Issue nr. 201
Tuesday, May 3rd 2022


A busy week with a bank holiday which I had not remembered. So, the page is again late for which you have my apologies.

We have pictures of COMS 201 and Oxford Bus from Grahame Wareham, details of upcoming events, Oxford United's recent season from James Freeman and some nice Buses in the Landscape in London from Jack Cooper.

Updates from followers of local operators and visits to Manchester and Margate from regular contributors. Also not to forget historic pictures from contributors and letter from readers.

I hope everyone enjoys this issue. 

Issue 201

Grahame Wareham

As promised I have selected a few pictures of COMS/OBC vehicles numbered 201 for the next issue of O&CBP. 201.I am sending this to you no so as to give you the chance to obtain images of the current 201! 

Pictures by Grahame Wareham unless stated otherwise. Ed.

The first images is of one of three Guy Arab II 6LW's delivered in 1945 with Weymann L27/28R bodies A201-3 JWL924-6.

This shows A201 JWL924 (now renumbered to L119 in 1952) standing in Gloucester Green circa. 1954.

It was withdrawn in May 1957 and sold via Deacon (dealer) to Edwards, Lydbrook but was never used and scrapped by Edwards in August 1958. 

Next are images of the infamous ex. South Wales Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1's which were swapped with SWT for AEC Regent V's 980/982-9HFC in May 1970.

As a  20 year old on holiday with my parents, I took a ride on this bus in South Wales with my parents following in the car.
It was my first trip by Atlantean and I little realised I would one day drive such buses with Ribble Motor Services. Ed.

The Atlanteans by then were nearing eleven years old and proved to be rather troublesome as they still retained their early centrifugal clutches which would rattle to pieces causing the radiators to shake off their mountings with disastrous consequences. Mind you South Wales Transport didn't think much of COMS Regent V's either as they were only AV470 powered and could no longer cope with Swansea's hilly terrain. Attached are images of 201 UBX46, new in 1960 to James Bros, Ammanford, a BET subsidiary taken over by South Wales Transport in 1962,with a Weymann L39/34F lowbridge body. 201 survived five years in the Oxford fleet until it was sold to Twell (dealer) Ingham in July 1975. It was subsequently scrapped without further service, but interestingly issue 201 would commemorate its 50th anniversary when it first arrived in Oxford all that time ago! 

A selection of images of a bus that still survives in preservation (I have owned it now for 21 years!) and will hopefully be on the road again next year.

Now in preservation.


It is 201 VJO201X a Leyland Olympian ONLXB/1R with ECW H47/28D bodywork.

 (Oxford being the only operator to specify dual doored centre staircase low-height from ECW), the first of the second generation of rear engined double deckers in the COMS fleet, and this also celebrates its 40th anniversary with this issue when it arrived in Oxford in May 1982, immediately talking part in the City's then annual Lord Mayor's Parade and then settling down on the Wood Farm- Botley Road/Abingdon routes for its first few months of services. One image shows its first day in service but 201 has worn many coats of colours which have currently now been all stripped off in preparation for a good helping of Poppy Red again. It is lucky it survives today as it suffered a rear end shunt by an artic lorry back in 1993 and was to be withdrawn 'as uneconomic to repair' but I managed to order the new parts which enabled 201 to stay in the OBC fleet until 2000! 

The next and current 201 is a third generation low floor double deckers and was ordered as part of the 'Transform Oxford' initiative which through joint co-operation with both major bus operators in Oxford City helped to reduce the number of buses, journeys through the centre and emissions in order to improve the air quality and congestion.

How very smart the bus looked in one of its first day's in service on July 2nd 2009 - Gavin Francis.
201 AF09OXF is a Scania CN230 with an ADL Enviro double deck body and was part of a batch of eleven vehicles
which were delivered in 2009 to the specification of Brookes University for their services
from Wheatley Campus/Gipsy Lane and Halliday Hill/Westminster College locations.

Picture by Jack Cooper on March 21st 2022.
With the introduction of newer vehicles on Brookes work, 201 is now relegated to a quieter life
transporting tourists around the City, albeit with part of its top removed. 

I really appreciate this contribution from Grahame. Thank you. Ed. 

Upcoming Events

Peter Cartwright

High Wycombe Running Day to be held on Sunday May 15th 2022 based on High Wycombe bus station.  The first departure on the day will be at 09.10 to Mill End Road on route 326. Unlike the photograph attached the 326 is scheduled for Routemaster operation on the day. Programmes can be purchased via the Amersham & District website or on the day at the bus station.  

SHOWBUS Rally & Events Calendar SHOWBUS50 month
September 2022

SHOWBUSflyby Brunel University to Oxford via A40
Sunday, September 18th 2022
SHOWBUS50 Hertfordshire County Showground
Sunday, September 25th 2022

James Freeman

My flickr album of the U's 21-22 season can be seen at the link below.

Jack Cooper from his London visit on April 22nd.

Go Ahead London's LT863 heads across Tower Bridge with a 453 service.

RATP BCE47040 with a 148 service with The Elizabeth Tower in the background (once Big Ben) on April 22nd.

Coach visitors to Oxford

David Beynon

This pair were parked just inside Woodstock Road on the morning of April 28th..

From Chesters a Setra 5 MDC

A Reptons Van Hool REP468.

Guideline visited Oxford on April 29th with GC16JMC, an Irizar.

Edwards VDL WJ66KCN seen at Redbridge on April 30th.

Grayway from Wigan (a new one for me! Ed.) a tri-axle Tourismo BV19YHU also seen at Redbridge on April 30th. 

Gavin Francis

Hearns are often seen in Oxford as with Irizar i6 YN16UAA by The Ashmolean on May 1st.

Silverdale's Volvo BV17CSX in the same location on the same day.

djcoaches visited Oxford with the tri-axle Tourismo BF65HTP by The Ashmolean on May 1st.

Fleet news and developments now shows 4748 and 4749 as being at Wycombe. This is on Wednesday, May 4th. Ed.

Gavin Francis visited The Eden Bus Station on April 26th.

DAF 2782 is seen with a 33 service.

Citaro 3025 working a 1 service.

Wrights 3818 is working a 300 service.

Citaro 3918 with a 32 service.

548 recently moved to Aylesbury and is seen with a 300 working.

Aylesbury based 5459 is seen with a 300 service.

Not recorded in 6000 was working from The Eden on April 26th.

Jack Cooper

During Jack's visit to London he caught Tourismo 7202 with a 757 service April 22nd. 

Malcolm Crowe

About to retire ALX400 6000 is seen at Cressex depot on April 30th.

Michael Penn

Regarding the list of Arriva vehicles leaving Hemel Hempstead in this week’s page Volvo B7RLEs 3769-74 (LT63UNN/P/R/S/U/V) are now at Luton renumbered 3939-44.  All except one (3944) are in the new livery.  This one also retains its name (Frank) and I am attaching a photograph of it taken at Luton Station Interchange last Thursday (21st).  The reason for the transfer is because of an increased requirement for the 321 route following its extension from Watford to Rickmansworth.


I am also attaching a photo of Arriva Kent Thameside Wright StreetLite 4288 (GN14DYH) which has been painted into the Superbus livery first introduced at Stevenage 50 years ago!  The photo was also taken at Luton Station Interchange last Thursday (21st). 

Nigel Peach

Thanks for the info about 4748 and 4749 transferring from Thurmaston. It'll be good to have some modern double deckers!! I haven't seen either of them yet. Indeed shows that 4748 was still in Leicester earlier today. I had to drop someone at Wycombe station this morning, so diverted via Cressex to investigate. Attached are two pics at Cressex and one of Carousel 883. 

DAF SB120 2787 at Cressex on April 25th..  

DAF 6000 is one of those expected to be replaced anytime soon,
pictured with Citaro 3027 which has been out of service for a month now.  

Gavin Francis visited The Eden Bus Station on April 26th.

Volvo 7900H 69932 is seen in and leaving The Eden with the X74.

Jack Cooper

Apologies for the repetition in location this week, I am currently finding St Aldates the best location for pictures because of the sun light there!  

360 / 363 have gained branding for the city3/3A, after a period of only carrying city branding after moving from 2 road. The branding features a rather nice route map on the rear window, which is a good addition!  

On Friday, May 6th Pulhams are set to withdraw service 63. This will be replaced by a 63 service operated by Thames Travel. The Thames Travel 63 will also serve Dean Court, replacing the Oxford Bus city4C service.  

The 63 will have some journeys which operate only as far as Dean Court, and another only to Cumnor. The journeys that operate via Matthew Arnold School will be numbered 63S.  

Dean Court will benefit from this change, currently there are 5 City bound 4C services, and 6 Dean Court bound services. With the 63 there will be 7 City bound services and 9 Dean Court bound services.  

The new Thames Travel service commences from Monday 9th April. 

More details, including timetable - 

943 had entered service on the 30th April, on the X2. It was tracking under 243 / 1650 and later on in the day 942. Sadly I didn't manage a picture of it! 

Many thanks  to Jack for those notes. Ed. 

Gavin Francis visited The Eden Bus Station on April 26th.

Not everything always goes to plan and StreetLite 404 is seen being recovered to the Wycombe depot.

Cressex CONNECT 409 was working link40 on the same day.

Citaro 873 was busy with a 103 turning out of Bridge Street.

Recently transferred from Oxford 974 is working a 27 as it turns out of Bridge Street.

975 was busy with a 34 working.

Variety working the 34, 104 and 27.

432 has been working the link40 through Stokenchurch in April, seen above on the 27th. 

Malcolm Crowe

Again on April 28th 432 was busy with link40 working seen here in Stokenchurch.

An interesting gathering of Volvo and Scania buses in the overflow yard on April 30th.

Nigel Peach

Carousel's Citaro 883 pictured at Wycombe railway station on 25th April on Staff Shuttle SS1.
(Not a brilliant picture, so don't feel you have to use it!) 

Gavin Francis

Hybrid 314 was working 6 road in Oxford on May 1st.

Wrights 355 was working a 3 road service on May 1st.

Both by Wrights 373 is a StreetDeck micro hybrid whereas 685 is shorter and a regular StreetDeck both on April 30th.

Once 4 road branded buses, 846is working 11 road and 847 11X road on May 1st.

Jack Cooper

228 is seen with  an X40 service on April 25th.

Branded 308 is seen working a 35 service on April 30th.

Diesel conversion 317 is seen with a 5A service on April 25th.

360 has now acquired 3 road branding a seen on April 25th.

On the dame day 363 had also acquired the 3 road branding.

Unusally 369, a wrapped overall advert, was working the X3 on April 29th.

MMC 608 was busy with a  U1 service on April 28th.

Somewhat of route, 651 is seen with a 35 road service on April 28th.

Tourismo 36 recently returned from major accident repair and is seen here in St Aldates on April 25th.

Not so busy Scania 204 is seen on April 28th. 

Gavin Francis

Quite a cop, Scania 943 is in service at last here in Oxford with an X2 to Didcot on April 30th.
Currently 944 has been out of service for several days.

When in Metrobus service it is seen here on March 5th 2018 and when newer with a 64 on August 28th 2013.

Jack Cooper

Scania 207 is seen Didcot bound with an X32 on April 30th.

This X1 is seen being handled by 247 on April 25th.

StreetDeck micro-hybrid 904 is seen with an X2 working on April 29th. 

Andrew Simmonds

A press release from Johnsons -

Johnsons ‘Excelbus’ Bus Services to be taken over by Diamond Bus Ltd.

Please note that Johnsons holidays, excursions, private hire and School service operations are not part of this agreement.

Peter Johnson, our Operations Director says, “As we look forward and consider the challenges of meeting the needs of air quality and environmental issues, through electric, and then hydrogen powered vehicles, we have decided that we must now focus on building our coach business in terms of holidays, day trips, private coach hire and school services.

Therefore, we have made the decision to sell our ‘Excelbus’ operations to Rotala PLC’s subsidiary, Diamond Bus Limited.

This announcement brings to an end our involvement in local bus services, after nearly 23 years of operation. The deal includes 18 buses and other assets and is expected to be concluded on 29th May. This will increase Rotala’s presence in Warwickshire and the West Midlands as the deal includes all bus services currently provided by ourselves, including the X20 Stratford – Solihull service, the 150 Redditch – Birmingham services and Stratford’s Park and Ride services.

All our ‘Excelbus’ commercial and tendered work, plus most drivers and some operating staff will join the Diamond Bus West Midlands operation, working from Diamond’s existing depot at Redditch. Simon Dunn, Rotala Chief Executive, says that the vehicles will rapidly be rebranded into the Diamond Bus livery. While the buses move to Diamond Bus, Johnsons will continue to operate 45 coaches and employ 180 staff under our existing long-established family brand name.

John Johnson, Commercial Director, adds, “We are proud to continue to offer the high-quality coach services Johnsons is known for. As an industry leader and multi-award winner we are committed to growing our coach business for the long term, and we look forward to continuing to provide a high quality and friendly service for our customers.”

You’ll be pleased to know that most of our bus drivers are being taken on by Diamond Bus, so although the name on the buses and the livery will be different, you will continue to see some familiar friendly faces at the wheel!

On behalf of all of us here at Johnsons, we would like to thank all our bus service customers, who have supported us over many years; your patronage and loyalty is very much appreciated. We hope that you will continue to travel with us until Sunday 29th May and that you will have no hesitation to travel with Diamond Bus from Monday 30th May onwards.

Finally, at this point in time as this sale is announced, we do want to offer our heart-felt thanks, to all of our bus drivers, whether long standing or those who have more recently joined us, for their great service, support and loyalty. Again, it is very much appreciated.

Gavin Francis 

NEx is using quite a few hired operators as shown in the pictures above taken on May 1st.

Another Tourismo MB19AMC ready for relief work.

Jack Cooper

Edwards are, I think, operating all the Caetano Boa Vistas in the UK as seen in London April 22nd. 

Gary Seamarks

Seen in Leamington on April 26th arriving from Coventry working route 11 - MMC 6953 brings variety to the town. 

Jack Cooper

On Friday, May 6th Pulhams are set to withdraw service 63. This will be replaced by a 63 service operated by Thames Travel. The Thames Travel 63 will also serve Dean Court, replacing the Oxford Bus city4C service.  

AA68BUS seen operating the 63 in Westgate on April 28th.

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

Jack Cooper

795 leaves Bulleid Way with a 702 working to Legoland on April 22nd. 

Kevin Fuller

Thames Valley 674, YX67UYR, an Alexander Dennis Enviro 200MMC, works a Sunday service 12 from Burnham to Slough.
This is a  striking livery. Ed.

This is an unusual vehicle to be seen on this service, as it is branded for Wokingham area services, but would appear to be 'on loan' to the Slough based TV pool for services 2 and 5 (Windsor and Cippenham), as well as Sunday 12 to Burnham. 

First Berkshire provide the Mon-Sat service on the 12 route, generally using the earlier style Enviro 200's, some of which carry dedicated 'Trader' branding, a reference to the route passing through Slough trading estate.

Gavin Francis visited The Eden Bus Station on April 26th.

A 12 plate, YX12DKA, ex First London DML44209 with a 130 working in Wycombe on April 26th. 


The Studley Family

These MMC E20Ds are now used for the 853 as seen with 37618 and 37620 in Witney on April 29th.

Tony Gaze

Caught up with 28743 and 28746 recently so thought I would send a couple of photos in. 

repainted into 'local' livery on Gloucester no.1 to Matson (29/04/22) 

on Gloucester no.9 service to Tuffley (28/04/22) 

15966 has also been repainted into 'local' livery. I haven't managed to catch up with it yet though.  (How sad. Ed.) 

Gavin Francis

Banbury's one remaining Gold 28744 is seen in Oxford on April 27th working the S4.

West loaned two trainers to Oxford on April 27th seen at Horspath depot. 

Jack Cooper

I took this bus to a rally in 2015 and here it is working route 1 on April 28th.

Last MMC Golds 10786 and 10788 working local routes in Oxford on April 28th. 

Gary Seamarks

Here's 19579 on its second day on the road (Monday, April 25th) on the 53 at Wootton (Beds)

Of note 19579 is we think the first traditional E400 in this livery, unless...... 

Gary Seamarks

A few from Leamington on Tuesday, April 26th.

Electric trial with Stagecoach.

E400 10032 working route 15 has been given a new coat of many colours.

This ALX400 was delivered new to Stagecoach in Oxford for Brookes service in February 2006.

E200 37065 also seen in Leamington working route 63. 

Jack Cooper

Panorama 50424 heads for London through Westgate on April 28th. 

Gavin Francis

Adventure Coachlines YY14AEZ with a megabus m10 service on May 1st near VCS. 

Gary Seamarks

Seen at Wootton (Beds) is Uno's 305, think this is first day out, same location and almost at the same time as the 19579 above.

London operators

Gavin Francis

Go Ahead's LT484 wrapped for Sonic working route 11 on May 1st.

LT241 wrapped for Tommy Hilfiger working route 8 on April 25th.

Metroline BCE47003 with a 94 working wrapped for ami on April 25th.

Metroline LT127 working the 148 in Elden Ring wrap in Notting Hill on April 25th.

Got to Ruislip Station this morning to find VHR 45208 there. This is one of only six of this model built in 2016 to look like a New Routemaster but with only two doors. They caused much confusion when running on routes parallel to a new Routemaster route and they were moved away to the suburbs on Route 183. They were withdrawn when new electric buses arrived and have been repainted and used on school bus routes which pass through Hillingdon. 

An unusual New Routemaster VHR 45208 in Ruislip now used for school services on April 25th.

Working the 13 on December 6th 2016 and working a 183 to Pinner on May 19th 2020.


 A picture of the personal plated Evan Evans coach in VCS on April 27th.

This coach belongs to Air-Sym and is now branded for BlaBlaBus.

It was originally bought for Megabus work. No loyalty to customers anymore!.


Jack Cooper

It was nice to get out and about in London this week, in total I had walked 15 miles around the capital, spending time in Greenwich, Canary Wharf and Stratford before walking along the Thames from Tower Hill to Victoria via Westminster.  

Arriva HA10 is seen crossing Tower Bridge with a 78 service on April 22nd.

Go Ahead London Ee52 passes Stagecoach 11368 in East London on April 22nd. 

Michael Penn

As a postscript to the photos I sent yesterday here are four photos of London Country buses in the original Superbus livery of the 1970s at Stevenage.  There were three types of vehicles used.  These were MCW bodied AEC Swifts, Leyland Nationals and MCW Metro-Scanias.  Three of these came from Hants & Dorset who had acquired them as a result of the takeover of King Alfred Motor Services six months earlier.

SM496 (DPD 496J) was an MCW bodied AEC Swift.

LN1 (KPA 101K) was London Country’s first Leyland National.

MS2 (GPB 20J) was an MCW Metro-Scania, new to London Country.

MSMS5 (AOU 108J) was an MCW Metro-Scania acquired from Hants & Dorset.

Michael Wadman

Early days for Darts in Cheltenham 505, 509 and 511 on September 27th 2000.

New to Red & white this Volvo B6 became 851 with SC CD seen on September 27th 2000.

A short Dart 1173 with service E in Cheltenham on September 27th 2000.

ALX 200 938 in Cheltenham on September 27th 2000.

ALX 200 928 working service F in Cheltenham on June 30th 2001.

Another ALX200 in stripey livery, 959 working service G on June 30th 2001. 

I read that there have been problems with electric buses in Paris. Follow this link for the full story:

Andy Churchill

Here is something different an American Yellow School Bus seen on a bit of an overcast day at TruckFest 2022 at Peterborough Show Ground on May 1st 2022.  

David Beynon replies to a question in issue 200

Ciaran Bird wrote "I'm struggling to find any details of this coach online so if any readers could help me out, that would be appreciated! Seen on April 3rd."

BusView database has the following information on UIB 454: Operator; Rockstar Logistics, Swatragh, NI. Vehicle: Van Hool TDX27 New 3/2013. Previously Registered: YY13 FYB, SB09 MMB and 1-EUY-789 (Belgium) in 2016

Neil Gow also replied :

The Crossland Rockstar Logistics Van Hool Astromega pictured on your April 26th page was new in Belgium, so Ciaran probably saw some Flemish on those stickers around the pillar (which is pretty close to Dutch, of course).

It has carried previous British registrations YY13 FYB and before that SM09 MMB when it was with MM Band Services of Arnold. It’s Belgian registration was 1-EUY-789.

Peter Cartwright

Nigel Peach rightly draws attention to the fact there is no longer a bus link between Flackwell Heath and Loudwater on weekdays.

It seems only yesterday that there were 4 buses an hour EXCLUDING reliefs on services 25 and 25A between Flackwell Heath and Loudwater and to visit the doctors' nowadays is often a challenge for many. 

Some years ago the buses serving Hicks Farm Rise were altered to become uni-directional so that meant whilst people living in the valley in Micklefield might get a bus to the surgery at Kingswood, there was no return facility so it meant a trip into town or part way to get home. 

The April changes almost meant, inter alia, that more evening journeys were withdrawn and last buses now leave far too early even on local routes.  

If passengers cannot return they are unlikely to make the outward journey and so the decline in passenger numbers grows. It is a downward spiral and the whole bus network locally needs review. Of course, the current shortage of PCV drivers is making matters worse and this is evidenced by the large number of cuts made by Carousel today (27 April) - some 61 journeys!  I do not envy their management team doing their best to cover the duties.

Gordon Scott north of the border

Taken in Princess Street Edinburgh 

Stagecoach West Scotland Route branded X77 Glasgow to Kilmarnock on Citylink 900 Edinburgh to Glasgow.
Volvo B11RLE Plaxton Panorama. 50401 - YX18 LKK  & 50404 - YX18 LKN.

Lothian Motorcoaches

Volvo B8R Plaxton Leopard  FSJ 909, ex SB19 GKF - 9202 new to Lothian Country Green Arrow Livery.

AnAndrew Webb in Manchester

Metrolink Manchester

The Metrolink line between Media City UK and Eccles has been closed for most of April to allow for essential maintenance.  Coastliner Buses of Blackpool have operated a replacement bus service using a variety of former Abellio London E400s and Plaxton Darts acquired from various sources.

The first Dart is ex Stagecoach Midlands, Nuneaton where it was 34594.

The buses are seen at Media City UK


Manchester offers a wide range of operators, with all the major groups serving the city. 

First's presence in the city is much reduced following the sale of some operations to Go Ahead. 

First retain operation of the high profile Leigh Busway, for which high specification 'Vantage' buses are used. 
Wright Volvo B5TL 39258 crosses the tracks at St Peter's Square. 

Go Ahead bought many of First's operations in the city, branding them as 'Go North West'. 

This MCV bodied Volvo started life with Go Ahead in London as MHV33 but has recently been transferred north.  

Route branding is used to good effect on some routes, for example the busy 135 competing with Metrolink for passengers to and from Bury. 

This former First Volvo wears its age well as it arrives in Manchester.

Also wearing its age well is this former Go North East Citaro, now branded for a cross city route.  

Go Ahead routes not reaching the city centre use the 'Orbits' brand, as shown on this Enviro 200 passing Media City UK at Salford. 

Arriva run into the city on several routes, generally using Wright bodied single deck VDLs, typified by MX12KWG
making its way along part of Metrolink's on street second city crossing.

Rotala have settled on 'Diamond' as their nationwide trading name, accompanied by some discreet route branding on some buses. 

This Wright StreetDeck demonstrates both as it reaches its destination with a journey on route 8 

Transdev is another smaller group serving Manchester, it's nationwide reputation for branding being reflected in the use of these high specification E40Ds on the Witchway route to Burnley. 

One is seen passing St Peter's Square with a trip from the Pennines.

Stagecoach are a dominant force in Manchester, with a hub at Piccadilly Gardens.  The company operates one of the largest fleets of electric buses outside of the capital, having invested in a fleet of distinctive ADL / BYD deckers. 

14026 takes a break between duties at Piccadilly Gardens on Good Friday. 

When Enviro 400 19453 broke down in Piccadilly Gardens on Saturday afternoon this breakdown truck had no option but to block the busy thoroughfare as it recovered the bus. 

The mechanic is seen working swiftly to prepare the bus for towing, it leaving after about 20 minutes. 

Independent operators, once very common in central Manchester, are now quite rare following takeovers or companies ceasing trading. 

Atlantic Travel were providing rail replacement services using these high specification E20Ds.

Many thanks to Andrew for another interesting report. Ed.

Mandy Studley with Ben in Margate.

Margate on Friday, April 22nd between 10.15am and 11.10am - all taken at Cecil Square.

Scania N250UD ADL Enviro400 MMC's 15262, 15267 and 15272.

MuMuch in evidence working The Loop were E200 MMCs 26235, 26244 and 26252.

34483, 34653 and 34670 were the mainstay of route 32.  

Ensign in April as follows : :


From First South Yorkshire : Volvo B7TL YN53EOC. 

From First Devon and Cornwall : Volvo B7TL LJ05BKK. 

From Bear Buses : Volvo B9TL LX60DWW. 

From RATP TOLST : Volvo B7L LX05HSC. 

From Translink : Scania K400s LFZ8052 / 8053. 

From First Essex : Darts SN05DZO / EAF / WX05SVE    Volvo B7RLEs MX05CEF / CCZ   Trident LN51GMG. 

From Go Ahead London : E400 SN06BNA 

From Stagecoach Highlands : Volvo B9R’s KX58NCN / NCO. 


Volvo B7TL LF52ZPP : Fowlers Coaches, Holbeach Drove, Lincs. 

Dart BA52GHA did not go to Galleon , instead it is now with Avondale, Glasgow. 

Volvo B9TL : SN59BGK : Herberts Travel, Shefford, Beds. 

DAF DB250 LF52URK : English Riviera Tours, Torquay. 

Volvo B9TL’s LK59CXM / CWO : Mario Coaches, Burnley. 

Scania NK56KHW : Bullocks Coaches, Manchester. 

Volvo B9TL LX60DWW : Happy Als, Liverpool. 

Volvo B7TL LX54GZE : Bear Buses, Feltham, Middx. 

Volvo B9TL’s LK59CWZ / CXB : Faresaver Buses, Chippenham. 

Scania K320s JFZ7016 / 7022 / 7029 : Heyfordian, Bicester. 

Scania K320 JFZ9036 : Aintree Coaches. 

Scania K320 JFZ7018 and E200 LX09AZL  : Galleon Travel, Stansted. 

RML2482 : The Red Bus Bistro Co, Glasgow. 

ScScania NK56KKF : Lower Reule Farm, Stafford. 

E400s LJ09CBU / CBX / CAO : First Scotland East (converted to half open top) 

Volvo B9TLs LK59CXL / CXO / CXP : First Devon and Cornwall (converted to half open top)  

The following to Shelton Motors for scrap :  

Volvo B7TL LX54GZD  Darts SN05DZO / EAF / WX05SVE    Volvo B7RLEs MX05CEF / CCZ   Trident LN51GMG.

Ensign Fleet.

BCI 142 sold to Aintree Coaches.