Issue nr. 203
Wednesday, May 18th 2022


Well this has been an interesting week with two recent events t report, The High Wycombe Running Day organised by Amersham & District Group. Indeed there are two more events planned for 2022. There are a signifcant number of pictures from local contributors whose names are recorded under the event report.

The second event to record is the Leyland National 50 one which took place over the weekend of April/May and is recorded thanks to Stuart Harvey.

I am delighted to have a few pictures from North of the Border by Gordon Scott taken last weekend.

I would like to wish Martyn Sacaloff all the best for the coming weeks as he starts medical treatment.

There are operator reports as usual with some interesting developments.

I am also pleased to have David Beynon who is contributing coach visitors to Oxfordshire as a specialty for each issue.

Readers will find full details of this and other rally events for 2022 at the link above.

Pictures are included from various contributors and although the day started rather wet the sun came out as the various contributions show.

Gavin Francis

Sunday was High Wycombe Running Day so I caught the 09.16 Carousel link40 into town and the rostered bus was Citaro 870. 

Spent a bit of time taking some pictures in The Bus Station, not sure what Western National 1106 and Strathtay 438 were doing there as they were both a bit far from home.


Decided to take a ride on RML 2440 working the 326 to Micklefield. This was a bus I rode on many times on that route as it went past my home. I have attached my picture of it taken just along the road from where todays pictures were taken at the terminus.


It was new to GR but came to Wycombe in January 1975 and stayed until 1979. It never did get painted into NBC green and was looking a bit sad at the end. It was one of those taken back by LT and repainted red. It was bought by a local councillor here in 2005 and is still owned by him. 


My next ride was on RT 1700 which was running the 363 to Totteridge. This will take it up the steepest hill on the old LT area so thought I must give it a try. It managed the bottom part in 2nd gear but it was not long until 1st gear was needed and I must admit as it got to the steepest bit at the top the revs got lower and lower and it just about crept to the top. It was carrying about half a load and in its time these buses would have had to carry a full standing load up that hill. The next thing I see as I am downstairs and taking a video was steam coming out of the radiator cap, it flies off and water is pouring out!! It was all a bit too much for it but we carried on to the terminus for a breather. I then took a few pictures in Totteridge. I believe I am right in saying that both RTs and RMLs at HE had to have a special fuel pump to help them up this hill ? 

Back in The Bus Station I took a few more pictures but it started raining heavy so I caught the 12.45 Carousel 869 back home. Overall a good morning out.


There certainly was a nice variety as Gavin's pictures show.

A final picture of my two link40 buses on the day seen at Stokenchurch.

Jack Cooper

I had been to the Amersham & District running day in High Wycombe, an enjoyable day, although a shame about the rain for most of the day! Had managed a trip on London Transport RF673 on services 305 (High Wycombe - Beaconsfield) and 373 (Beaconsfield - Penn Pond). 

RM848 reveals the early rain.

RF146 looking very smart as if just fresh from the paintshop as seen in The Eden Bus Station.

RF673 earlier in the morning seen at Penn Pond with a 373 for Beaconsfield.

These two pictures of RML2440 give some idea of the steep hills to be found in High Wycombe.

Nigel Peach

I attended part of the High Wycombe Running Day on May 15th and have provided some pictures. A couple of general pictures too, one showing how much it was raining at the time!

Heavy rain greeted arrivals but all changed later.

Most were taken in Eden bus station apart from Western National VR 1106 SFJ 106R recreating Carousel's former route 400 at Bourne End station
 (apparently renamed Helston according to the destination blind!). 

RML2412 is in Holmer Green.
This is a bus I remember going after school to see brand new at London Transport's High Wycombe garage in February 1966.  

Other buses are RM848, SM88, RT1700 (with a full load leaving The Eden Bus Station.

Peter Edgar

Various buses to be seen in Bridge Street near High Wycombe Bus Station

GS13 seen in Bridge Street near High Wycombe Bus Station.

Tony Bungay

Sunday as you know was High Wycombe running, the weather being in total contrast to the day before.

RT1700 seen leaving High Wycombe Bus Station with a 363 working. 

RF673 seen in the rain working the 305. 

For info  The Green RM appeared at Wycombe End Beaconsfield and dropped some ladies off, presumably for Julies party!

The AEC T is seen in Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield and Penn.

The MB was seen at West Wycombe, star of an episode Secrets of the Transport Museum, the owner giving some insight into the filming.
One example being that he gave some technical and historical details about the vehicle, only for perhaps predictably not to be used in the episode.

SM88 seen in  High Wycombe Bus Station.

So many thanks to all the contributors and I have included some more than once in case readers see themselves in a picture.

A date for your diary 

Jack Cooper

Sunday, May 22nd will also be the Didcot Transport Rally, so we are lucky having two events within our local area so close to each other! 

Didcot Transport Rally - 

Stuart Harvey

Over the weekend of 30th April and 1st May, took a journey to Whitehaven in Cumbria for the Leyland National 50 event focused on town which is close to the Leyland Lillyhall factory where the Leyland National was built. The factory site is now home to Eddie Stobart and other distribution and storage facilities. The event was run by the Workington Transport Heritage Trust,   who also organised three free services, a town service around Whitehaven, a Park & ride service to Lakes College and a service to the Lillyhall Factory. The event is already scheduled for next year also and could be one for the diary. Here is a selection of photos from the event;

GRM 353L – An early Leyland National parked at the Beacon Portal in Whitehaven,
where Rally Control and organised talks from former Lillyhall Staff and Management took place.

CEO 720W pictured at the Lillyhall factory, originally served with Barrow, remained here through the weekend as a static exhibit.

At the end of the Saturday a chance shot on the marina at Whitehaven of Super National JMY 120N and former Leyland demonstrator RRM148M 

MAN 30N, a former Isle of Man Leyland National which made its way to the event from the island,
which had more recently been used as a mobile computer classroom amongst other things.

WHH 556S leaving Whitehaven on a town tour was a former Leyland development bus.

AFM 2W originally of Crosville has been restored to the Runcorn Busway colours
and was caught at the Lakes College which was used for the Park & Ride site.

Finally, a view of the entrance of the former Leyland Lillyhall factory.

I am most grateful to Stuart for this interesting report knowing that there are many LN enthusiasts in our area. 

PGA British Masters 2022

Brent Ricketts

Here are a few pictures I took at the British masters at the belfry golf course these are mmc 400s  69 plate deckers with two tone leather seats just clicked over to 145000 miles and I also think these are the same spec as Oxford and Witney depots but not sure on that? This was a shuttle service from Birmingham international to the belfry golf course over a 4 day period. (They are from the same batch as the Witney ones. Ed.)

MMC 11221 seen at Birmingham International Station May 12th.

Parked up at the course on May 12th.

My thanks to Brent for these interesting pictures. 

Coach visitors to Oxfordshire

David Beynon

A couple of pictures taken in Woodstock Road on May 12th. Apparently, ‘EuroWelcome’ is owned by Latin Travel (Putney).

Seen in Rewley Road  on May 15th was this Travellers Choice SB19GNY.

Abbey Travel had this Tourismo BV19YKJ in Beaumont Street on May 16th.

Quite a striking livery by Woods for YT17EZX seen at Redbridge this afternoon, May 18th.

Fleet news and developments

During the recent Wycombe Running Day on May 15th contributors also provided pictures of Arriva buses in local service.

Gavin Francis

Ex Demonstrator 2790 is seen with a Castlefield 33 service.

3023 with a variety of blues in its livery handles a 32 and freshly repainted 3032 seen working the 30.

A day later on May 16th.

Wycombe's only Solo 2495 is seen with a 32 service.

3729 is seen in Oxford Street with a 300 service.

3916 also with a "Jacob's coat" livery works the 30 in Oxford Street.

Ex Leicester 4749 in Wycombe waiting for service and then a 30 working.

and in Oxford

E400 4400 still betrays its origins when seen with a 280 service on May 14th.

E400 5467 with a short working to Thame leaves Oxford Station on May 14th.

and finally London.

Tourismo 7208 heads for Luton Airport with a 757 working on May 13th.

Jack Cooper

3797 more often seen working the 280, was on this day working the 300.

Citaro 3921 is seen in the rain on May 15th morning working a 32A service.

Nigel Peach

Now quite elderly 3921 looks good in the Eden Bus Station on May 15th.

I notice that Arriva's 3927, previously 3867 (KE05 FMM) has disappeared from, so I imagine it has now been withdrawn. It was the last remaining of that batch of seven that entered service in Wycombe at the beginning of March 2005 on new Green Route 31. I remember well that you did a feature on them at the time. Like most of the others, it ended its days at Aylesbury depot.

I was very fond of that batch of buses. I remember the great excitement I had in getting a picture of 3865 (below) on 1st March 2005, the first day of the 05 registration plate. It was before it entered service and before all the branding had been applied.

Here is 3865 when new in Wycombe and before branding on March 1st 2005.
The last of this batch has just been withdrawn.

During the recent Wycombe Running Day  on May 15th Gavin Francis also provided pictures of First buses working the X74 service.

699925 is seen working the X74 on May 15th. 



Gavin Francis

Hearns are operating this 002 service with BF21EOO.
There was a time when the licencing authority would not user the letter BF !!!!!!!

Two Ridleys coaches working Flixbus service on May 13th - BX18AXR and BV19LLW.

Turners are operating this Van Hool YJ67CZY for the 041 service on May 10th.  

During the recent Wycombe Running Day  on May 15th contributors also provided pictures of Carousel buses in local service.

Gavin Francis

Citaro 878 heads for Uxbridge with a 102 working on May 15th.

On other days.

980 is seen in The Eden on May 16th probably with a staff shuttle.

StreetLite 403 is seen in Stokenchurch working the link40 on May 18th.

Jack Cooper

880 is seen with another 102 working on May 15th.

Showing link40 services and the change of bus which often takes place at Wycombe, here on May 15th. 

Jack Cooper

601 has been back on the road following its repairs, it was first out on the evening of Thursday 12th on the 3A before returning to X3s on Friday 13th.


368 which was reported in a new livery in last weeks page is this years Brand the Bus for local charity Restore. It's first appearance was on 5 road on Monday 9th, and was spotted by Gavin Francis on the 10th on 13s.

Seen working 5 road on May 9th.

This is the news article of its launch 

31 and 36 were transport for Jack from and back to Oxford on May 15th.

Tourismo 38 heads for Heathrow on May 9th.

67 has now returned from loan to Edwards, had its branding reapplied and was at Gloucester Green on May 13th.

68 is seen in St Aldates running in from an airport service on May 10th.
These five remaining interdecks are often used to add to the Tourismos working the Airline services.

Now back at Carousel and working the 36 in Wycombe today (May 18th), 217 is seen working 35 road on May 9th.

The latest Hybrid converted to diesel is E40H 311 seen with a 35 road service in Abingdon on May 12th.

841 still carrying 6 road green livery is seen on May 9th in Park End Street with a 4 road service from Abingdon.

Seen in Abingdon on May 12th, 845 brings the old 4 road livery back for its service from Oxford. 

Gavin Francis

A nice surprise at Carousel, Wycombe on May 12th was training coach 45.

The only City 4 branded bus presently working on 4 road is Hybrid 303 in Frideswide Square on May 14th.
The other Hybrids for the 4 and 35 roads are seemingly no longer in service?

Restore 368 is seen with a 3A service at Carfax on May 17th.

604 is seen heading up St Aldates with a 400 service on May 17th.

StreetDeck 660 was working 400 road in Frideswide Square on May 14th.

843 was gainfully employed on 35 road when seen on May 17th. 

Keep your eyes open for 873 which is presently being prepared for repaint. Ed.

Gavin Francis

Recently entering service 943 is seen working the X2 from Oxford Train Station on May 14th.

Jack Cooper

206 first of the remaining Scania E400s not converted to open top working the X2 on May 12th.

Citaro 855 seen in Stratton Way, Abingdon with an X1 service on May 12th.

912 also seen in Stratton Way, Abingdon with a 33 service on May 12th.

Gavin Francis continues his weekly view of National Express operations

Levante III SH253 is seen in Elizabeth Street with an A6 working on May 10th.

Bennetts Tourismo BV18YHL is seen in Elizabeth Street with an 040 working on May 14th.

Edwards Levante III BV22VTK is seen in Elizabeth Street with an 040 working on May 10th.

Also Edwards but a Levante II BV17GUC is seen in Elizabeth Street with a 550 working on May 14th.

Another Edwards Levante III BV71GVK is seen in Buckingham Palace Road with a 507 working on May 10th.

Galloway Levante III BF68LCM is seen in Bulleid Way with a 482 working on May 10th.

Godward Irizar AC19PGC is seen in Elizabeth Street with a 540 working on May 13th.

Selwyns Levante III BF21DCX is seen in Elizabeth Street with a 540 working on May 13th.

Levante III SH245 is seen in Elizabeth Street with an A1 working on May 14th.

Jack Cooper

Tri-axle Levante Oxford 57 is seen in Gloucester Green with a 737 working on May 10th.

Jack Cooper

Pulhams are still operating the 15 and CC70BUS is seen in Stratton Way, Abingdon on May 12th. 

Gavin Francis

Red Eagle LJ08CZP which was former Abellio 8507 on May 15th working the 38 to Deeds Grove.
I thought this route had long gone !!

The second picture of the same bus when working for Abellio in Staines on February 7th 2019.

Seemingly having its Maylands branding removed, YX09FMK is seen in The Eden Bus Station on May 15th.

Gavin Francis

Seen in St Aldates on May 10th, YX10BGY was working a 275 service to High Wycombe. 

Gavin Francis

Non route branded Gold 10996 is seen in Frideswide Square, Oxford with an S6 on May 14th.

Gavin Francis

I wondered that 10441 had not been working recently so maybe here's the answer. Recovery on May 17th.

Gold luxury for Blackbird Leys, 10782 seen in St Aldates with a number 1 on May 14th.

E300 27705 with an S4 working in Oxford on May 9th.

I question what is happening with 27703 which has yet to work an Oxford route since it left West on April 13th and 28744 which had been out of service since May 12th ???

Jack Cooper

Unusually away from the 10, 12002 is seen with a number 1 in Park End Street on May 9th.

Gavin Francis

Astromega 50272 seen in St Aldates arriving from London on May 17th. Note the Pride livery!

The last of the tube Panoramas 50444 seen in St Aldates on May 17th.
Why is the Oxford so small ??????????????????????????????
It used to be much larger and clearer.

Although 50268 is here and 50284 has not been used in service since April 21st, it has been suggested that more of the withdrawn Astromegas are to return to Oxford. 

Gavin Francis

Last featured in Gloucester Green Gavin caught up with 54280 in Bulleid Way on May 10th.

Prospect operate this Irizar i6S YT71GHD, for megabus seen in Elizabeth Street on May 10th.

This VDL is operated by Watts for megabus with WJ17EZK seen in Bulleid Way , London on May 10th. 

London operators

A  new special list has been created to capture all the vehicles* that are carrying special liveries for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, just put LIST JUB in the VF search box.|list%20jub

This list will work across all three VF mode - LDN, LRT and RVF.

Gavin Francis

... captured the VCS departure board on May 13th.

Andrew Webb

The first of TfL's eight long awaited buses with a special livery to mark HM The Queen's Platinum Jubilee took to the roads of the capital this week. 

Arriva's EA1 is one such vehicle, seen on 14 May approaching Clapham Junction whilst on its habitual route 319.

Water and electricity are usually mix, any contact maybe causing a few sparks to fly!  Maybe this is why Evian have chosen BYD electric double deckers to launch a fizzy version with the strap line 'We've added sparkles.' 

Metroline's BDE2637 is one recipient of the advert, seen on 14 May at Monument
as it waits to turn onto London Bridge on the final leg of a journey on route 17.

Wizz Air are promoting cheap fares with this attractive colour scheme on New Routemasters. 

LT515 shows the offside advert as it leaves Tottenham Court Road on route 19,
whilst LT477 displays the nearside as it circumnavigates Sloane Square on route 137.

13 years after being banished from the capital's streets, a bendy bus has returned to service in London on rail replacement duties. 

Now owned by Rail Replacement Hire, former Stagecoach 23065 is seen departing Clapham Junction on 14 May
 with a South Western Railway replacement service to Kew Bridge. 

At first glance the livery is similar to that worn by bendy buses in Coventry, although it is actually that of Beaver Bus in Leicestershire. 

Grahame Wareham's weekly contribution to this section.

Firstly apologies, I failed to send you an image of 202 with the Morrell's unibus advertising, although I referred to it in the text. I have included it with this consignment. 

The current 202 is seen with a good load on May 14th by Gavin Francis.

The last of the post war Guy Arab II 6LW's, originally A203, but seen here in Gloucester Green as renumbered L121 JWL926, which was the only one to have its destination box rebuilt. The rather angular utility body design and large bench seats on the upper deck makes you realise how good we have it today with low floor buses..................although I know which I prefer! 

203 UBX47 Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 with Weymann L44/31F lowbridge bodywork featured in a few views of its 5 year stay in Oxford. The lowbridge bodies on these Atlanteans from South Wales was interesting as there was a step up on both decks to compensate for the step up of the chassis over the rear axle, so whilst the lower deck seating arrangement was normal it was the last few rows of the upper deck seating which featured a nearside sunken gangway and bench seating. 203, like its sisters 201, 204, 206, 208,210 & 211 all managed to receive NBC corporate poppy red repaints before withdrawal, despite being the subject of rapid replacement by the new lightweight Fords that were being delivered around that time.


The final images of this bus shows it with Georges of Coventry, who at the same time acquired one of the ex. East Midland similarly bodied buses 145ENN that had been on loan to COMS for a short period prior to withdrawal. The pictures of 203 with Georges (Slides 4089 and 4090) show it still in poppy red livery over a makeshift pit with a battered front. I reattach them and 145ENN with East Midland on hire to COMS and with Georges, Coventry whilst on a PH parked in Cowley.


Leyland Olympian ONLXB/1R/ECW 203 VJO203X is shown in two views operating within London having both been used on service to the capital, as was a regular occurrence when they were fairly new. With a good turn of speed 60+ mph, fully automatic gearbox and air suspension I can say that it wasn't much slower than a coach and with a capacity of 75 could certainly shift some people! After a multitude of different advertising liveries 203 had the benefit of interior refurbishment, retrim and a few years on Park & Ride duties. Upon withdrawal in August 1999 it was to have found a new home with Whippet of Fenstanton, along with 212, but their preference for Titan 950 meant that it went to the next on the sales list, which was Brylaine of Wyberton near Boston. They happily took 203 plus one of the ex. LCBS Roe bodied examples from High Wycombe, 980 TPD128X. 203 later passed to Emblings, Guyhirn, Cambs in September 2007 and later still to Gauge of Chingford in April 2009. It has since been presumed to be scrapped but you never know!

203 when new and then in various advertising liveries.

The present 203 from Jack Cooper seen on May 9th in Oxford.

Michael Wadman

ALX 400 when almost new on April 10th 2004 in Gloucester/

In Uni livery of the time, 17729 seen in Cheltenham on May 8th 2004.

Dart 33510 is seen in Cheltenham on October 16th 2004.

Often referred to as "sheds" 32236 came from London and is seen in Cheltenham on  November 11th 2004. had just started operations when this ex Hong Kong Olympian was seen in Gloucester on November 29th 2004.

32236 seen in Cheltenham again on December 8th 2004.

MMany thanks to Michael for another interesting selection of pictures. Ed. 

Gordon Scott from North of the Border

Shots taken today on a very wet day on May 16th in West End Edinburgh

Stagecoach Bluebird 54257 - YX65 ZKT Volvo B11R Plaxton Elite i on M92
Perth to Edinburgh
when new was in Black Buchan livery based at Stagecoach Buchan depot.

50262 - BHZ 9542 ex OW14 LKA, was new as T44 UBE Oxford Tube Van Hool Astromega TDX27
seen on M90 Edinburgh to Perth based at Stagecoach Perth depot.

Edinburgh Bus Station 

50447 - YX21NNJ Volvo B11R Plaxton Panorama seen on 909 Stirling to Edinburgh,
was one of ten transferred to Scottish Citylink from Oxford Tube, Stagecoach Perth depot based.