day tickets and supporting them to get around while they are searching for employment.” 


Said Launchpad’s Head of Marketing and Fundraising Kirsti Wilson: “We are incredibly grateful to Reading Buses for their kind donation of bus travel.  

“When you’re trying to rebuild your life after experiencing homelessness, finances can be tight and sometimes there isn’t even enough for the essentials – which can be a huge barrier when you’re trying to get back on your feet.  

“With the gift of bus travel from Reading Buses, our clients can access things like education, training and employment opportunities to increase their confidence, gain independence and finally break the cycle of homelessness. Bus travel might seem fairly simple to many people, but to our clients it will mean everything.” 

Gavin Francis

Redline's LJ09KPZ leaves High Wycombe with a 130 to Aylesbury on November 2nd.

Kevin Fuller

Redline operate service 83 from Hedgerley (between Slough and Beaconsfield) to Langley, with 4-5 journeys a day each way, Monday-Saturday.

On October 28th, Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MX09HHN is seen at the Hedgerley village terminus,
waiting departure time with the 10.31 route 83 departure for Langley. 


Richard Sharman

A case of right time, right place saw a capture two associated companies passing in Oxford city centre on the 275 and X20,

Tony Bungay

A better photo to one I provided the other week of Red Rose Enviro 400.

Gavin Francis

West's 22742 seen in Network Oxford on November 4th.

James Lambeth

SC Oxford decker 10687 has transferred to Swindon, seen here at Gloucester Green on the afternoon of November 1st working the S6.
The new legals can be seen in the OSF photo. 

Marcus Lapthorn

Stagecoach West have recently introduced a new service C6 that runs from South Marston to Cirencester college, via Shrivenham and Faringdon.


There is one journey a day to the college and two return journeys. Seen below working the 0800 departure from Coxwell Road, Faringdon with a Gold double decker which was well supported!


The Gold decker, 10988, is normally seen on the S6 route.


Cirencester college and Stagecoach West also run a number of other C (college) routes. 

Gavin Francis

Well, 15752 looks rather careworn working the S3 on November 6th.

Ex Gold 15756 has returned from repaint into new local livery with the interior lacking seats which are being refurbished.
 Seen at Horspath depot on November 6th.

MMC 10669 is seen in Oxford with an S5 working on November 6th.

MMC 10675 also seen in Oxford this time working a 2A to Kidlington on November 6th. 

Jack Cooper

Gold 10788 heads up Lodge Hill with an S8 on November 2nd.

Golds 10994 and 10996 working the S6 in Faringdon on November 6th.


From my A34 watch this week. It seems 47658 is broken, which might explain its lack of use. Pic shows it heading North on the A34 Monday 1st on suspended tow.

Possibly off for fixing somewhere as the tow truck was local - certainly not one of the Barnsley ones!  

Neil Bridges

ex Gold 15756 having arrived at Horspath after repaint on November 6th.

Richard Sharman

Newly transferred E300 27704 is seen operating the return AM trip on the H4 service last week in Kidlington. This is of significance as this is the first Cummins-engined E300 to be operated by Thames Transit, with the rest previously operated being MANs.

E400 10069 is seen operating an early morning 700 in Kidlington. It is starting to look like it is in need of a repaint,
or at least some new vinyls fitting where the beachball logo is fading- a number of E400MMCs are also suffering from faded vinyls.


The Witney E400MMCs are still looking very clean and tidy. 11252 is seen on the Woodstock Road on November 1st.


Due to the Oxford depot service reductions, E400MMCs 10686/7 have moved to Swindon depot, with their last days in service at Oxford being the 28/9 respectively. 10687 was working the service 51. E200 36109 has also moved to Swindon, with its last day in service at Oxford being October 11th. 

Gavin Francis

Yellow MMC 10672 is seen leaving Gloucester Green on November 6th but seems the driver has not changed to destination yet.

A nice touch by SC with 10677 is the Remembrance Day destination. 

Richard Sharman

Thursday, October 28th saw only one coach allocated to the X5 service, 54310.

This meant that all four E400MMC amber yellow distance repaints were out on the road. It is interesting to note that the black trim above the top rear window has also been painted amber yellow, giving them a little bit of a Bristol VRT look! 


Sunday, October 31st saw an all double-decker allocation for the first time since they were introduced. 

Jack Cooper

50423 proudly displays its Remembrance poppy as it leaves Thornhill on November 3rd.

Gavin Francis

The white Yutong YD71FJA belongs to M.I.T. Travel and was working the megabus M6 to Falmouth on November 4th.

Another hired in coach is YT71GHD with a megabus service on November 4th. 

Richard Sharman

A rare sight at St. Giles was two M34 heading Northbound at the same time last Thursday, The Elite i at the front was delayed on its journey from Cardiff, whilst the Levante was running on time from the South Coast. Snowdon's operated the PM journey Southbound.


Various small operators

Gavin Francis

Apple's delightful Mercedes midi coach WJ17EZA on November 6th.

Moving People Scania YN17OMV in VCS but not sure who it was working for on November 3rd.

RegioJet 8A1 8743 arrives Prague in London on November 4th. 

Premium's BD18TWO passes VCS on November 5th.

London operators

Andrew Webb & Remembrance Day wraps

Since 2012 selected buses in London have received an allover wrap in support of the Royal British Legion's annual Poppy Appeal, the buses providing a striking sight on the capital's streets.  After a Covid enforced absence in 2020, six buses have appeared for the centenary of the appeal in 2021. 

Stagecoach are the only operator to field two buses, both hybrid Enviro 400MMCs. 

11005 is most often found on route 136, but on October 27th was working route 75 between Lewisham and Croydon, seen here leaving Sydenham in autumn sunshine. 

11363 is at home on routes 25 or 425. 
It is seen at the former route's terminus at Holborn awaiting the driver to set the blinds and make another lengthy trek to Ilford on October 26th.

Go Ahead and London United have both decked out examples of high tech electric buses in the Poppy Appeal wrap, showcasing the appeal on the two main models of electric double deckers currently operating TfL services.  

Go Ahead's first Optare Metrodecker Me1 is seen setting out from Mitcham bound for Raynes Park on route 200 on October 27th.

Route 94 is the usual home for London United's first electric double decker, BCE47001 is seen on layover at the route's central London terminal on October 26th.

Abellio and Metroline selected the new Routemaster,  London's modern bus icon, for their contribution. 

Route 17 has recently gained a partial allocation of LTs, High Holborn on October 26th being the location for LT111 as it heads for London Bridge. 

Seen in Hammersmith bus station at the setting of the sun on the same day is Abellio's LT999

Gavin Francis

Another recent wrap is caught by Gavin.

monzo bank highlighted on Go Ahead London's LT479 working the 11 on November 4th.

Andy Churchill

Reading about the two Versas for Carousel, I thought readers might like these pictures of COMS 431 and 432.




Seen at the depot 431 carries an advertising livery which like the others was hand painted.
These were the days before vinyl wraps!


Oxford-South-Midland Bristol VRT 432 (OUD432M) seen in Oxford Cornmarket Street in 1977
covered in the ‘Save It ‘ all-over advert livery on Service 580 to Barton.


Michael Wadman with pictures from Keith Newton

Here are some more pictures of Thamesdown buses in rural locations from Keith Newton. 

No 43 (OJD 92R), Bristol LH6L / ECW, former London Transport BL92, near Manton on service 49 in May 1984. 

No 192 (UMR 192T), Leyland Fleetline / ECW, on service 48 in 1984. Not sure but we think this is near Aldbourne, on the road to Baydon. 

Next, a couple of mysteries: no 117 “Royal Star” (M117 BMR), Dennis Dart / Plaxton, passing the Rose & Crown Hotel on service 47.
But where is this fine establishment? 

And no 13 (XJF 93Y), former Leicester Corporation Dennis Falcon / Duple, somewhere on service 78. Can anyone recognise either of these two locations? 

Finally, soon be Christmas, so here is no 15 “Lechlade Manor” (A95 FRY), another former Dennis Falcon / Duple from Leicester Corporation,
in the snow at Baulking on service 67.

Michael Wadman

and some pictures of Stagecoach in the early days

Ex Cheltenham & Gloucester C636SFH on August 11th 1999.

Ex Bristol with Swindon & District 124 (NTC123Y) at rest on July 31st 1997.

Seen in Wantage, working the X47 Swindon's 712 on May 24th 1998.

Both 903 with Alexander Dash body and 908 with ALX200 body working the 70 service in Marlborough May 23rd and 21st 1997.

Thanks again to Michael for some nice memories including the change over from Alexander Dash to the then new ALX200.

Follow up on last week's piece from Ben Studley

Michael Wadman

Nice shots of Bridport and West Bay from Ben Studley in the latest OCBP. I thought you might like to see some historical shots of the area. 

Mike Halford ran several of the local services.

E756 CCA was a Mercedes 609D with PMT body, that was originally a PMT demonstrator.
Seen passing through Bridport on service 55 to Beaminster on 23rd February 2000.
The Bridport – Beaminster corridor has seen several operators over the years. 

Another of Mike Halford’s vehicles on the same date.

Freight Rover / Carlyle G217 EOA came from Dorset County Council, loading on service 76
to Wootton Fitzpaine and Catherston Leweston – understandably abbreviated on the destination board. 

Southern National and it successors had a small garage in the town, nowadays under First Hampshire & Dorset. A couple of stands in the adjacent car park are rather pretentiously labelled as a bus station, where Sureline N611 GAH, a Mercedes 609D with Frank Guy bodywork from Eastern Counties, was on layover off service 73 to Maiden Newton on 23rd October 2006. This route was the replacement for the railway branch line to the town. 

Bridport had a Post Bus at one time, which ran to Dorchester via a number of villages off the main road.

LDV Convoy P206 ETA in the town on 23rd February 2000. 

Local independent Country Bus ran Bridport locals 290 to Burton Bradstock and 291 to Beaminster for a couple of years.

Bedford YRQ / Plaxton LRB 655P, new to Taggs of Sutton-in-Ashfield, was on one of the services on 23rd August 1989. 

Another Country Bus vehicle, Bedford VAS5 / Duple DTX 376J, new to Cyril Evans, Senghenydd,
at the George Hotel in West Bay on service 290 (This photo by Keith Newton) 

Sewards of Dalwood ran into Bridport on a weekly service from it’s home village in Devon.

J127 DGC was a Mercedes 609D with PMT bodywork, on layover in the bus station on 23rd February 2000. 

South West Coaches LUI 2529 (formerly G166 YRE), a Mercedes 609D with LHE body,
new to Stevensons of Spath, had just arrived on service 73 on 22nd September 2001. 

Service 73 replaced the railway from Maiden Newton that closed in 1975,
and here are a couple of shots of Pressed Steel railcar W55033 at the station that year.

Andrew Dyer in New Zealand

In congratulating you on reaching OCBP number 177, I thought it appropriate to send you this picture of the old Gloucester Green! Sadly, I don't know who the photographer was.


JXC 177 spent nine years at Charlton on Otmoor from 1961 to 1970 having previously been with A Marsh (Black & White Coaches) of Harvington near Evesham after it left London Transport as RT 1414. Unusual with its body by Cravens of Sheffield, I never drove it, but had the pleasure of conducting it just before it was withdrawn at Charlton. Having done 14 or 15 years since leaving London it was a bit rattly as I recall! The engine which had been rebuilt whilst at Charlton went on to give further life to KGU 239, another RT there, after JXC had gone for scrap. 

The picture also brings back memories of Capes, the department store in St Ebbes which all Oxonians of a certain age will doubtless remember!

Ian Hardy

A correction to issue nr 177. 

The Piccadilly Line was not a small private company, but a brand of Greater Manchester Buses, which operated 10 RMs on the 143 between Piccadilly to West Didsbury via the Wilmslow Road. This was the most competitive corridor in Manchester after de-regulation, the RMs started on 05/09/1988 as a way of beating the competition. However the RMs only lasted until June 1990 when they were replaced by normal double deckers.

Thanks I an as a Mancunian my error is not be excused and I appreciate your note. 

David Hillas

Firstly, I read in your latest issue of the above page that Plumstead Bus Garage had an Open Day last Saturday 30th October. I didn't know about this until I read your column today. Therefore, could I please request that London Bus Garage Open Days are mentioned in advance of the actual day instead of after it. I might well have gone to that Open Day had I known it before hand. The same also applied to the Open Day at Alperton Bus Garage on Saturday 11th September last. It would have been appreciated if that had been mentioned again before hand instead of just afterwards. Could that be borne in mind in future when London Bus Garage Open Days are taking place? Thanks.

 The other concern I have regards Stagecoach route 853 between Oxford and Cheltenham. Your column dated 25th July 2021 below mentions that it was being replaced by route S2 from Sunday 29th August last.

However, I can confirm that route 853 is still operating between those two places as indicated in the timetable below:

Also, the Bustimes website for Stagecoach West confirms this as below:

with vehicles 28684 and 28685 operating it As I write this mail.

I was rather upset to read about this bus route change in your column since I travelled on it on a beautiful sunny day in September 2020. Therefore, could I please request that before any bus route changes are mentioned in your column that they do come from a reliable source which did not appear to be the case here. It may well be that route 853 will be withdrawn sometime in the future, but that has not happened so far.

From the Editor

I am always pleased to receive comments from readers and am sorry that David feels that the OCBP has let the side down. I passed his mail to Gavin who has assisted me for many years and I append his comments below.

Gavin Francis

As both a reader and a contributor to OCBP since 2004 I have never felt it is the place to go to for details on upcoming events. It is a record of current events with a look back at readers memories from the past. Upcoming events are well served in other places the most comprehensive one is probably:- 

Also the London Omnibus Traction Society mainly lists forthcoming London events on its website:- 

Then of course there are many enthusiasts magazine with plenty of adverts in them detailing forthcoming events. 

With all those sources and knowing just how much time and effort goes into preparing OCBP each week it should not be necessary to repeat information with can easily be found elsewhere. 

Regarding the 853 there were proposals by SC to make changes to the 853 route with it being replaced by a through S2. I believe these changes may well still go ahead when the company feel the time is correct. I am sure OCBP always tries to be as accurate as possible with much of its information being sourced from the operating companies themselves so I am sure the information given on 25th July 2021 was correct at the time the page was published. No doubt when a decision is made on any changes to the route OCBP will let us all know in advance based on company information.

From the Editor

I would be pleased to receive any other comments from readers who contributions and support help to maintain this page. Regarding upcoming events I real upon organiser's to advise me of their events which I then publish but  when such people don't advise me I do not have sufficient time to trawl the Internet for such information. 

North of the Border with Gordon Scott

Gordon Scott

Taken in Princess Street Edinburgh Stagecoach East Scotland Fife
Volvo B9R Caetano Levante 53734 - PSU 954 ex BF63 ZRR

53736 - 866 PYC ex BF63 ZRU on X60 and X61 in new livery.

All of this batch 53731 to 53738 are being reregistered with cherished plates.

Lothian 401 - BN64 COJ Volvo B5TL Wright Gemini 3 in full overall advert Support In Mind Scotland on route 19 in Princess Street, Edinburgh.

Gordon's update and pictures are much appreciated.