Issue nr. 200
Tuesday, April 26th 2022

This makes a total of 818 News Issues of varying types since late 1998.

COMS 200 - Grahame Wareham

I thought I would follow on from Andy Dyer's theme of the last issue 199 in providing an image of 200, the bus I passed my PSV test in March 1975. He may not be aware that these five vehicles L196-200 were part of an order for 10 vehicles all bodies by East Lancs split between five Regent V chassis diverted from Rhondda's order and the infamous Dennis Loline's which were built to the specific short length of 27ft 6in and fitted with AEC 470 engines. The 1960 COMS order for 10 AEC Bridgemaster's was postponed until 1961 because of Park Royal's inability to deliver the vehicles in the required timescale, and B.E.T., COMS parent Company, swapping bodybuilders in an effort to motivate Park Royal. 


A busy week. Contributions have been at a record level of over 500 picture offerings and so I have had to pend some until the next issue.

However, do not let this deter you from contributing as without you this web offering would not be as it is today after nearly 25 years.

Issue nr 200 is a milestone since March 2018  but we already published 108 Spottings & Jottings from August 24th 2009 and 294 News Pages from October 2002, the inception of The OCBP  and before some 216 issue of The Oxford Bus Page from 1998. I make that a total of 818 news issues since late 1998 when I took over the page from David Root.

Britain’s first ‘autonomous’ bus goes Forth!preferred/0/package/952/pub/952/page/28/article/295788

An Electric Bus in Oxford

Matthew Searle

Wrightbus StreetDeck Electroliner carrying Oxford Bus Co no. 900 leaving Magdalen St Oxford on demonstration today Saturday, April 23rd 2022.

Apparently it's doing the rounds of Go-Ahead companies and was working for Go-Ahead London from Bexleyheath last month.

A forerunner of Things to Come ! Ed.

A visit by Andrew Webb

Easter Sunday and Monday saw the excellent Transport Museum at Wythall stage an event celebrating the buses manufactured by the now defunct Bristol Commercial Vehicles.  A selection of visiting vehicles were displayed, as well as taking their turn on road trips into the surrounding countryside.

This line up shows, from left to right former Red and White MW U765, Bristol Omnibus LH353 and Bristol Greyhound LWL 285, all bodied in Lowestoft by ECW.


The LH is seen later in the day setting out on a local run blinded for route 126 to Wells,
a city which later became synonymous as one of the last bastions of the larger Bristol RE.

The RE was represented by this preserved example recalling the days of dual door buses in Cheltenham.

Half cab Bristol's were also well represented.  Preserved Western National KS5G LTA813 took its turn on the road runs,
whilst Crosville's L5G KG126 basks in the spring sunshine.  Both carry ECW bodies.

The ubiquitous ECW bodied Bristol VR was the standard double decker for National Bus Company fleets, although many were delivered before its creation, and many served with the operators created from its privatisation following deregulation in 1986.

United Counties UBD757H is an early flat fronted example for United Counties,
whose pre NBC livery it is seen wearing as it maneouvres from the display to operate a local service.

Former Southdown EAP984V has been repainted into Midland Fox livery,
whilst the bus itself didn't operate for the company, many similar vehicles did.

Located on the southern edge of Birmingham, Wythall's primary role is to tell the story of the conurbation's public transport, through an excellent static display and running vehicles on the public highway.

Two such vehicles were operating a park and ride service between the museum and a local business park. 

Preserved West Bromwich Corporation MCW Daimler Fleetline NEA101F is seen passing Beckett's Island,
a roundabout taking its name from an adjacent farm shop.

Waiting departure time at the business park is Travel West Midlands Optare Spectra R1NEG,
widely reported at the time as the first low floor double decker to enter service in this country. 
This is a claim it proudly wears in this special livery despite being beaten to the honour,
by a matter of hours, by a similar bus operated by Abus of Bristol.

Buses from the museum's collection also took their turn on the trips to the surrounding area.

West Midlands PTE took some Bristol VRs, but had them bodied by local company MCW. 

4413 is seen leaving the museum for a round trip.

Metro Cammell, a constituent of MCW bodied this Daimler CVD6 for Birmingham City Transport,
whose livery it wears as it carries a healthy load of passengers away from the museum.

Many thanks to Andrew for his excellent report. Ed.


Mark Bowerbank visits Brooklands  

Adam Williams and his visit to Oxford

A first visit to Oxford proper in a long, long time over the weekend (after a few days in Thame). 

Having left our car at Thornhill Park & Ride, we were impressed in the quality of the P&R operation (one of the smartly purple-branded StreetDecks was our steed into the City), although even my wife noticed the shabby red Scania/ADL also out on the 400 passing the other way. 

In addition, the recent route swaps certainly seem to have worked in OBC's favour, with their smart, brightly-coloured double-decks and coaches very much in evidence, while Stagecoach seem to just work a handful of city routes (1, 2, 8, 10 and 14?) and otherwise the country routes. 

One thing I did notice a lack of - no Citaros in use with OBC (just the Thames Travel examples). Have the remaining examples now gone? 

One shot from me, taken down the High Street from, of course, Carfax. 

Nigel Peach on Wycombe timetable changes

I was very surprised to read in the latest London Bus Magazine that as well as service cuts in frequencies, Carousel's route 35 from High Wycombe to Flackwell Heath via Loudwater has ceased to operate with effect from this weekend. Arriva have introduced service 37B, which is a variation on the 37 to Bourne End. At Wycombe Marsh it diverts via Kingsmead Road thus picking up that element of the 35 service. It then continue to Bourne End via Wooburn Green. There are now no buses between Loudwater to Flackwell Heath, except on Sundays - the only day that Arriva's 37A operates. The main doctors' surgery in Flackwell Heath closed some years ago, and all of their patients transferred to the Loudwater surgery. Now there is no bus service between the two villages - fine for those of us with cars, but not for those who rely on public transport. Other than reading this in the aforementioned magazine, I've not heard anything locally to tell me this was happening. I suspect there will now be an outcry in the villages! 

Citaro 3021, one of the transfers from Guildford in January, operating the Sunday only 37A service in Flackwell Heath on April 18th. 

A timed visit to St. Neots

Gary Seamarks

Half an hour in St Neots, Market Square on April 19th (13.46 to 14.17)

- 48032 on a Ting service

1347 WS333 on a town service 61.

1349 44019 on a Ting service, just coming off the River Bridge

1351 19889 on the 1348 905 to Cambridge

1352 19575 on the 1349 905 to Bedford

1415 21224 arrives on the 66 from Huntingdon to terminate.

1417 44020 on another Ting service

Thanks to Gary for these interesting pictures and the times concerned. Ed. 

Ciaran Bird

668 (Fancy a drink?) crossing the Oxford Canal in Wolvercote on March 18th.

Sprinter 971 seen in Woodstock on April 23rd.

Coach visitors to Oxford

Ciaran Bird

djcoaches Tourismo BU18YPL in Bladon on April 23rd.

David Beynon

The attached used to have Evan Evans titles on, presumably the lack of titles now has something to do with REL’s takeover ?

288 on May 27th 2019 and then the same coach on April 19th 2022.

Rail replacement again on April 24th

Berrys and Parrys were taken around Osney Mead.

There were six ex NEX Caetanos, 2x Cymru Coaches,2 x Swanbrook and 2 x Walters.

....... and in Aylesbury

Tony Bungay

Two Central Travel vehicles from Sheffield seen on April 23rd. 

New vehicles in our area

Courtesy :

OU22ZYA Au N2216 WAGP22ZZ7NT037509 Au C61F 4/2022 Ridleys, Leamington Spa

YX22OHT AD E20D SFDAL1ERAMGY18155 AD L223/6 B34F 4/2022 Marchant, Cheltenham
YX22OHU AD E20D SFDAL1ERAMGY18156 AD L223/7 B34F 4/2022 Marchant, Cheltenham
YX22OHV AD E20D SFDAL1ERAMGY18157 AD L223/8 B34F 4/2022 Marchant, Cheltenham
YX22OHW AD E20D SFDAL1ERAMGY18158 AD L223/9 B34F 4/2022 Marchant, Cheltenham

Fleet news and developments

Paul Swann

These coming into High Wycombe from Thurmaston this weekend.





As of the weekend these two buses had  not appeared at Cressex depot. Indeed both buses are either in use or within last three days with Midlands, so maybe it is this coming weekend Ed.

Gavin Francis

Wrights 3816 seen in Park End Street, Oxford working a 280 service on April 17th. 

Jack Cooper

..... in Wycombe on April 12th.

Most of the Wrights at Wycombe seen above with 2318, 2325, 2326 and 2327 in The Eden Bus Station.

In the same location 2782 and 2787, readers note 2783 has been withdrawn.

3009 and 3015 being 12 plate Citaros.

Ex Southern area 3021 and 3025 also 12 plates.

Aylesbury provides an unusual change with Scania Omnilink 3506 working the 300.

Wrights Pulsar 2's 3729 and 3731 also working the 300 to Aylesbury.

Older Citaros with only 3918 in the latest livery whilst 3923 and 3924 still promote the MAX branding.

5463 is seen with a 300 service despite the 280 branding.

Dear old 6000 which according to has not been used since February 14th is still gainfully employed on April12th in Wycombe.

.... in London on April 22nd

Tourismo 7202 is seen working a 757 service.

.... in Oxford on April 14th.

An unusual display shown by 5460 in Oxford with a 280.

A very good selection from Jack. Ed.

Hazel Richardson

With the service changes at Arriva Hemel there has also been some fleet changes too.  At least 14 buses have left with at least 5 new arrivals

Arriva 4327 SK68TWY having just come of the 302.

4321 SN15CXU on the 2

4337 SK68TXJ on the 20 seen in Hemel all on their first day in service
April 19th.

These are the confirmed fleet changes at Hemel so far

Departed Hemel

3769- LT63UNN

3770 - LT63UNP

3771 - LT63UNR

3772 - LT63UNS

3773 - LT63UNU

3774 - LT63UNV

6487 - YY16YKW

6488 - YY16YKX

6489 - YY16YKZ

6493 -YY16YLD

6516 - SN66WJO

6521 - YX17NEO

6522 - YX17NEU

6528 - YX17NFF

Arrived at Hemel

4320 - GN15CXT

4321 - SN15CXU

4327 - SK68TWY

4331 - SK68TXC

4337 - SK68TXJ

Many thanks to Hazel for that comprehensive update. Ed.

Malcolm Crowe

A recent picture taken at the depot.

Taken on April 23rd and 6000 is still at the depot.

Citaro 3015 has gained a super rear for Henley College seen on April 16th working route 30. 

Nick Ross

Leighton Buzzard High St which felt odd after the council banished the buses to inconvenient stops some way from town in March 2019 due Covid.

After a 2 year absence the council have finally relented in allowing buses to return to Leighton High street except on Market days. Here Streetlight 2321 "Hannah" picks up passengers on April 11th 2022

Tony Bungay

Not the best shot but the only one I could get without too much blocking traffic of 3878 heading away on an X60 to Milton Keynes.
While devoid of the www.Arrivabus name on it’s lower panels, it sports two Arriva names and symbols on it’s upper side.

3641 working an inward 500 obviously has destination problems, as it sports a paper sticker on the windscreen,
quite what FCO 67 is meant to signify if anything I do not know! Foreign and Commonwealth Office!!!  


Ciaran Bird

KR64RHZ in Kidlington on March 14th.

Jack Cooper

..... in Wycombe on April 12th.

Wrights 69393 is seen heading for Slough with an X74.

Somewhat away from its branded route 69928 is wishing Wycombe's travellers a Happy Easter. 



Gavin Francis

Turners YT19DYY seen in Bulleid Way on April 22nd.

McGills BV71HYK now in full Flixbus livery seen in Elizabeth Street on April 22nd. 

Ciaran Bird

Ministry of Defence Volvo B9R/Plaxton Panther OU13CXH on Upper Campsfield Road on April 19th. 

Phil Southall, Managing Director's update

840 to 843 have all returned from Norfolk and all will re-enter service at OBC.
839 has been sold to the NHS but will continue to be parked at OBC as we are converting it for the NHS for a new project they are doing. 

971 has received vinyls for Blenheim Palace and is used on a weekend and BH shuttle between Long Hanborough Station and Blenheim Palace.

Pictures by Gavin Francis taken on April 20th.

974 is a permanent transfer to Carousel for additional work for Johnson and Johnson.

974 at Wycombe on April 16th.

... and yes, 217 and 218 are on loan to OBC covering for ADL hybrids that are VOR. They will return to Carousel shortly. 

907 is at Wrightbus being repaired following its serious incident in Steventon 

601 is still receiving roof repairs but is nearing completion. 

943 is very nearly ready for the road! 

884 to 887 and the two ex Konect Citaro that we never used have now all been disposed of. 

871 has been sold to Lewis Nagle but he continues to park it at Carousel. 

Jack Cooper

..... in Wycombe on April 12th.

Carousel's acquired Scanias busy in service. The Scanias handle Wycombe's hills better than Volvos.

StreetLite 402 is leaving The Eden with a 104 Uxbridge service.

The ex Oxford and London Citaros continue to serve well in Carousel's area.

Ex London 940 is seen in Wycombe with a 27 service.

975 is seen working local service 34.

Now at Cressex Coachway

StreetLite 408 branded for the Park & Ride service shares the area with Airline 34.

Now in Uxbridge

Seen in York Road 882 is working a 102 service back to Wycombe.

Sprinter 977 is busy with the 581 to Denham from Uxbridge.

A very good selection from Jack. Ed.

Malcolm Crowe

A selection of recent pictures taken at the depot

The Animal Citaro 870 on April 16th.

Depot forecourt on April 23rd with quite a selection. 

Ciaran Bird

Oxford Bus Company have launched the new Blenheim Palace to Hanborough Station shuttle using former PickMeUp Mercedes Sprinter 971, complete with Blenheim Shuttle branding.

Seen in Blenheim and Bladon on April  23rd.

Gavin Francis

Yellow route 15 now has maroon Route 15 branding as shown by 682 on April 23rd.

Both Scania 214 and 219 look bereft of any fleet markings except city when working the 35 from St Aldates and in Worcester Street on April 17th.

218 was still in Oxford today, April 26th, but is due to return to Wycombe shortly. It is seen working a 4A on April 17th.

Scania 251 is seen working the X40 and showing its revised branding on April 18th.

Ex Hybrid 316 now diesel is seen in Park End Street with a 4A on April 16th.

An unusual appearance of MMC 602 working an X3 service on April 23rd.

StreetDeck 661 is seen in Worcester Street with a 300 road service on April 17th.

Citaro 841 devoid of all except an Ox brand seen working the 11X  on April 23rd.

686 looks striking in the afternoon sun as it heads down St Aldates on April 17th.

It may well be that some of the buses are lacking full branding as the arrival of the new Electric buses may end their time with Oxford. 

Graham Mildenhall 

Seen in Oxford this evening (Saturday, April 16th), not a normal one for this route!
Seemingly prior to gaining 15 road branding. Ed.

Jack Cooper

Ex Oxford Bus Company 78, and later Go North East's 7156 has been acquired by Angie's Tours (Lowestoft). It still wears Xlines X9/X10 base livery. All ex Oxford Interdecks were replaced by Enviro 400mmc's earlier this year, I am sure we will find them appearing all over the country now!


Sprinter 971 has gained branding for Blenheim Palace, for the BP1 which is a shuttle service running between Long Hanborough Station, and Blenheim Palace. The shuttle operates on weekends only, so 971 is often found on the 11X during the week.


StreetDecks 682-4 have now gained route branding for the city15, the previous city3 buses have recently been running around with only city logos on. The last time I had seen 685 it only carried city branding, but may well have gained full branding by now.


Currently on loan is Wright's Electroliner demonstrator LY71 GJE, this demo has spent time at Go North East, and Go South Cost's Unibus division. At Oxford Bus, LY71 GJE has been given fleet number 900. Since entering service, 900 has been used on the 20, and 300.


901 in the gathering gloom of Abingdon awaits departure to Oxford with an X3 on April 14th.

James Lambeth

The latest demonstrator vehicle at Oxford Bus Company, the Wright Electroliner LY71GJE, which had its first day in service today, Friday April 22nd. on route 20. Feel free to use these in your next issue of OCBP. The first two photos were taken on the Garsington Road near to Cowley House, and the rest were taken at The Oval in Rose Hill.


Jack Cooper

Tourismos 31 and 32 at Wycombe Coachway on April 12th.

71 and 32 in Gloucester Green showing the EARLY CHECK-IN branding now covering the rears of Airline coaches
taken on April 16th. 71 is presently a regular performer for the airport services.

Gavin Francis

Taking advantage of the sunny Easter weather passengers fill the upper deck of 202 on April 16th,
a welcome sight for the company!

Jack Cooper

City Sightseeing Oxford now also appears on its own tab when looking at it on Previously, it was displayed under Oxford Bus Company.

Jack Cooper

StreetLite 441 seems proud to be working an X1 in St Aldates on April 20th, somewhat removed from its 98 workings.
A bit of The Reverend Christopher Awdry's Thomas and Gordon memories recalled by your Editor !!!

Gavin Francis

National Express were involved in the carrying boxing fans to the big fight at Wembley Saturday night, April 23rd. In VCS there were many coaches waiting to take them and for the first time I have ever seen there were bouncers at the gate dressed in sharp back suits and ties to check them on. Could not understand why anybody would go by coach from VCS to Wembley but found out later in the day part of the deal for getting a ticket for the boxing was that you had to travel there by National Express. Weavaway had a number of coaches there along with several other operators.

Chalfont Coaches YX19NKK operating the WS6 to Wembley.  

Got back to Gloucester Green and there were a number of Heyfordian coaches in there along with an ex National Express coach BX16CKG now with Cymru Coaches and originally Go North East 7125. Also Bennetts with a tri-axle Tourismo all again picking up fans for the boxing. 


Cymru Coaches BX16CKG on W13 service.

Back in London

289 is seen in Elizabeth Street working an A6 on April 20th showing NEx do work some duties themselves.

coaches S44DJC also working an A6 along Buckingham Palace Road on April 20th.

Some contractors working the A6 include JG Travel on April 16th.

Acklams were used for a 540 service and their Panorama YX68UBP is parked at Elizabeth Bridge on April 18th.

Clarkes were being used for the 440 on April 22nd.

NEx livery adorns this Galloway Levante III seen in Bulleid Way on April 22nd.

Johnsons were working for NEx when their T3JBT was seen in Elizabeth Street on April 18th.

Kings Ferry BF68ZFO was filling in near VCS on April 18th.

Levante III with Oxford Bus nr 60 is seen leaving Gloucester Green on April 20th for Stansted. 

Ciaran Bird

One of the very last X8 services by Pulham's Coaches on 29th March. I travelled up to do the return trip from Chippy to Kingham, along with Jack Cooper and Lewis. Unsurprisingly we were the only passengers onboard, which is a real shame as the X8 is a very useful bus/rail link! YJ65EUY seen at Kingham Station. Stagecoach Midlands' 15676 also seen that evening (29/03).



Jack Cooper

..... in Wycombe on April 12th.

Dart FP04CFE looking rather shabby with a 28 working.

A very smart E200 LX11AVW with a 334 working leaving The Eden Bus Station.

Gavin Francis

LJ09KPL, more often seen running to Wycombe with the 130, has a day out with the X20 on April 16th.

Jack Cooper

..... in Wycombe on April 12th.

This time a 134 plate E200 MX13BCF working the 130 Aylesbury service from The Eden. 

Ciaran Bird

Some photos from a rather spontaneous trip to Swindon on the 14th!  

Dart 34841 is seen working route 9.

MMC 10687 new to Oxford now at Swindon here working the 55.

Gold MMC 10966 working the 51 to Cirencester.

ALX400 18448 leaves with an 82 on April 14th.

Gavin Francis

Gold MMC 10992 is seen in Worcester Street, Oxford with an S6 on April 16th. 

Ciaran Bird

ADL 27701 on an S4 in Kidlington on March 14th.

MMC 10677 working the 8 to Barton on April 15th.

ADL 27704 working the S4 on April 14th by The Randolph.

Stagecoach in Woodstock on April 23rd.

Solo 47658 working the 233 from Woodstock to Burford on April 23rd.

Gavin Francis

Advertising new fare deals as mentioned elsewhere in this issue, 10440 is at the depot on April 16th.

E400 10070, new for the 700, in Park End Street with a nr. 1 on April  16th.

10434 sports a new super rear when seen at the depot on April 19th.

MMC 10679 is seen in Park End Street nearing the end of its journey from Wantage on April 17th.

Gold MMC 10783 is rostered to the S5 when seen on April 18th.

MMC 11246 looks very clean and smart when working an S! in Worcester Street on April 16th.

The latest repaint into the new local livery is 15753 having just arrived back at Horspath Road on April 19th.

Here it is in service working the S3 outside The Randolph on April 22nd.

Recently transferred from Gloucester to Banbury 27705 is seen with an S4 in a similar location on April 23rd. 

Jack Cooper

MMCs in different clothes, 10436, one of the oldest and 10780 in Gold ready for the  Banbury Road on April 11th.

Gold Scania 15755 working its branded route and looking far from in need of a repaint !!!!!!!!!  on April 11th.

Repainted Gold 15758 in Gloucester Green with its new coat of many colours along with 10873 in distance livery to  Bedford on April 16th.

Graham Low

This is from the Oxford Mail of 20 April. The companies seem to be moving further apart in their approach to city services. I see Tap on Tap off being used quite a bit on Oxford Bus 3 and 3A routes. Is it in use by Stagecoach here yet? 

See at the top of this issue Gary Seamarks visited St. Neots. 

Ciaran Bird

Stagecoach Midlands' 15676 seen on the evening of March 29th in Chipping Norton. 

Gavin Francis

Paramount 50441 display the revised destination screen for the express route via Baker Street on April 20th.

Astromega 50272 has not seen service now for several weeks and is seen at Horspath on April 16th.

Although no longer in service older Astromegas still remain at Network Oxford including 50237 which has been resident for many years now.
Seen on April 20th.

Jack Cooper

Looking as ever immaculate 50428 rests between London trips in Gloucester Green on April 16th.
These coaches now seem very well cared for.

Gavin Francis

BR19SGU is another one on Megabus work from New Adventure Travel. 

Yet another contractor on Megabus work is Stotts Coaches.

MPT MP008 working the M15 seen in Elizabeth Street on April 23rd.

Spencer Graham were operating OU22ZXA for the M45 from London on April 22nd. Not the camera review mirrors !

Hodgsons were also in megabus service as seen on April 17th

Ciaran Bird

YN11AXS now Y100WMS at the Worth's yard, having recently had its vinyls applied on March 1st.  

London operators

Gavin Francis

A rather cost effective way of celebrating the upcoming  Platinum Jubilee display by RM1790 on April 22nd.

Working route 11 LT504 celebrates JACK APPLE with a wrap on April 18th.

LT506 is wrapped for M&S when seen on April 19th.

LT669 is wrapped for Charlotte Tilbury working the 211 on April 19th.

A private operator.

Red Rose Gold Crest MC14KEY is seen promoting  Disneyland when entering Bulleid Way on April 19th.

Andy Churchill



Photo of Oxford-South Midlands Daimler Fleetline 374 (KFC374G) in the early 1970s on service 6C towards Botley seen outside the old jam factory and seen in this bright Holidays by OSM ! advert , this bus saw service until 1980 when it was withdrawn and ended up with Bristol Omnibus Company being repainted into NBC Green livery until 1980 when it was withdrawn.

Cheltenham District no 562 (P92 URG) Former Busways Volvo B10M-62 / Plaxton National Express service 412 Victoria coach station 4th July 2001

Cheltenham District no 1173 (M73 HHB)Buses r D Cheltenham Pittville Street 270900 M Wadman.
Cheltenham District no 1173 (M73 HHB)
Volvo B6-45 / Plaxton, new to Rhondda Buses  Service D  Cheltenham (Pittville Street)    27th September 2000

Cheltenham District no 928 (S928 PDD)
  Dennis Dart SLF / Alexander  Service 55  Cirencester Market Place  6th January 2000

Cheltenham District 132 seen on September 27th 2000.

Cheltenham District 717 in Cheltenham working service Q on September 27th 2000.

Cheltenham District 940 working the G on September 9th 1999.

Thanks to Michael for his regular supply of history. 

Ciaran Bird

Crossland Rockstar Logistics from County Derry's Van Hool Astromega seen at Beaconsfield Services on what I'd imagine is an overnight stay during a tour. Judging by the language on some of the stickers around the pillar, I wonder whether this particular coach has Dutch origins.

I'm struggling to find any details of this coach online so if any readers could help me out, that would be appreciated! Seen on April 3rd.


Andrew Webb

Carlisle is the largest settlement in the predominately rural county of Cumbria.  Many services in the city are provided by Stagecoach, a direct descendent of an operator which has been running in the city since 1921.

This Enviro 200 has discreet branding celebrating the centenary. 

Optare Versas are relatively rare in the Stagecoach fleet, but Carlisle has some such as this example
taking on passengers opposite the city's railway station.

Optare Solos are more common, but there are few in the Stagecoach fleet older than this 2001 example still looking good in the latest Stagecoach local livery.

Away from Carlisle the sparsely populated rural hinterlands don't offer many opportunities for profitable commercial bus operation.  Community groups often provide the vital links, the Muncaster Microbus being an example.  Twice weekly shopping services to Whitehaven leave the bus free for private hires and day trips during the remainder of the week. 

A Mercedes Sprinter is seen parked at Ravensglass station in murky Lake District weather.

Ellesmere Port, a town of 60 000 is sandwiched between the shopping delights of Liverpool and Chester, along with the popular Cheshire Oaks Outlet located on the town's fringes.  Inevitably this has taken its toll on the traditional high street, with even Poundland and B&M Bargains having closed! Nevertheless, the centre retains a functional bus station offering regular services. 

Stagecoach serve the facility with services 1 and X1 which both link Liverpool with Chester via slightly different routes. 

Despite 'X' suggesting a quicker services, the X1 takes a few minutes longer than its plain numbered counterpart.  Both use the 'Gold' brand, currently being phased out.  A mixture of vehicles are used, including Enviro 400 MMCs bought specifically for the services, such as 10883 seen heading into Ellesmere Port bound for Chester on the X1.  

Other buses used have been cascaded to the area and are looking somewhat down at heel :

15852 pauses with a route 1 service in the bus station, still displaying remnants of time spent on route 10 in Cheltenham. 

Also linking the town with Chester are Arrowebrook Coaches with an infrequent service to Oaklands.  This elderly Dart started life with Lothian before moving to Ipswich, whose livery it still wears in Cheshire

Arriva use Sapphire branded buses to link Ellesmere Port with Mold, over the border in Wales.

This Enviro 400 having just arrived in the town bus station.

Aintree Coachlines operate a couple of town services using Enviro 200s.

James Freeman

A flickr album of buses & coaches in south Yorkshire

Dublin with Paul Hawkins

Paul visited the Emerald Isle recently and sent some interesting pictures included below.

Some of this type have arrived in UK but AV46 is still working as a Driver Trainer on April 18th.

These are the latest additions to the Dublin fleet, PA 184, 209 and a 22 plate 224 seen on April 18th.

Now a rather elderly tri-axle VT36 still earning its keep on April 18th.

For pictures check this link :

Aircoach runs this 2014 Plaxton C5 working route 700.

For pictures check this link :

buseireann runs Expressway in Eire and here SE60 leaves for Galway from Cork..

A 20 plate Volvo/Sunsundegui SB3 VB439 is seen working the 226 in Cork. It is low floor.

Bus Eireann in Cork runs Wrights Volvo VWD406 (a London style fleet number) working route 261.

For pictures check this link :

Many thanks to Paul for these interesting pictures. Ed.