Issue nr. 219
Wednesday, September 7th 2022


An issue with variation this week but much focused on our local areas. In addition we have interesting articles as mentioned below.

Gavin Francis has provided part one of his driving years, Arriva talk about their strike on September 5th and 6th when some services did operate in spite of the industrial relations problem

Amersham held a Heritage Day on September 4th and Andrew Webb caught up with this event.

We have the latest fleet list from Arriva the Shires etc. plus some interesting transfers between Aylesbury, High Wycombe and Milton Keynes.

Changes are recorded in High Wycombe and Oxford with a whole variation for a number of services.

Grahame Wareham catches up with COMS 219 assisted by several contributors and your Editor.

We have a most interesting letter from Tony Bungay regarding upcoming fare limitations being proposed in England.

Finally Andrew Webb visited Warrington and Ensign Bus have provided their latest sales movements. 

40 years of driving buses and coaches
by Gavin Francis

Sunday, August 21st 2022 was a red letter day for me in that it was probably the last time I ever drove a bus or coach in service after passing my test over 40 years previous.

When I left school in 1968 I entered the printing industry as an apprentice compositor but had always had an interest in the bus and coach industry originally collecting bus numbers and then moving into photography so I decided in 1981 I would try and obtain a PSV licence although I was not working in the industry.

On a Tuesday morning I arrived at Big Wheelers Training School in Reading and along with two others neither of whom worked for bus and coach companies we started our training.

The bus was former Burnley, Colne and Nelson 260 a Leyland PD2 with front entrance East Lancs body.

We each drove the bus for an hour in the morning and then again in the afternoon. This was repeated on the Wednesday and at 09.00 on the Thursday morning I was first up to take my test which I am pleased to say I passed. The other 2 followed and they both passed so by lunchtime after only just over 48hrs after starting training I was able to go out and carry real people.

I knew that the licence was always there as a back up should anything go wrong in the printing industry and in December 1982 I left the job I had with the intention of moving to another but this did not happen and I was out of work.

I decided to go into Jeffways Coaches office which at that time was where Tesco's at Loudwater is now to see if they needed anybody and it was a case of start tomorrow so for the following 3 months I did mainly morning and afternoon school contracts.

Jeffways fleet at that time consisted of Bedford's with a variety of bodies. These were hardly the most suitable coaches to use in the Wycombe area because of their low powered engines and it was quite normal to have to change into 1st gear on the very steep hills encountered not something I looked forward to with a full load of passengers.

I think the first coach I ever drove in service was XFC77R a Duple bodied Bedford.

At end of March 1983 I went back to the printing industry but was asked by the manager at Jeffways if I would work part-time for them at weekends which I did for that summer.

Bedford's HWP172N, JRY567V, KGP 541T,

DAF Plaxton Viewmaster WNR116X and former London Buses MD 82

Jeffways then ended operations in Wycombe and so for the next three summers I drove for the Cityrama London Sightseeing part of Limebourne Coaches. They like most London tour operators were using ex-London DMS class buses which were very smooth easy buses to drive. They did also have some old VRs which had no power steering and were very sluggish to drive. Compared to the DMS after driving one of these in London all day every bone in your body ached. Another interesting bus they had was ex-Devon General Atlantean 933 GTA. Unlike now sightseeing operators tended to use open toppers in the summer and closed top in the winter. This arrangement was never suitable as nobody could see anything as the windows used to steam up most of the time so now it is open top all year round.

Ex Devon General 933, Ex-london Buses DM 1773,

Ex-London Buses DMS 2104 (note Oxford Tube coach in background)

XWX383G Ex-West Yorkshire Roadcar.

(all pictures from Paul Bateson except the VR which is mine)

In the late 1980s Jeffways returned to Wycombe in the form of Heyfordian with the same management team so I went back to them and spent the next 17 summers working part-time there. By now the quality of the coaches had greatly improved my favourite by far being the Bova Europa.

Driving these compared to Bedford's was like chalk and cheese. They had powerful engines at the back which made them very quiet inside, they had a high driving position for good visibility and they had side lockers for easy loading of luggage. 

7209RU Drove this coach many miles at the weekends mainly on coastal runs.

2705TD The Bova Europa was a great coach to drive, at Wycombe we had similar3078RA

2622NU This little Toyota Caetano was a lovely small coach, a great step up from the Ford Transits we had before.

All these pictures from Mike Penn

In 2004 at the age of 52 I had a decision to make, should I carry on still putting ink on paper after 36 years or should I have a complete change and move into the passenger carrying industry. Because my last job in printing was in South-East London I drove along the A40 every day and had watched with interest the progress of The Oxford Tube. I seem to recall seeing a Duple Laser on the M40 on the very first day the service ran and I must admit I thought it would never last with an established operator already on the route.

The decision was made and in March 2004 I applied to Stagecoach Oxford to become a driver with them. I was accepted and in June 2004 I left the printing industry and began my career with Stagecoach firstly on local buses and then within three months moving to The Oxford Tube.

To be continued… 

This provides an interesting insight into coach driving as readers will have realised. Ed. 


Update on strike action in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire

"Despite further negotiations with our Union partners today, we are extremely disappointed for all our customers to confirm that industrial action will take place across the Region on Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th September. 

Arriva remains committed to resolving the industrial action and continues encourage Unite to ballot on this latest pay offer. We will continue to keep our customers and stakeholders updated, we apologise for the inconvenience this will cause across the region, particularly as our schools return for a new academic year."

The link above will show that some services did operate mainly in conjunction with schools. Ed.

Amersham Heritage Day 2022
by Andrew Webb

The annual heritage day in Old Amersham took place on September 4th.  Several Routemasters recreated route 362 linking the event with Chesham Broadway, recalling the days when green buses were prevalent in the area. 

RML2456, RML2440 and RML2412 all carry different interpretations of the green livery carried at different times. 

RM1962 is in the traditional London red.  All are seen at Chesham Broadway ready to return to Old Amersham.

Old Amersham is at the bottom of a fairly lengthy hill from new Amersham which is the main railway station for the town and one of the furthest extremities of the London Underground.  Route 353 supported the 362 by providing additional buses 'up the hill'. 

RMC1461 is seen in Old Amersham ready to depart. 

Whilst its current livery recalls its time spent working on the X15 in the east end of London, it started life as a Green Line coach and might have visited Amersham in this role.  

At the other end of the route is DMS1, doyen of the much maligned (in London) DMS class. 

The advert refers to the attempt to brand these buses as 'Londoner' , building on the success of the Routemaster brand of its predecessor.  Both buses carry a 'lazy' blind. 

Both routes are captured in Old Amersham as RML2456 and RMC1461 prepare to descend the hill.

A third route, 336, provided a link from the Chalfonts. 

RM848 is seen in New Amersham heading for the heritage day.

I confess to not remembering that this event was on and so am grateful to Andrew for recording the day. Ed. 

     Fleet News and developments   

Latest allocation list courtesy Simon Mathieson, Area Director.

Arriva fleet lists/1 - Arriva South Fleet List P8 2022.xlsx

This does not reflect the changes mentioned below. Ed.

Matt Robinson

There was a three way exchange of buses between some of the Bucks depots over the previous weekend. 

Aylesbury to Milton Keynes: VDLs 3729, 3796, 3797 and 3798. 

Milton Keynes to High Wycombe: Volvo B9TLs 4210, 4211, 4212 and 4217. 

High Wycombe to Aylesbury: Mercedes Citaros 3011, 3021, 3023 and 3032. 

This is not the first “3729” to work in Milton Keynes; the fleet number previously being allocated to VDL SB120/Wright Cadet KX54AVE. 

The changes have taken place to accommodate service changes coming up on September 4th.

Gavin Francis

StreetLite 2318 seen around Wycombe on August 31st working route 32.

Showing off its' new coat of colours in Oxford Street on August 31st, StreetLite 2326.

MCV 2790 also seen in Oxford Street working a 33 service on September 3rd.

Citaros 3008 and 3024 seen working local service in Oxford Street on August 31st.

Three days later, 3021 is seen working the 300 and 3027 the 31 from Oxford Street on September 3rd.
Wonder how long it will be before Arriva remove the branding for route 1?

Scania 3506 is seen in Frogmoor with a 30 service followed by the same bus with a 37 in Oxford Street on September 3rd.

Loan replacing buses away for repaint, 3812 is seen in Oxford Street on September 3rd.

Citaro 3921 is seen in Oxford Street still showing off a branding which should have been remove - September 3rd.

Citaro 3925 with 1 branding working the 1A in Oxford Street on August 31st.


Recent arrival in Wycombe 4211 is seen working a 33 service on August 31st and then back in June 2020
back in Milton Keynes then its home depot.

4217 seen in Oxford Street with a 41 service on September 3rd and then  in Milton Keynes on June 15h 2020.

4748 also working the 33 is seen in Oxford Street on August 31st.

Although most of Arriva the Shires was on strike, 5467 is seen in High Street on September 5th with a 280 service. 

Tony Bungay

During the recent strike. so while perhaps not the best photos, I have tried to be as discrete as possible, as well as respecting the rights of the union members. September 4th and 5th.

Two photos of the Garage as well as a more prominent gathering on the side of the nearby road, to promote their cause, and they are getting reasonable shows of support from passing vehicles.


When I first did a trip to the garage, a Wright Streetlite, couldn’t get a photo so fleet number unknown, but it carried the name Ravi Akthar turned up and was let in, also when I passed the Bus Station later there were two E400 Sapphires parked up.

Today about a similar time to yesterday there was a fair amount of activity with vehicles coming in and going out on the 280, as shown by an Oxford bound 3816, typically the destination has not shown.

As well as 5466 having just arrived on the X30.

Also shown quite a large line up in the Bus Station of E400 Sapphires.

Thanks for these interesting pictures. 

Gavin Francis

Jubilee celebrating 63313 is seen in Oxford Street with an X74 on September 3rd.

Gavin  Francis

The day before Arriva takes over the 36, 217 is seen in Oxford Street on September 3rd.

Scanias 242 seen with a service 1 and  244 with a 39 working on September 3rd.

Recent repaint 407 is seen in Oxford Street with a 101 on September 3rd.

Sprinters 974 with a 34 and 978 with a 27 on August 31st. 

Bob Chalmers

Some info on the new timetable/route changes in Abingdon. The new 'Oxford Bus' X1 service seems to be mainly operated by displaced 'purple' Park & Ride buses (however saw newly red reliveried 602 on it this morning). It appears to be interlinked with the 4A service from Oxford to Botley, as well as the new 34 service from Oxford to Harwell.

The extended 33 service to Oxford now seems to be operated by TT single deck Citaro's. 

The New 13 (ex 35) service uses predominantly the Teal Green liveried buses but I got an unusual shot of 301 on it this morning.

I caught the 20.06 service from Stratton Way back to Beverly Close last night - but instead of turning right into Dunmore Road, the bus then went straight on through Wootton and then right at Whitecross up Foxcombe Hill to rejoin its correct route!! Teething problems I guess but definitely a big improvement for many in North Abingdon. 

Acquired new printed X1 timetables this morning too. Just needs the info/timetables at the bus stops updated now as a few passengers I saw did seem a bit confused by the changes - hopefully this will be done shortly. Early days yet but loadings looked encouraging.

Herewith a couple more new pictures taken this morning (Tuesday, September 6th)  in Ock Street Abingdon. 

359 heading towards Oxford and newly reliveried 602 heading towards Wantage.

Heavy traffic causing many delays this morning mainly due to single carriageway in the High Street (opposite the main bus stops) causing a back up over Abingdon Bridge 'one way' traffic lights - causing the outbound traffic towards Culham to back up around the whole town centre. Little hope of all the Abingdon services keeping to any sort of timetable during morning rush hour especially now the schools are back!!

908 on a X2 to Oxford.

675 on a X1 to Wantage.

Gavin Francis

Gavin spent time in Oxford a few days ago and obtained some excellent pictures showing Oxford Bus heading for the Autumn of 2022. Ed.

One time Hybrid flagship 301 is seen with 13 road working in St Aldates on September 5th.

311 is seen working the 5A on September 5th.

351 and 353 are seen with 13 road workings on September 5th.

355 along with 360 and 361 are working the 3 road services on September 5th.

364 seen Speedwell Street with a 15 road working on September 5th.

By September 5th the new order for the 400 is seen in Thornhill with 371 one of the workings.

369, 372 and 373 are seen working the service on September 5th.

E400MMCs are also involved with the 400 as 609, 612 and 614 show above on September 5th.

601 is working X3 when seen in High Street on September 5th.

654 is at Queens Lane with a 5 road service on September 5th.

Displaced from the  400, 676 and 677 are seen in St Aldates with the  revised X1 service on September 5th.

The 4A is also treated to the comfort of a Park & Ride bus, 679 is seen in St Aldates on September 5th.

The High hosts two StreetDecks, 682 and 685 are bright in the sun on September 5th with 15 road services.

686 and 690 show off the 8/9 colours in The High on September 5th.

Often used for the 11  above 840 is working the 11X on September 5th.

Working 11 road, 846 is seen in St Aldates on September 5th.

903 is working the X3 when seen on September 5th.

Jack Cooper

.... also caught up with some of the changes.

301 and 309 are seen with 35 road services inn Radley on Saturday September 3rd.

Working the 4A 368 is seen at the bottom of Park End Street on August 29th.

With a dreaming spires backdrop, 654 is seen heading for Oxford Station with a 5 road service on August 29th.

375 and 614 are seen working 400 road on September 4th.

660 is working the new X1 in Grove on September 4th.

677 is seen in Wantage with an X1 working on September 4th.

Gavin Francis

Interdeck 68 is seen in Oxford heading for Heathrow on September 5th.

Still proclaiming the X90 in its registration 71 is seen returning to Oxford at Thornhill Park & Ride on September 5th.

Jack Cooper

38 and 71 are seen in Gloucester Green on August 29th. 

Jack Cooper

Very busy due a sunny day, 203 is seen at the bottom of Park End Street on August 29th. 

Gavin Francis

connector branded 230 is seen in Oxford with an X32 service on September 5th. 

Jack Cooper

Citaro 855 is seen in the last days of TT operating the X1 in Abingdon on September 2nd.

Mercedes 875 is seen bearing its latest livery working the 34 on September 2nd. 

Jack Cooper

Birmingham based Levante 233 is seen in Oxford's High Street with 210 working on September 5th. 

Gavin Francis

JW16BUS is waiting time in Oxford's High Street on September 5th.

The 130 sees variety above MX61BAO and YK12DKA seen in Wycombe on September 3rd. 

Gavin Francis

E200 YX10BGY (the regular for the 275) seen in  Oxford's The High on September 5th. 

It would appear that 10687 has left Witney maybe back to Swindon. 

Jack Cooper

Gold MMC 10985 is seen in Gloucester Green on August 29th. 

Gavin Francis

MMC 10671 is seen at Queens Lane with an 8 working on September 5th.

Gold 10780 is seen working service 700 at Thornhill on September 5th.

Gold MMC 10787 with a route 1 working on September 5th.

Still looking clean and tidy Hybrid 12012 is seen in The High working the 10 on September 5th.

E200 36933 is seen in High Street working the 10 on September 5th.

Jack Cooper

MMC 10440 is seen in Park End Street on August 31st.

Gold 15934 is seen in Magdalen Street East working route 2 on August 29th. 

A surprise notice has appeared in Oxford as caught by Gavin Francis.

Can anyone advise about this suspension ?

Gavin Francis

Panorama 50427 is seen at Queens Lane heading for London on September 5th.

Jack Cooper

Panoramas 50430, 50434 and 50441 are seen Gloucester Green on August 29th.
Of note are the missing wheel trims on 50430 spoiling the overall appearance.

     London operations    

 Luxury British footwear and accessories brand have launched their second overall advert campaign of 2022. 

LT733 is one recipient of the wrap, seen at Marble Arch on September 3rd.

The offside version of the advert is seen on Abellio's LT692 as it calls at a gloomy Waterloo on 4 September. 
In contrast to other New Routemasters which have carried numerous adverts, this is the first carried by this bus. 

Grahame Wareham

COMS 219 CUD219Y was delivered in October 1982 having had to be brought forward in ECW's bodying programme due to complications with 215 which was going to be delayed until the last six vehicles in December. It received both OBS red liveries before becoming a Park & Ride dedicated bus in March 1995 and turning green. Like the other P&R Olympians it was down-seated and a larger luggage space incorporated in place of the nearside front wheel arch seat but reverted back to full seating capacity after a short while.


Sold along with 215 to Strafford of Coedpath, Wrexham in June 1999 it spent eight years ferrying school kids and majorettes around the North Wales area until sold to Carver, Ellesmere Port in July 2007 spending another six years on similar work and finally with Kids Raise the Roof, Ballymena, Northern Ireland September in 2013. Straffords had previously operated ex. COMS Bristol VRT 105 NUD105L for a number of years so had kept in touch with the Company when the Olympians were due to be disposed fact most of the Olympians were sold this way. I very rarely had to advertise commercially..................."one careful owner never raced but occasionally seen at rallies"!!


Andy Churchill

Leyland Olympian 219 (CUD219Y) taken turning into Cornmarket Street on route 502 to the rail station (now route 5 ) and seen in full NBC livery.

Leyland Olympian 219 (CUD219Y) new to coms in 10/1982 and is seen here at the top of Cornmarket Street
on Park&Ride route 300 heading to Redbridge looking pretty spick and span on a nice sunny day.

Malcolm Crowe

Another one of my early drives was indeed 219 seen at Thornhill in late 1999.

Now Gavin and Nigel bring us up to date with the 10 plate ADL 400 delivered in 2010.

Gavin Francis

219 in 2011 and 2013 serving Oxford.

By February 2017 the bus had moved to High Wycombe with Carousel.

In March and April it still lacked any branding.

By September 2017 the bus had gained a new livery for the X80 but seen in Stokenchurch working the 40.

Then by June 2019 219 had returned to Oxford once again lacking branding.

In January 2021 it had returned to  Carousel seen here working the 101.

Nigel Peach

I attach a picture of the current 219 - you may want to use this in your next issue. Photo was taken in January last year.

219 was climbing Treadaway Hill from Loudwater to Flackwell Heath in 2021,
when the bus was back with Carousel for a few months.

An Editors memory

Malcolm Crowe

Back in the day Stagecoach Oxford ran the Brookes service. Above is one of the buses used in 1999.

Tony Bungay

 I expect you have heard the latest scheme for next year, the £2.00 maximum single fare in England for I think 3 months. As an outsider my initial thoughts are, is it likely to make the financial plight of the Bus companies worse rather than better? By that I mean are they going to receive the full reimbursement of the fare they would have charged?

An example, I recently took some trips on Transdev Yorkshire Coastliner services, One trip York to Pickering I was charged £17.00 return, by that logic next year I can do the same journey for £2.00 each way, which means does the company get the other £13.00 in this instance, and assuming single fares are usually more an even bigger amount!

I am sure some other readers may have looked into this scheme in more detail, whereas I am commenting more at face value.

Of course another problem that will quite likely happen, as was the case when the free Bus travel concessionary scheme was introduced, that of over crowding! So will passengers in some places be left at stops, or will operators have to put on more vehicles!!

Perhaps a better course would have been to improve the reimbursement paid to operators for the free travel, as this has been a bone of contention from day one, and I think it would not be to controversial to say that before the Covid pandemic this may have been a possible cause in the deregistering of what had been commercially operated services. 

Also although out of this area, the CT Plus operation in Bristol has ceased, this of course follows on top of the original London operation being acquired by Stagecoach. 

I also have wondered about this situation and wonder if any readers also have comments to make? Ed. 

Andrew Webb visits Warrington

Warrington is one of only eight towns in the UK to retain a municipally owned bus operator, trading as 'Warrington's Own Buses' and serving a network radiating from a modern bus station providing direct access to one of the town's main shopping malls.  The company celebrates 120 years of operation this year and proudly displays this message on many buses, including this Wright Volvo B7RLE, one of a batch acquired from Transdev. 

The latest livery is blue and red, not dissimilar to Go South Coast's 'More' livery in Bournemouth where they have replaced much of the network operated by Bournemouth Transport who ceased trading days after reaching their own 120th birthday. 

The red and blue livery replaced a red and cream livery which survives on some of the oldest buses in the fleet, a batch of Wright Cadet bodied VDLs. 

76 still wears the old livery as it leaves the bus station, whilst 82 arrives in the opposite direction in the current livery.

Other single deckers in the fleet are Enviro 200s with both 'classic' and MMC bodies.  Many of the classic design have been pre loved purchases, such as SN11FFL which started life operated by Hatts Travel on Park and Ride services in Salisbury.  When this operator collapsed it passed to Ensign who used it on their Thurrock network before selling it for further service in Warrington. 

It is seen when virtually brand new in Salisbury on 1 September 2011,

then at Lakeside on 6 December 2014 when part of the Ensign fleet. 

The final view shows it leaving Warrington bus station on 27 August. 

Some services which reach beyond the town's boundary are branded 'Cheshire Cat' using an orange and blue livery on a batch of MMC bodied Enviro 200s with appropriate cherished registrations. 

201 leaves the bus station, complete with grinning cat on the destination display. 

Warrington also operates a handful of Optare Versas in both diesel and hybrid formats. 

An example of the latter version is 103 which carries a blue based livery.

Double deckers feature in the fleet and are used on all day routes. 

The main type are Enviro 400 Tridents from First London and Metroline,
including former TE828 seen arriving at Warrington bus station on 27 August.

It was ready to work a special service to the Creamfields Festival being held on the nearby Daresbury estate. 

The most modern deckers in the fleet are two Enviro 400 City purchased from fellow municipal Blackpool in 2019. 

304 is one of the pair, seen at the bus station. 

Warrington currently operate from a depot on the edge of the town centre, where three vehicles are seen parked on 27 August.  As part of a radical change to the company's operations this is being replaced by a brand new depot capable of operating electric vehicles.  When opened the intention is to replace the entire fleet with electric vehicles. 

These will not be the first electric buses to operate in the town.

Arriva use some on route 7, one of which is seen arriving at the town's bus station with a service from Liverpool.

New Arriva buses have been a rarity in recent years as parent company DB have considered selling the operations.  Liverpool has bucked the trend and received some Wright StreetDecks. 

4718 looks smart as it arrives at its destination with a journey on route 14 on 27 August. 

Former Arriva London DW75 is now with Presidential Travel who have repainted it into a cream livery to tap into the lucrative wedding market. 

On 27 August it was on just such a duty, seen on St James Street awaiting the return of the happy couple and their guests. 

It wasIt was accompanied by FTF702F, an East Lancs Titan which started life with Ramsbottom UDC in 1967.

An excellent piece from Andrew which is most informative. Ed. 

July and August as follows at Purfleet :  


From First Essex : Volvo B7RLE’s MX05CCA / CDF / CFE / CCN   Tridents LN51GOA / VX54MTV  / MUB / LK53EYR 

From Go Ahead London : Volvo B7RLE YX54FWM    E200s  YN08DMY / SK07DZM 

From Brighton and Hove : Mercedes Citaros  BP57UYG / BD57WDK   

From Translink : Scania K400s LFZ8051 / 8054 / 8056 

From Uno Buses : Scania’s UH55UNO / UJ55UNO / UL55UNO. 

From Nu-venture : Trident LX04FZB 

From Whippet Coaches : E200s KX57FMF / MX59ZCL. 

From  McNairns Coaches  :  E200s L8/9XEL 

From RATP London : Scania’s YT09ZCN / ZCO / BJX / YT59RYD / RYG / RYH / RXU / RYW  / SFN / SGZ / FYS / FYZ / FZF 

From First Halifax : Volvo B7TL’s YU52VYP / VYR / WU02KVT / KVO / YN54XUV / YN53EOA / KP51WBK / YN53EFJ   Volvo B7RLE’s YJ54XVX / YJ05KOH / KNW / MX06VPG 

From First Potteries : Scania YN05HCY. 

From Yellow Buses Bournemouth : Scania Y8YEL   Volvo B9TL’s HF11HCX / HCV / HCU / HCP / HCO   GX09ZZS / ZZT / ZZU / ZZV / ZZW   BX12CVO    Volvo B7TLs YBZ223 / 224 / 233 / 434 / 636 / 838 / 939    LF55CYX / CYV   HF05HNC / HNB / HNA    HF04JWL / JWK / JWJ / JWE / JWD / JWG    HF03ODW / ODV / ODU / ODT / ODS / ODR     E200s YX65RGY / RGZ   YX61EMV / OU08AYG / HF57BKN / KX07ODY / AY07CUA / GN07FDE   StreetLites  HF14BXA / BWZ / BWY / BWW / BWX / BWU / BWP / BWO BWN / BWM   HF13FZT / FZS / FZR / FZP / FZO / FZN / FZM / FZL.     Mercedes Sprinters Y13YEL / B9YEL / Y11YEL / Y6YEL / C8YEL. 

From Nottingham City Transport : Scanias YT61GOU / GOK / GOX / GPE / GPX / GPY / GPZ / FFH / FFJ / FFK / FFL   E200s YX13BNU / BNV / YX63LJE. 


E200s L8/9XEL : Galleon Travel, Stansted. 

Scania YN05HCY : Hardwicks, Barnsley. 

Scania’s UH55UNO / UJ55UNO / UL55UNO : A2B travel , Cambridge. 

E200s KX57FMF / MX59ZCL : Avondale Coaches  , Glasgow. 

Scania’s YR59RYW / YT09ZCN : Manchester City Tours . 

Volvo B7TLs YU52VYR / WU02KVT : Linburg Tours, Sheffield. 

E400 LK08NVD : Cardinal Buses, Addlestone. 

E200s YX65RGY / RGZ  : Chalkwell, Sittingbourne. 

Volvo B7TL’s HF03ODR / ODT / ODW / ODV : Squarepeg Buses, Leeds. 

Volvo B7TL’s YBZ223 / 224 : Go Ahead South Coast. 

Volvo B9R’s KX58NCE / NCN : New Adventure Travel, Cardiff. 

Volvo B7TL YBZ434 : Lynx Buses, Kings Lynn. 

Scania LX59CRV : Wealden PSV , Five Oak Green, Kent. 

Volvo B7RLE YJ07PCF : A-Line Coaches, Gateshead. 

E200s GN58LVA / BUP / BUU / GN08CHG : HGV Training, W1. 

Scania YT59SFX / RYO : City Tours, Belfast. 

Scania LFZ8052 : BarkerBus, Roydon, Herts 

Solo MX53FEF : Little Jims Buses, Berkhamstead, Herts. 

Volvo B7TL LX54GZF : SWB Motorsport, Wombleton, York. 

Scania LFZ8051 : Aintree Coaches. 

E200 YN08DMY : National Driving Centre, Croydon. 

Scania YN06TGY : MID Coaches , Crediton, Devon. 

Scania NK56KKH : Xquisite PR Ltd, Merstham, Surrey. 

Volvo B7TL HF04JWD : Bournemouth Aviation Charitable Foundation, Christchurch. 

Scania LFZ8053 : Hairy Haggis Tours , Shotts, Scotland. 

Volvo B9TLs BN61MXM / MXY / MYA / MXR / MXU / MXJ / BG61SXK : Stotts Tours, Oldham. 

E400 LJ09OKO : Nu-Venture, Maidstone. 

Volvo B7RLE BK13NZT : Happy Als, Liverpool. 

E400s LJ59LXP / LYS / LZD / LXT : First Essex. 

Scanias YT61FFH / FFJ / FFK / FFL : Redfern Travel, Mansfield. 

Scania YT61GOK : Sleafordian Coaches, Sleaford, Lincs. 

Volvo B9TL’s HF11HCX / HCV / HCU / HCP / HCO   GX09ZZS / ZZT / ZZU / ZZV / ZZW   Mercedes Sprinters Y13YEL / B9YEL / Y11YEL / Y6YEL / C8YEL : Xelabus, Eastleigh. 

The following all to Shelton Motors for scrap :   

Solos : MX03YDD / VU52UES   Merc Cheetah BX09SOU   Volvo B7TLs YN53EOA / LF52WVM / KP51WBK / WU02KVO  

Mercedes Citaros  BP57UYG / BD57WDK   

Volvo B7L YX54FWM / EU05AUP  

Volvo B7RLE MX05CCN / CFE / CDF / CDV / CFJ  

E400 LX56ETZ / E200 LK07DZM  

Tridents LX04FZB / LN51GOA / VX54MTV / VX54MUB / LK53EYR