Issue nr. 184
Thursday, December 23rd 2021


Various operators celebrate Christmas in different ways and so the pictures below show some of the ways used for Christmas 2021.

Jack Cooper

A lovely pictures worthy of Buses in the Landscape. More pictures below show 631 in a variety of locations.

Jack writes "I had travelled on the Christmas Lights Bus tonight, it was wonderful to see so many people out to see the bus, with some people saying it had made their year! I think I have managed to include every location the bus had visited !"

Abingdon, Culham and Sutton Courtney on December 18th.

Kennington, Rose Hill and St Aldates in the City.

Park & Ride 668 in Magdalen Street West with a 300 service on December 10th.

The service buses also provided a nice destination display as seen with 622 in St Aldates on December 16th.

Gavin Francis

Stagecoach East joined in with a specific display for their destination screens. 10878 with an X5 in Gloucester Green.

Tony Gaze

Ex Thames Travel Hybrid 300 in a wrap working the 35 on December 9th.

Tony Bungay

Wrights 3787 with an X60 working in Aylesbury on December 21st.

Tony also included a number of other pictures at the same time

Waddesdon Manor Wright Streetlite and former London Mercedes Citaro at work on the car park shuttle to the Manor for the Christmas fair and lights December 5th, the Citaro’s are used for peak demand, especially as darkness nears, photography to illustrate this has so far not been successful! 


Oxford route change from January 2022

Bob Chalmers

A quick question - with the upcoming changes in January - any idea what Thames/Oxford might be doing about extra buses they may need? And what about the '2 liveried' buses - are they going to be re-branded? 

Gavin Francis

Referring to the matter of 2 road buses from Oxford Bus, Gavin has taken a few photos for the record and some to show that these buses are already appearing on other routes.

361 and  366 working 2 road seen on December 22nd for the record.

363 is seen working 15 road in St Aldates on December 21st.

Jack Cooper

363, this time working 2 road in Magdalen Street West on December 7th.

Buses may not always go the way one wants them to!

Ciaran Bird

Astromega 50250 seems to have got muddled as it backed of Gloucester Green on December 16th. Ooops !


Ensign Running Day

Kevin Fuller

Apologies for sending this so close to your deadline for the week, but I had a day out to South Essex / Kent yesterday, using the heritage bus services of the well respected Ensignbus of Purfleet. Although not in our area, you and your readers might be interested: 

I attach some photos of both the heritage vehicles in use (mostly ex LT), and also contemporary vehicles in several locations. 

Four different heritage routes were in operation, all  intersecting at Lakeside bus station, each route running half hourly, as far as Shenfield in the north, and Gravesend in the south. 

At Upminster station, 1949 Cravens bodied RT1431 JXC194 pauses before taking up the 10.26 service to Gravesend. 

Laying over In Lakeside bus station is GLX913, a1944 Daimler CWA6 / Massey lowbridge rebody new to Southend Transport.
Originally a wartime Daimler for London Transport. 

Also at Lakeside is Wright StreetDeck 174 in the current fleet on a service to Grays and Tilbury.

At the bus station at the Bluewater shopping centre in North Kent,
both Arriva and Stagecoach provide services from the surrounding areas. This is Arriva 4090, an Enviro 200 MMC. 

On layover between duties to Woolwich is Stagecoach 12294, an Alexander Dennis Enviro 400. 

At Gravesend, Sapphire liveried Wright Streetlite 4338 picks up passengers from the town centre stops.

Also in Gravesend is Arriva 4109, Enviro 200MMC in Fastrack livery, collecting passengers on route B to Dartford.

Examples of Arriva's older rolling stock in the form of 1621, Dennis Dart / Plaxton SLF was also in evidence in Gravesend town centre. 

At Gravesend ferry terminal, early Routemaster RM 25 waits before its trip back to Upminster via Bluewater and Lakeside, on the heritage running day route X55. 

Hope that these are of interest - it was a great day, and weather was kind, although dare I say, rather too sunny for photos in some cases! However, a very well organised event, and great to see some of these old vehicles out on the road, doing what they were designed for!

Kevin Fuller last days of Arriva in Guildford

As this is the last week of Arriva running services from their depot in Guildford, I went to Camberley to get some 'last photos' of the 34/35 services which terminate there. Pictures were taken on 13th December. 

Max Branded Mercedes Citaro 3901, BX56VTU loads for a return route 34 journey to Guildford.
Note the commemorative message on the screen, scrolling a 'thank you' to customers for their support. 

Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 3990, GN07DLY, at the same stop in Camberley, before departing on a route 35 service. 

Seen laying over after arrival at Camberley, Optare Versa 4207, YJ61CJO is already screened up ready for the return journey to Guildford.


Michael Wadman

Herewith a few photos from the Chesham Running Day in October. Sorry they’re a little non-topical, but I’m still using a heritage* camera, and it takes a while to get films printed these days. 

(*Because ‘heritage’ seems to have become a synonym for old, out of date, obsolete. I’m thinking that I might start referring to myself as a heritage person.)  

The Western National VRT was operating Alder Valley service 27 between Great Missenden station and High Wycombe bus station, providing well-timed connections with services from both places to Chesham – something that the Amersham & District people are very good at. 

RF146 is at Gerrards Cross (Packhorse) – the building is still there (out of picture to the right) but is no longer a pub.

GS32 at Chesham Broadway, because you’ve got to have a GS ‘coz they’re cute.

RLH48 at
Berkhamsted (Ashlyns School)

SM 88 at Berkhamsted station

RF146 again at Bellingdon (The Bull) and Buckland Common.

Many thanks to all the above contributors for some very interesting pictures.

Daniel Harwood

I recently purchased a new bus driving game called OMSI 2, you can download British maps and buses for it including the ADL Enviro 400, 400MMC, 200, 200MMC, Wrightbus StreetDeck and Streetlite, I found that someone had made some very realistic Oxford Bus Company repaints for the game, I have attached some screenshots. The maps, buses and repaints can be found here.


James Freeman

On Monday, December 6th at 08:44, James provided this link for some interesting pictures. 

Well, it seems that Omicron, though spreading rapidly is not as dangerous as the Delta variant but could still cause problems after Christmas. So do take care and stay safe, 

Fleet news and developments

The full list of the new buses at Luton.

3967 LF71DLD Vo B8RLE YV3T7U527MA206413 MCV B??F 12/2021
3968 LF71DLE Vo B8RLE YV3T7U520MA206415 MCV B??F 12/2021
3969 LF71DLJ Vo B8RLE YV3T7U522MA206416 MCV NB1182 B??F 12/2021
3970 LF71DLK Vo B8RLE YV3T7U527MA206511 MCV B38F 12/2021
3971 LF71DLN Vo B8RLE YV3T7U520MA206513 MCV NB1176 B38F 12/2021
3972 LF71DLO Vo B8RLE YV3T7U522MA206514 MCV B38F 12/2021
3973 LF71DLU Vo B8RLE YV3T7U525MA206541 MCV NB1179 B38F 12/2021
3974 LF71DLV Vo B8RLE YV3T7U524MA206546 MCV NB1183 B??F 12/2021
3975 LF71DLX Vo B8RLE YV3T7U52XMA206549 MCV NB1186 B??F 12/2021
3976 LF71DLY Vo B8RLE YV3T7U526NA206663 MCV NB1167 B38F 12/2021
3977 LF71DLZ Vo B8RLE YV3T7U528NA206664 MCV NB1168 B38F 12/2021
3978 LF71DME Vo B8RLE YV3T7U52XNA206665 MCV NB1169 B38F 12/2021
3979 LF71DMO Vo B8RLE YV3T7U521NA206666 MCV NB1170 B38F 12/2021
3980 LF71DMU Vo B8RLE YV3T7U523NA206667 MCV NB1171 B38F 12/2021

Simon Mathieson

Simon sent a nice picture of an Arriva bus from Oswestry now carrying a Heritage livery from National Bus Company days seen on December 16th.

New to Arriva Yorkshire as 1811 YJ08EER, now 4111 with Arriva Midlands based at Oswestry is a Volvo B9TL Optare/Olympus.

Adam Green

7203 on the last Greenline at 1530 to Victoria on Saturday December 4th 2021

Nick Ross

Not for the purist.

This advertising "livery" on Arriva Sprinter 1020 BF67WGW parked up between local turns in Leighton High St on December 6th 2021 

On December 11th Arriva's DAF 6000 at Adams Park having conveyed AFC Wimbledon fans from the railway station who enjoyed an exciting 2 all draw!

Nigel Peach

From the last issue one of that batch is still left - 3867, now disguised by being numbered 3927! It's now at Aylesbury.


Tony Bungay

Arriva 3813, which appears to have altered it’s destination for it’s next trip on the 300 

Versa 2992 in High Street Aylesbury on Service 150 again
December 9th.
This is allocated to High Wycombe, the bus not the route. 

Couple of night shots as the chance of stationary vehicles and low traffic in Exchange Street Aylesbury gave the opportunity.

Arriva 4400 on a 150 short working to Leighton Buzzard
on December 10th.

Arriva 5463 also on the 150 in dull damp fading light, in Cambridge Street Aylesbury on December 11th. 

Kevin Fitzpatrick

One from Chipping Norton on December 20th, Johnson's E200MMC YX21RTZ
with the Sunday X50 all the way to Birmingham with repainted Stagecoach 15756 behind heading the other way down to Oxford. 

Lewis Nagle

First day in service, November 17th and 432 is seen with a 103 service.

Malcolm Crowe

218, 404, 405 and 431 outside the depot on December 11th.

Here we have the overflow yard with 711, 710, 243, 886 and 887 on December 11th.
709 appears to have returned to Thames Travel and is in service.

407 and 869 at the depot on December 18th.

979 is also seen at the depot on December 18th.

975 on loan with 404 at the depot on December 18th.

Versa 432 made one round trip to Thame on December 21st as seen above in Stokenchurch.
I think this is a first?

Nigel Peach

I was in Wycombe today so visited the Carousel depot. I had not yet seen 431 or 432 before so I was pleased to see them both in the yard. The sun was low and in the wrong place making it very difficult to get a good photo, so this was the best I could do!

In the yard, left to right, 431, 242, 432, 243. (Having 432 next to 243 made me chuckle - always good to get buses with the same digits together!) 

431 - sorry about all the reflection. It's so good to see the sun, but sometimes it makes photography difficult! 

432 - again, the best I could get! 

I wonder why these two buses are so often not used in service ? 

Ciaran Bird

942 made a very rare appearance on COMS city2. This bus was on loan to COMS from Thames Travel, who have it on loan from Carousel!
 This was due to 9 buses being taken by Bicester Village work (excluding 514).

A rare spot of 310 on a 500 are both in Woodstock Town Centre (28/11)

Graham Low

The MB eCitaro 899 was busy working the 11X on December 9th. I snapped it at the end of Iffley Road.
This appears to have been the last day on which 899 was used in service by OBC. 

Jack Cooper 

Pictures from earlier this month held over from last weeks reduced issue.

301 unusually works a 400 road service on December 6th.

Hybrid 310 is seen working 6 road on December 10th.

352 seen in the rain at Carfax Corner on December 6th with a 13 road working.

Brookes 606 fits in a working for 2 road on December 10th.

678 looks very smart as it works a 400 road service on December 11th.

683 brightens a rainy day working 3 road on December 6th.

Citaro 845 working a 6 road service on December 7th. I am always amused to see the red livery on the wheel arch.

Once with Carousel 219 is seen with a 35 road service on December 16th.

222 is seen with a 4A working to the City on December 16th.

Now diesel 316 is seen working 15 road on December 12th.

Brookes variety, 603 with a 2B, 613 and 606 at Cowley House and 609 working the U5 between December 12th and 18th.

Jack Cooper

37 in Gloucester Green on December 16th.

The same coach at Cowley House on December 18th.

Seeing intermittent use the four remaining Interdecks including 70 are used for Airline services, now at Cowley House on December 18th.

Jack Cooper

A very nice evening shot of 204 seen outside Queens College in Oxford on December 9th.

Daniel Harwood

I saw 442 working the X36 in Kingsgrove, Wantage on December 9th. This is the first time I have seen any single-decker other than 454 on this service.

Jack Cooper

Scania 209 is seen working 5 road on December 9th and then 212 with an 11X service on December 8th.

Jack Cooper

Travelstar's NX17TSE seen in Cheltenham with a 100 service to Bath on December 14th.

Tony Gaze

Oxford Bus Levante III nr 60 seen in Chain Alley with a 737 working on December 9th.

Tony Bungay

East Lancs Olympus, presumably a former EnsignBus Liveried one now repainted, a chance photo
as it heads towards Aylesbury Bus Station on December 9th.

Ciaran Bird

Working the 17 in Bicester, SF66ARW looks well in the sunlight on November 22nd.

James Freeman

 E18RRT running along the Eastern bypass on December 10th.

Nick Ross

Star Travels Optare MX57 UPG at West St bus stop in Leighton on December 2nd 2021.
This Optare is a regular on the Leighton - Dagnall 162 as seen here,
Star Travel have been operating the 162 for three years now having replaced the much missed Red Kite in September 2018. 

Jack Cooper

..... paid a visit to West recently.

10756 and 10758 looking very smart seen on December 14th.

10905 seen in Cheltenham with a 94X ready to run fast to Gloucester on December 14th.

The new order for the 10 are these new MMCs in yellow distance livery.

West still have some vintage ALX400s left as seen with 18089 leaving Gloucester bus station with a 132 service.

ADL E300 27703, destined for Banbury is seen still with West on December 14th.

E200 37326 is seen in Tewksbury with a 71 to Gloucester on the same day.

The latest E20D MMCs are also working for West with 37623 and 37628 seen above.

A now elderly Solo 47686 from South seen working route f in Cheltenham on December 14th.

Tony Gaze

Taken in Swindon on December
 6th 10687 working the 55 to Wotton Bassett
This bus has now returned to Oxford depot.

Ciaran Bird

15757 coming into Woodstock on an S3 (19/11)

10068 working the 500 in Banbury.

I took a ride on the X5 between Bicester and Oxford that day and it seems as if the YX67 registered Enviro400 MMCs are limited to 62mph like 15966 when it was at Oxford. Whilst I enjoyed the journey, I don't think I could cope on it all the way from Oxford to Bedford!

12006 also appeared on 2s, a blast to the past as Hybrids used to be the primary vehicle allocated to these! (26/11)

15757 OU61AVM again but at Oxford Airport with Neil driving.

10685 on H5 in Bicester

15934 overtakes 15761 in Bicester.

Jack Cooper

MMC 10683 turns Carfax Corner on December 6th working the S9.

Gold 10780 in Magdalen Street West with a 7 to Woodstock on December 10th.

Last batch of the MMCs in SC older livery 11247 is seen in Magdalen Street East  with an S2 service on December 10th.

Looking less than pristine 15761 (I spent a Sunday driving this S5 bus) on December 10th.

Another Gold S4 Scania has left for Gloucester so now only three remain. 28745 in Oxford on December 10th.
It is somewhat battle scarred now !

Heralding the new !!! 36763 seen working the S4 in Oxford on December 14th.

Tony Gaze

Ex Gold 15756 with a 2B service in Magdalen Street East on December 9th. 

Jack Cooper

Cpt. Sir Tom 11279 now in local livery seen leaving Gloucester Green with an X5 on December 16th.

Tony Gaze

Older MMC 10499 is the latest local livery is seen with the X5 in Oxford on December 9th.

Some with full branding and some not but all working the X5 in Oxford on December 9th.
Seen are 10803, 10872, 10876, 10880 and 10881.

11279 and 11280 also working the X5 on December 9th. 

Adam Jenkins

Provides a picture of one of the first batch of Astromegas with the tube.

Island Coach Services of Ryde OU59AUY Cosham Rail Stn on December 12th.
It looks very clean and tidy.

Jack Cooper

also caught up with 50250 in its hour of indecision.

Seen with 50235 before the fateful moment.

Not the first time I've seen this happen with a tri-axle, here on December 16th. 

Gavin Francis

Now in full megabus livery Yellow Coaches BK14LFJ is seen in Bulleid Way on December 20th.

A hire, this time from MiT YD71FJC at Elizabeth Bridge on December 20th.

Prospect with a limited megabus livery is seen in London working the M22 on December 22nd.

Another limited livery, this time Goldwings BV70UAP in Bulleid Way on December 22nd.

With the upcoming change of ownership it will be interesting to see how megabus develops. 

London operators

Andrew Webb 

Metroline's Cricklewood garage has 5 buses wrapped in an overall design promoting the Christmas lights displays which can be viewed along Route 139 linking Golders Green with Waterloo.  VWH2034 is seen on the stand at Waterloo awaiting another trip north.

Saturday, December 18th saw RMT strike action cause significant disruption to the Victoria, Jubilee and Northern Lines, whilst the Piccadilly Line was suspended completely and the Central Line didn't serve the core between White City and Liverpool Street.  A few extra buses were hurriedly pressed into service to provide limited extra capacity on the Saturday before Christmas.  Two worked shorts on route 98, running between Red Lion Square and Kilburn.  Candy Coaches fielded this former London United Scania, seen at Oxford Circus being followed by a Metroline VWH which provides the regular service.


Go Coach sent this Enviro 400, now resplendent in London Country livery.  It pauses in Oxford Street whilst heading for Holborn, evoking memories of when this livery may have been seen on the nation's high street as part of the Green Line network.

Three additional buses provided extra capacity between Archway and Oxford Circus over route 390 

The London Bus Group, a preservation group with O licence sent VP539, a former Metroline bus, with informative blind display.  The other two buses were modern Enviro 400MMCs from Symphony Coaches.  Without using the electronic blinds or even a simple paper '390' in the windscreen they were somewhat anonymous to regular passengers, consequently attracting very little custom.   All three are seen arriving at Oxford Circus.

In contrast to Symphony Coaches, Imperial Coaches showed the capabilities of the Enviro 400MMC blind display to good effect on three buses provided on route 95.  After leaving Shepherd's Bush the route runs along the A40 to Greenford before winding through suburbia to reach Southall, coincidentally where the family-owned company was founded.  The extras were confined to short workings between Shepherd's Bush and Hanger Lane, shipping passengers to the large Westfield.  The blinds rotated between showing destinations (complete with spelling error) and reminding passengers to wear a mask, as seen on the three buses pausing at White City.  These buses are more usually found on Buckinghamshire school contracts and private hire.


Andy Churchill

Here is a variety of Bristol VRTs that made their appearance on service to Kidlington from Oxford starting with Bristol VRT 449 (PJO449P) single door series 2 of 1976 vintage seen on the 281 and then comes along Two series 3 VRTs 493 ( HUD493W) on the 582 and VRT 499 (HUD499W) seen on the 580 with a wrap round advert both seen in Cornmarket Street and then VRT 508 (KJO508W) seen on the 2B in Cornmarket Street in 1987 and with Oxford Bus Company Logos following NBC privatisation and passing an acquired Leyland Atlantean from Go-North East , such variety on the 2 road all passing into history.

493 looks to be brand new and 508 is seen on a typical winter day in Cornmarket.

Michael Wadman

Here are a few more photos of obscure independents.


The Dacorum Council for Voluntary Service run a number of Section 22 local bus services into Hemel Hempstead. Ford Transit M278 LOD was at the bus station on 21st November 1996, which being a Thursday it was presumably on the  208 from Trowley Bottom and Apsley despite the absence of any indication to that effect. 

Master Travel of Welwyn Garden City occasionally operated bus services. Mercedes KXI 127, new to Flexibus, Belfast, was in the bus station on 27th May 2001 on service 800, which comprised one return journey on Wednesdays and Sundays during the summer to Ayot St Lawrence.  

Harley’s of Marlborough ran to Andover on service 51 (or possibly 15 – there seemed to be some confusion over that) on Tuesdays for about twelve weeks in early 1997 following the retirement of the proprietor of Marlborough Coaches, the previous operator (the service also ran on Thursdays but only as far as Ludgershall). C588 XVU, a Ford Transit with Mellor body, new to R & D Minicoaches of London E16, was basking in the sun on layover in Andover on 27th March that year – the last day of operation before the service was replaced by revisions to Stagecoach Hampshire Bus route 15. 

By September 19th 1998  C588 XVU had had a repaint and was in Newbury bus station on the Saturdays only service X2. 

The Faringdon Community Bus is another operator of Section 22 services. CN51 BNF was a Mercedes Sprinter 412cdi with UVG body, seen on service in its home town on 27th September 2004.

Chris Huntingford

I don’t want to add to what is undoubtedly a lot of change for OBC. 

But I thought you might know the answer to this. Given OBC will now be the main operator in the Iffley Road corridor, is there something that can be done with the 11X? In particular, could it pick up a few bits that will not be served with the loss of the Stagecoach 16. Especially Florence Park. 

Is it that the 11X is in effect a staff bus to the city centre, and there is a desire to keep minimal passengers on board (i.e. social distancing)? Or run it fast, so timings are more predictable? 

We will, though, end up in the slightly strange position of routes closing, whilst a limited-stop passes through the area.

Graham Low

The revisions of 2 January 2022 will see the end of the 16/16A which is a very useful route and seems quite reasonably patronised. The replacement 20 appears to be rather limited.

Here is SCO E200 36933 which has just turned from Cornwallis Road into Iffley Road. 

Although the X39/X40 were re-routed from the Abingdon Road to Iffley Road on 21 November most if not all of the stops in Abingdon Road still show these route numbers and some at least still have timetables! But there is no information about these routes in Iffley Road at all. The screen at Turl Street shows X39 or X40 buses as going to "Station Road" i.e. Reading! Crew changes on these routes at Queens Lane add to the congestion there.

One piece of news to add to my earlier comments about the River Rapids re-routing is that buses on these routes often now display "via Iffley Road" on their destination screens, which will encourage people around here. The branding on the side of these buses also needs changing since the frequencies and routing have changed and there is no direct link between Henley and Oxford.

A recent view of 223 at Queens Lane, to make the point.

The loss of City2 will mean that Oxford Bus will have half a dozen spare blue Volvo B5TLs - maybe these will also be seen on River Rapids, now that these routes are to be run from Oxford.

Gavin Francis

In the recent Arriva fleet allocation I spotted KE55CKO which was one of three new at High Wycombe for the introduction of the Park and Ride service 100 from Cressex.

I first saw it in the pound opposite the old Wycombe Bus Station on August 30th 2005 carrying the registration YJ05PXV but there was a man there changing the registration plates. I assume it was registered from 1st September to get the new 55 plate registration. So you will see 2 of my pictures are taken on the same day with different registrations. Then I think the service started on 5th September 2005 and my picture shows it on the first day in service.

It spent around 12 years at High Wycombe and by the end it had been repainted in the then current fleet livery. My last picture was taken on August 21st 2017.

These three buses rarely strayed onto other routes but of interest to us is that it did appear on the 40 on 2nd November 2010. 

Grahame Wareham

 I was up in Llandudno over the weekend of November 25th-28th visiting my elderly relatives, my Uncle sadly passing away yesterday, and took one or two images which you may wish to include in your 'Readers visits' to other areas' section of your bus page. We got tangled up with Storm Arwen which made our return from Liverpool on the evening of 26th very difficult................not arriving back to our hotel in Llandudno until 5am on 27th, and because of the damage along the North Wales coast our return to Oxford by rail was equally fraught with two rail replacement coach journeys to get to Chester and further delays south. I think the railways deserved a 'pat on the back' for running what they did though and enabled us to get back to Oxford only three hours behind schedule. 

Image 1 Arriva Wales 4550 CX14BXN in Mostyn Street Llandudno on route 12 to Rhyl

Image 2 Arriva Wales 3168 CX14BYF in Rose Hill Road Conwy on 5D to Bangor

Image 3 Llew Jones MB Tourismo LJ20LLJ outside Llandudno Railway Station on rail replacement to Llandudno Junction and Blaenau Ffestiniog

The weather was the worst I had ever seen it up there and I know it can be occasionally windy!

Kevin Fuller

Saw this one in Camberley on 13th December, looking smart despite the drizzly weather conditions and damp roads: 

Stagecoach South 10775, WVT618, Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 in 'Poppy Appeal' livery. 

Ross Newman

Purfleet in November as follows : 


From First West of England : Volvo B7TL’s LK53LZH / LZM 

From Go Ahead South Coast : Volvo B7TL SN56AWX    Darts SN03LDU / HW54BUU   DAFs NK04FPA / YJ07JTX / JTY    Solos NK54DEU / DFC / DFD / MV07DWM / MX53FEF / GP02DPV / VU52UES / MX03YBD   Volvo B12M’s MV02UMJ / UMK / UML / UMS / UMU / UMX    Volvo B10M Y784MFT   Scanias YN04GHJ / GHD / GHV   Dennis KT51BXH. 

From Go-Ahead London : Volvo B7TL’s W543WGH / Y818TGH / LX54GZK  / LX54GZR. 

From Redbridge Transport : Volvo B7TL’s PN02XCT / XCA. 

From First Essex : Darts WX05RVC / EU05AUO / EU05AUC / SN05EAJ. 

From Metroline : Volvo B9TL’s : LK59CWU / CWP / CWO / CWX / CXF / CRJ / CRV / FCO / CXH / CXN / CXO 

From N.A.T : Scania’s LX59CRJ / CRV. 

From Lothian Buses : Volvo B9TL’s SN09CVB / CVC / CVD / CVE / CVF / CVG / CVH / CVJ / CVK / CVL  SN59BFL / BFM / BFO / BFP / BFU / BFV / BFX / BFY / BFZ / BGE / BGF 


Volvo B9TL’s SN59BFL / BFM / BFZ : York Pullman. 

Volvo B12M’s MV02UML / UMS / UMU : Watts Coaches, Bonvilston. 

Volvo B12M’s MV02UMJ / UMK / UMX   Volvo B10M Y784MFT   Scania’s YN04GHD / GHJ / GHV    Dennis KT51BXH : Bus and Coach Repairs, Yaxley , Northants. 

Volvo B7L EU04CPV : Pearce Seeds Ltd, Sherbourne, Dorset. 

Dart HW54BUU : Avondale, Glasgow. 

Solo YJ64DBV : Faresaver, Chippenham. 

E200 GN58BUV : National Driving Centre, Croydon. 

B7TL LT52WWS : Seven Sisters Bus and Coach, Lewes. 

E200 SN57DWK : Gardbus , Eastleigh. 

Volvo B9TL’s SN08BYL / BYR / BYT : Langston and Tasker, Steeple Claydon. 

RML2346 : Diesel Tank Services, Stowmarket. 

E400 LJ09OKC : City Direct , Galway, Eire. 

Darts KP02PWO / PWN : Trainfor Group, Faversham. 

Volvo B11RT BV66WOC : Youngs Coaches, Cambridge. 

Tridents LV52HFT / HFZ  Volvo B7L EU05VBT : Seven Sisters Bus and Coach, Lewes. 

Volvo B7RLE : SK07CGF : A-Line coaches, Gateshead. 

Volvo B7L’s EU05VBJ / VBM : Discover Dorset, Bournemouth. 

Scania YN03WRG : Past Due Driver Training, Tilbury. 


They should have been CXJ and CXL , ex Metroline B9s.

Should be AUL and LK59CXJ / CXL.


Volvo B9TLs 117 / 118 : Pulham Coaches, Bourton-on-the Water. 

Volvo B9TL’s 121 / 122 : Red Rose, Aylesbury.

Volvo B9TL 123 : N.A.T , Cardiff. 

PD3 KTJ204C : York Pullman. 

The following all to Shelton Motors for scrap  

Volvo B7TL’s PN02XCA / XCS / XCT / LX05EZB / LK51XGR     E200s  LX07BXN / BXH / BXS / SN57DWW   Volvo B7LA T6FCC.