Issue nr. 194
Tuesday, March 8th 2022


Well, the weather has much improved these last few days and so making it better for photography.

As always Gavin Francis and Jack Cooper have contrived to provide an interesting selection of pictures. Jack comments "It is nice to see it lighter in the evenings, returning home from work in the light now which makes a nice change from it being dark! One negative is it means I will not be taking as many night photos as I have been doing." Certainly Jack's evening pictures are great and will be missed.

Here is an example showing recently returned 668 from repaint at Hants & Dorset Trim - March 2nd by Jack Cooper 

In the gathering gloom and rain is 901 working the X3 from St Aldates with Christchurch in the background.
Seen on February 28th again by Jack Cooper

First picture to reach me of 668 was from David Beynon just after 1000hrs.

Andrew Webb

The accolade of being the first 22 plate bus to enter service in London falls to Go Ahead's SEe167, the final of a batch of 12 buses which entered service on route W15 from 5 March.  Whilst the other buses retained their 71 plates, SEe167 has unexpectedly gained a 22 registration. 

It is seen here at a gloomy Leytonstone station on its first day in service.

A first 22 plate for our area.

YT22EXB Ir i6 VS916AD00K1016222 Ir C??F 3/2022 Barnes, Swindon

Visitors to Oxford

Gavin Francis

Bakers YB19MTB in St Giles on March 3rd.

Welham Travel BF15XPH also in St Giles on March 3rd.

Jack Cooper

Another picture of the same coach outside The Ashmolean Museum in St Giles on the same day.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Fleet news and developments

Just in time for this issue, I received the latest fleet lists from Arriva. 6000 is back at Wycombe but has not seen service as yet.

Arriva fleet lists/Enthusiast Fleet 4 Mar 22.xlsx

Tourismo 7213 passing the dismantling of the Mound at Marble Arch on March 7th 2022 by Gavin Francis. 

Oxford service saved

Optare Versa 431 appeared working a round trip on City 5 and then one round trip working Park & Ride 400 on March 2nd but so far appears not to have returned to High Wycombe or been used for any other service over the past week.

Today,  March 8th 432 spent the morning working to and from Thame with link40 but has since been replaced by a Citaro.

887 is no longer in the overflow yard at Wycombe but 886 is and out of use.

Gavin Francis

On March 3rd Scania 214 is seen working the 400 at Thornhill.

Gavin also provided two pictures of 668 shortly after David Beynon.

Jack Cooper

Volvo B5LH Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 355 is seen in Butterwyke Place with a 5A to Minchery Farm on March 1st.

Round the corner in Speedwell Street 360 seen working 3 road on March 1st.

657 and 659 are seen working 5 road. Of note is the positioning of the fleet number on 657.

660 seen near Carfax with an X3 working on February 28th.

665 is seen at the bottom of St Aldates heading for the city with an X3 on March 1st.

668 seen from various angles on March 3rd, it first day following return to service.

Citaro 847 is seen working 15 road in St Aldates on February 28th.

901 is seen reflecting the heavy rain in St Aldates, with an X3 service to Abingdon on February 28th.

Jack Cooper

Two Interdecks working the airport services on February 28th. This was the first time 68 had seen service for several weeks.

Jack Cooper

671 is seen heading for Speedwell Street with 300 service on March 1st.

678 is seen in Magdalen Street West with a 300 service on March 3rd.

David Beynon

Here working the ST1 in Broad Street with the front of The Sheldonian Theatre as a background on March 3rd is 454
more often seen working the X36.

Jack Cooper

StreetLite 442 seen heading for Speedwell Street and Didcot with an X2 on March 1st.

E20D 513 entering the city in St Giles with an ST2 on March 3rd.

Citaro 861 with an X32 to Didcot and Wantage in St Aldates on March 1st.

Ex Carousel Mercedes 0500 873 with an X32 in St Aldate4s on February 28th.

Scania 944 seen in Speedwell Street with an inbound X2 on March 1st. 

The newest addition to the fleet, GT17MTT, has now had its Motts Travel livery applied. We're looking forward to getting it out on the road very soon!

Tony Bungay

Redline PL08 YLZ working a town service, usually these are used for school duties, passing the old county offices building and old police station in Walton Street Aylesbury. Until the change of traffic flow some years ago, this road was the main route for most services to Aylesbury bus Station.

Gavin Francis

MMC 10674 is seen ready to depart with a service 7 on March 3rd.

Normally seen on S3/7 workings 15831 is seen at Thornhill on March 3rd.

Jack Cooper

MMC 11234 is seen passing St Giles with an S2X service to Carterton on March 3rd. 

Gavin Francis

On March 3rd the X5 was worked by MMCs and above we have 10878 and 10880 at the Oxford end of their route.

Gavin Francis

On March 3rd Gavin had charge of 50272 to Thornhill commenting how smooth and nice to drive this coach is.

Jack Cooper

The same coach seen in Gloucester Green on February 28th.

50424 is seen heading towards Speedwell Street and London on March 1st. 

Gavin Francis

50277 an old friend seen in VCS ready to depart for Edinburgh with the M20 on March 2nd.

54201, the first Elite Interdecker for megabus seen working the M34 from Oxford on March 3rd.

Snowdons AEZ121 is seen  leaving Gloucester Green with the M34 northbound on March 3rd. 

London operators

Andrew Webb

Two new overall advert campaigns arrived on the streets of London this week. 

LT969 at Marble Arch shows off the latest for Michael Kors.

Whilst one for DKNY is captured on LT538 pausing in New Oxford Street.

Gavin Francis

The last few pictures show Candy Coaches ex-Go-Ahead WVL 320 now with appropriate registration and ex-RATP SP 40002. Not sure what route they have been working maybe 11.


Saw Air-Sym using 2 plain white MMCs on the 94,  Abellio were on the 148 normally operated by RATP.

Michael Wadman

...... more pictures from Cheltenham District.

Leyland National 2 TAE644S with a service 41 on April 6th 1996.

Another National 2 AAE660V in Cheltenham on December 11th 1993.

In Gloucester bus station BHY998V again on December 11th 1993.

In those days  of mini buses, C633SFH working route B in Cheltenham on April 6th 1996.

Another ford C639SFH this time with route C on December 11th 1993.

Finally a memory of National Express in the '90s.

Volvo/Plaxton G533LWU in Gloucester February 12th 1994. 

Tony Bungay

Now Preserved, would not have expected to see a Strathtay  vehicle in Aylesbury!
D278PAS on March 3rd.

Nick Ross

An image, from March 3rd, of a West Midlands Enviro 400 fleet no 6903 registration SK68 MEV outside the Bullring in Birmingham  in steady rain!

An unusual background I am sure readers will agree. 

Purfleet in February 2022 as follows: 


From First Essex : Volvo B7TLs WU02KVE / KVH / YN53EOK / AU53HJN / HJO / HKC. 

From Go Ahead London : E200s  SK07DZN / LX09AYF 

From Arriva London : Volvo B9TLs BN61MXW / MXX / MXT / MXM / MYA / MXY / MXU / MXR / MXJ   BG61SXK. 

From First PMT : Scania YN05HCO. 

From RATP London : Scanias YT09ZCL   YT59RXR / RYB / RYC / RYN / RYO / SFK / SFU / SFV /  SFX / SGO / SGU 


Volvo B7TL LK53LZB : Jans Coaches, Soham, Cambs. 

Volvo B7TL LF52ZNK : St Matthews School, Surbiton. 

Volvo B7TL W815PAE : Stephen Wilkinson, Weymouth. 

Volvo B7TL LK53LYY / LYR / LYZ / LZH  : Tiger Feet Playbus, Larne, N.I. 

Mercedes Cheetah KX60DWF : Candy Coaches, Slough. 

Volvo B9TL LK59CWT : Wattsway Travel, Sutton, Surrey 

Volvo B7TL KP51VZT : Mantra Logistics, Leicester. 

Olympian S265YOO : Flexit Ltd, Leeds. 

Mercedes Cheetah KX60DWK : Lee Hitchcock, South Ockendon, Essex. 

Volvo B9TL’s SN09CVE / CVG / CVJ / SN59BFP : Applegates, Stroud. 

Volvo B9TLs SN59BHA / BGV / BGF / SN09CVD.: Archway, Fleetwood. 

Volvo B9TL SN59BGZ : Sleafordian Coaches, Sleaford, Lincs. 

E200s LX09AYJ / AZG : Trainfor Group, Canterbury. 

Volvo B9TL’s SN09CVC / SN59BGX : Acklams Coaches, Beverley, East Yorks. 

Volvo B9TL’s SN09CVH / CUX : Hammonds Coaches, Nottingham. 

Volvo B7RLE GN07AVF : Ambassador Travel, Great Yarmouth. 

The following all to Shelton Motors for scrap : Volvo B7TLs WU02KVE / KVH / YN53EOK / AU53HJN / HJO / HKC   DAF SB120 YJ07JTX    Dart LJ05GPF.


E200 792 : RSM Driver Training, Wickford, Essex. 

132 returned from First Eastern Counties.