Issue nr. 190
Monday, February 7th 2022
updated February 9th 2022


My apologies for the 24 hour delay in posting this issue but Contributors have made this worthwhile. Included are two pieces of news from Reading Buses which I am sure you will all find most interest, including a date for your diary.

There are always many pictures of buses and coaches in service from the various operators.

With the bright sun emphasising the dirty skirt belonging to 683 seen in Girdlestone Road on February 1st.

Carousel's Wycombe depot on February 3rd with a selection of the fleet waiting for duty by Malcolm Crowe.

One for Buses in the Landscape - 663 in St Aldates on February 3rd by Jack Cooper.


A bus operator is to patriotically mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Reading Buses has unveiled a platinum jubilee double deck bus which will grace the streets of Reading, Windsor and London.

The 76-seater double decker has been unveiled for Sunday, February 6th when The Queen becomes the first British Monarch to celebrate a platinum jubilee.

The year-long national celebrations, which mark 70 years since The Queen took her place on the throne, will culminate in a four-day bank holiday weekend in June.

Robert Williams, Reading Buses Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are unveiling a bus to celebrate the platinum jubilee in a similar way to the golden jubilee 20 years ago.

“The design uses the official emblem which was created specially for the platinum jubilee event by Edward Roberts, a 19-year-old student at the University of Leeds. It sits on our silver livery for use on any route.

“This is such a monumental occasion that we eagerly want to celebrate. The bus will appear on our high-profile Green Line 702 service which passes Windsor Castle and also runs into London very near to Buckingham Palace.

“So we want to share the joy of this special year and we are delighted that the official emblem is available for use for all activities associated with the platinum jubilee celebrations.”

Robert added: “In addition to passing or travelling close to the royal residences, the platinum jubilee bus will also regularly be seen on local services in Reading so we hope people will look out for it.”


The return of a highly popular event will bring much cheer to many people in Berkshire.

For Reading Buses has announced the good news that their annual open day, also know as the family fun day, is back this summer.

The date for your diary:   Sunday, June 26th 2022.

The normally well supported open day has not happened for the last two years due to Covid.

Reading Buses Chief Executive Officer Robert Williams said: “Sunday June 26th is most certainly a date for many people’s diary.

“There will be much joy and relief that the open day will, at last, have beaten the pandemic which has forced its cancellation for the last two years.

“And we can promise that the 2022 open day will be bigger and better than ever – something that many people, including families, can look forward to with enthusiasm.

“Traditionally, the Reading Buses open day is a great day out for everyone and we are encouraging people to tell their families and friends that it is back on.

“The day will feature all the main attractions such as behind the scenes tours, rides through the bus wash and fantastic food and drink - including the popular barbecue!

The Volunteer Group !
“It is free to attend and this of course will once again be a big attraction".

“The event is staffed exclusively by volunteers and all the profits from the day go to our Charity of the Year – who will be announced shortly.”

So, very many thanks to Robert for his advice on these two events from Reading Buses. Ed.

Delays in Oxford due to marches

Carl Berry

I visited Oxford on January 22nd, a day that also appeared to be popular with marches! The photos show the after effects of the marches in The High and High Street after the cars and buses had cleared off down side roads leaving a stream of buses both waiting for the lights and after a few had managed to get through from the East.


Well there certainly was delay ! Ed. 

Stokenchurch and the old TV/COMS depot in 2022



Finishing the interesting items from past issue now updated to 2022 with pictures from Malcolm Crowe.

Some unusual sightings

Gavin Francis

Country Lion Mercedes P4CLN seen on February 2nd.

Jack Cooper

Vans For Bands - S12VFB seen in St Clements on February 2nd.

Very much easier in recent days but the virus is still around and so masks are obligatory by TfL and many other operators and main shops. 

Fleet news and developments

I'm pleased to have the latest fleet allocations from Paul Swann.

Arriva fleet lists/SR Enthusiast Fleet 1 Feb 22.xlsx

Paul Swann

Citaro 3926 currently Long Term VOR at High Wycombe.

Gavin Francis

Gavin has provided a look at Wycombe for the page.

Wrights 2318 is seen in Bridge Street with a service 30 on February 3rd.

DAF 2782 with a 31 and  2786 with a 37 both seen in Bridge Street with a service 30 on February 3rd.

Citaro 3008 is seen in Oxford Street with a service 1A on February 3rd.

Recently transferred from South 3021 is seen in Bridge Street with a service 1A on February 3rd.

Citaros 3920 and 3921 both seen in Bridge Street with a services 41 and 32 on February 3rd.

Citaro 3014 is seen in The Eden Bus Satio on February 3rd.

Citaro 3010 is seen in Oxford Street with a service 30 on February 3rd.

Wrights 3817 is seen in Oxford Street with a service 300 on February 3rd.

Deckers work the 300 seen in Bridge Street, 4025 and 5465 somewhat off route on February 3rd.

Probably Wycombe's oldest now, E400 DAF 6000  seen in Bridge Street with a service 32 on February 3rd.

Many  thanks to Gavin for this interesting update. 

Graham Low

Your correspondent Jack Cooper asks how long Arriva E400 5460 has promoted Oxford. You published a view of it in the Page of September 13th  2021 and I attach another which was taken at Queens Lane on September 7th 2021 but I don't think you published it. It was still in this livery a few days ago. I'm sure it was prepared as a counter to the then new Redline X20 service, which certainly has at least some passengers on it whenever I see it. 

Many thanks to Graham for that update and correction.

Nick Ross

Former Derby Enviro 4400 still with route 38 branding on the 280 at Thame on February 4th.

Nigel Peach

DAF 2740 is now withdrawn. Apart from the two double deckers, there are now no really old buses at Wycombe - amazing! I also notice that Darts 3837 and 3838 which started their lives at Wycombe in red livery for the U9 Uxbridge route, are both now withdrawn (3839 was an accident victim some time ago). They were latterly at Luton. 

Wycombe bound Citaro 3013 has just crossed the Thames, and now approaching Henley town centre on February 3rd. 

Below is a fleet update from Phil.

Phil Southall

667 is at Hants and Dorset Trim for repaint. 

253 is still VOR with mechanical defects but isn’t far off now.  

943 is at Scania Abingdon and is having software challenges.

871 is now SORNed at Cowley House and will be sold.  

314 has indeed gone away for diesel conversion. 

841 is returning from Norfolk today with the other three following by the end of March. Their future is still under consideration.  

6377 returned to the North East on Saturday, January 29th after CBW did a road test of it and this should be in an upcoming issue. 

852 is also being scrapped. 

Gavin Francis

from Wycombe on February 3rd.

Snap shot at the depot with 241 and  243 laying over.

StreetLite 407 most unusually working a 104 service on February 3rd.

Sprinter 975 was working the 34 from The Eden Bus Station on February 3rd.

Red Sprinter 978 was moving rather quickly for a sharp picture with a 27 in Bridge Street on February 3rd.

Scania 245 with a 36 working head of Versa 432 with a 104 both heading out of Bridge Street on February 3rd.

Malcolm Crowe

On February 3rd the two link40 Citaros 886 and 887 were still at the depot on February 3rd.

Gavin Francis

Brookes branded 604 is seen in George Street with a 300 road service on February 2nd.

669 is seen in Magdalen Street East with a 6 road service on February 2nd. 667 is away for repaint. 

Jack Cooper

902 has been making appearances on other city routes this week, on the 31st January it was working the city8, followed by the city15 on 1st February. 

Thames Travel E400s 206/209 have been on loan to Oxford Bus as well this week, 206 has since returned to Thames routes working the OX2 on the 5th.  

214 is seen  with an X3 in The High on February 1st.

603 is seen with a U5 working in The Slade on February 1st.

Somewhat off track 655 is seen in Girdlestone Road with a 15 road service on February 1st.

662 is seen at The J R Hospital with an X3 on February 2nd.

682 working 15 road in Roosevelt Road on February 1st.

683 seen in Morrell Avenue with a 15 road service on February 1st.

844 is seen coming off the Magdalen Bridge with an 11 service on February 1st.

902 was working 15 road on February 1st when seen in The Slade.

903 displays nicely the off side destination screen when seen on February 4th. 

Gavin Francis

906 seen in St Aldates with an X2 service on February 6th.

Jack Cooper

213 is seen bound for Headington with an X1 service on February 2nd.

854 is seen in Wantage Square with a 67 service on February 2nd.

907  is seen in Wantage with an X36 service on February 2nd.

909 seen in Wantage also with  an X36 on February 2nd.

Seeing more service than in 2021, Scania 914 is also in Wantage with an X1 on February 2nd. 

Gavin Francis

An unusual destination shown by 308 in Elizabeth Street on February 4th.

317 seen turning out of Elizabeth Street ready for a 540 service to Manchester on February 2nd.

One of the latest deliveries to Edwards is BV71GYJ seen on February 6th.


Gavin Francis

Two of the fleet in use working the 130 on February 3rd,  MX60GXK and YX09FMC.

Gavin Francis

Revised local livery seen with 15756 working the 2 on February 6th.

Jack Cooper

E400 10069 is seen working the 700 near the J R Hospital on February 2nd.

MMC 10685 seen in The Slade with a route 10 service on February 1st.

Gavin Francis

provided pictures of a Panorama where the rear destination screen has been implemented.

This is 50438 outside and inside on February 1st.

50272 has reappeared at Oxford as seen in this picture at Horspath on February 2nd.

Gavin Francis

Another contractor working the megabus M7 in Bulleid Way, Watts WJ16KAE on February 4th. 

London operators

Gavin Francis

.... found two new wraps in Victoria.

Go Ahead London LT506 with goPuff wrap working route 11 on February 4th.

Metroline LT664 with the same wrap working the 211 on February 2nd. 

Thomas W W Knowles with a relationship between COMS & PMT

My first love is PMT, but over the years there were a number of connections with COMS and I thought your readers would like to see some samples of the close working between the two companies. Because there are so many scans, some of the images are contained in a second e-mail.

PMT H206 (JFC 785) was photographed in Stoke in 1958. This was the only pre-war style bus in the fleet to receive a cream roof
- all other pre-war buses were painted all over red.

PMT H210 (JFC 798) was withdrawn when seen outside Milton Depot in 1959 with Park Royal bodied JFC 791 behind.

Milton depot was acquired by PMT in 1951 with the Milton Bus Company business that only operated single deckers. After acquisition, PMT jacked up the height of the depot and its entrance to accommodate double deckers.

PMT H211 (JFC 800) is seen in Burslem in 1959 - note the destination which was another Oxford, near Chell in the Potteries.
In February 1958, PMT renumbered most of their routes but to save buying complete sets of destination blinds,
the old route numbers were blacked out as shown on this bus.

PMT S5624-6 (WJO 742-4) were diverted from COMS after their registrations had been allocated.

However there was still time for PMT to get Willowbrook to adjust the destination displays and the front panels, but because of the already constructed dome these destination apertures were slightly shallower than standard. Initially all three were allocated to the subsidiary Wells Motor Services fleet in a green and cream livery.

The picture of S5625 with a cream roof photographed in 1959 was still in Wells colours after the company had been absorbed into the PMT fleet.

I have duplicated the image on S5624 taken in Tunstall during 1961 because it was already scanned with the green liveried S5625
which was also photographed in Tunstall. The red photo of S5625 was taken in Biddulph in 1968.

The photograph of S5626 with AEC Reliance SN933 was taken at Port Vale's football ground in Burslem during 1964.

whilst the offside view of S5626 was taken in Tunstall in 1967.

COMS 679(JEH 179K) was one of six vehicles acquired from PMT in 1981, seen here in Oxford bound for Watlington in 1983.

COMS 49 (PEH 49R) was photographed at Victoria on19th July 1984.

COMS 50 (URF 50S) is seen in Victoria Coach Station also in 1984 but on 19th September.

Many thanks to Thomas for the insight  into COMS and PMT from many years ago. 

More on Stokenchurch and its bus depot

Peter Cartwright

Interesting to see the photo of a Bristol L single decker blinded for route 41. Stokenchurch dormy shed did indeed operate routes 39/40/41 with certain journeys operated from the main depot at Wycombe Marsh. 

Certain journeys would operate out of service between High Wycombe Railway Station ( the High Wycombe terminal point at the time) and Wycombe Marsh depot so conductors could pay in the previous day's takings - the same applied to certain journeys off routes 36 and 37 operated by the Fingest dormy shed. 

However whilst routes 36 and 37 were single decker operated, routes 39, 40 and 41 were always double decker operated. 730 and I believe 731 (from memory) were the mainstays at Stokenchurch. I can never recall a single decker operating on the 41  at all.

The dormy shed was shared with COMS who in later years operated single deckers on the 75 and 80 but were formerly double decker crew operated. 

Although the number 41 is clearly visible on the front blind, I am unsure what the destination and via points are.  Ibstone was the final destination of the 41 and the via points would have been WEST WYCOMBE PIDDINGTON STOKENCHURCH. 

I believe that Beaconsfield Studios were responsible for the film Snowball and, no doubt, this bus was specially brought in for the film. It would be interesting to know whether it can be seen ? 


Purfleet in January as follows….


From First West of England : Volvo B7TLs LK53LYR / LZC / LZB / LZA / LYZ / LYY. 

From Go Ahead London : E200s  YX61FZT / LX09AZG / AZJ / AZL / AYJ  / SN57DWG     Volvo B9TLs  LX59DAA / DAO / DAU / DBU / DBO / DBZ / DBV 

From Metroline : Volvo B9TL’s LK59CWR / CXP. 

From Stantons of Stoke : Scania’s YN53CFE / RYZ. 

From Lothian Buses : B9TLs SN59BGK / BGO / BGV / BGX / BGY / BGZ / BHA / BHD / BHE / BHF. 

From Arriva Southern Counties :  Volvo B7RLE’s GN07AVF / AVK / AVM. 


Volvo B7RLE’s SN04NHY / NHU / NJE : VG Auto’s, Leicester. 

Volvo B9TL LX60DXB : First Devon and Cornwall. 

E200’s LX07BXV / SN57DWZ / SN57DWV / LX07BYA  Solo MV07DWM : Galleon Travel, Roydon, Essex. 

E200 GN58LVB Volvo B9TL’s SN09CUC / CUG : Stantons of Stoke. 

Scania YN56FBY / LX59CRJ : Connexions Buses, Harrogate. 

Volvo B9TL’s SN59BHD / BHE / BHF : York Pullman. 

E400s LJ09CAE / CCD : Coastliner Buses, Blackpool. 

E400 LX08DXP : Manchester Tours, converted to half open top 

Scania’s YN53CFE / RYZ : Redfern Travel, Mansfield. 

E400s LJ09CCU / CAV : Finch’s Coaches, Wigan. 

Volvo B7TL LK53LZA : Greenslades Coaches , Exeter. 

Volvo B7TL LK53LZM : Sussex Coaches, Steyning, Sussex.

All of the following to Shelton Motors for scrap  : Trident LV52HFW / B7TL W543WGH / E200 SN57DWG.


E200 790 went to Aintree Coaches, not 792 as listed previously.