These have been a busy few weeks with numerous events to record. This week I include further pictures from SHOWBUS and Gavin Francis has provided a few pictures from last weekend's Chesham Running Day. There were some excellent London buses there bringing reminders of days gone! Next Sunday sees the celebrations for Banbury 1919-2019 with Midland Red through to Stagecoach.

Also reported in this issue are the results of the Route One awards for Operator Excellent 2019. I am delighted to note that two local operators won awards which you can see below.

Details are now to hand regarding the 21 new buses for Witney depot of Stagecoach and as a comparison I can show photos of one of their Gold 10 plate buses in its new livery and home area.


We hope to see you there.

Chesham Running Day

The Amersham and Chesham Running Day held their traditional running day, which this year was on Sunday 6th October. Once again, based in The Broadway, operating a selection of routes radiating out to local towns and villages, using traditional London buses from 1950's '60s and '70s. As mentioned above Gavin Francis has provided some excellent pictures of the buses involved. I think the pictures are self explanatory.









Now I am sure you will all agree that the turnout was excellent and the presentation a delight to behold. Well done to all concerned. 

Route One Awards 2019

Results from operators in our area.


Large operator
Manager of the year

Arriva Luton & Arriva Milton Keynes

Large operator of the year
over 150 vehicles


Seen in the picture are l to r:  the hosts, Phil Southall, Luke Marion, Andy Morison, Keith Green of Oxford Bus & Tim Deakin from Route One.

The winners are shown in the pictures above by courtesy of Route One

More from SHOWBUS 2019

As many of you realised I was going to be overwhelmed with pictures and I hope no one was offended if I did not use your contributions.

Charles Powell writes "Just thought I would send you a couple of pictures of my entry into Showbus this year.
It’s one of our 100 seat Optare Olympus coaches, XDG 614. It was to Doig’s of Glasgow as PN10FNP in 2010."

Todmorden Leyland TS6 at Showbus by Graham Low.

Gordon Scott provided some nice pictures of entries arriving.


An interesting line up from Metroline.

Todmorden is not a very large place but had significant Leyland representation.

I hope readers have appreciated some very nice further pictures.

Malta visit by Marcus Lapthorn

We recently spent a week in Malta and photographed a number of the restored old Maltese buses. I have also included a photo’ of a restored car and an old lorry still in service.

MHY 009: chassis dates from 1952; restored 2019.

MHY 021: built 1969; restored 2018.

MHY 003: Built 1966, restored 2015.

Other vehilces seen by Marcus are shown below. I had to look twice at thme small bus which would not have looked out of place with Arriva!

Now this what Malta was famous for, a Ford Thames bus, oh how many must long for times past!

Paul Bateson from Toronto

Paul has been busy with his camera at the depot from whence the City Sightseeing buses operate in Toronto! This link will show readers: https://city-sightseeing.com/en/13/toronto/15/hop-on-hop-off-toronto

All pictures taken by Paul on September 12th in Toronto, Canada.

A fine view of the yard with so many interesting vehicles on view.

I've concentrated on the ex US megabus Van Hools which are very interesting in where they are turning up.
Who would have imagined that these fine coaches would have ended their lives so?

Some of the Van Hools seem to have been used for parts to keep others runnning.

For those following London Routemasters, seen here are RM's 1651, 2206 and 2209.

Fleet news and developments

Tony Bungay
thought readers would be interested in this picture of 5460 working the X60 to Milton Keynes on September 30th.

Adam Green sent two further pictures involving the  transfer of Green Line services to Luton from Hemel Hempstead.

It was inevitable that the HH Van Hools would end up on the 757 as shown in the picture above by Adam Green.

757 branded 7005 is seen at Luton Interchange. The time is correct having checked www.bustimes.org

Gavin Francis also provided some pictures taken in London as seen below.

9002 with a correct 748  working arriving in London on September 30th.

That demonstrator YJ16EPX also seen arriving in London with a 758 service on October 1st.

Ciaran Bird caught a repaint in Oxford.

Surprisingly 3798 has lost its Sapphire livery replaced by new Arriva blue. Here working the X8 on October 2nd.

Fairly new Scania/Mobi coach ET19AET at Binders Yard on Sunday, September 29th by Gavin Francis

As previously recorded Carousel operated a special 1S service linking to SHOWBUS on September 29th.

On October 6th Gavin Francis recorded buses on service 1 in Hemel Hempstead which are shown below.

857 & 858 are seen at The Broadway, Chesham last Sunday. 859 was also on the service but the blinds did not come out!

On his way to Chesham, Gavin also took this picture at the depot of 404 looking a little dusty!

Still no sign of 941 and 222 is still hard at work in Wycombe. The two link40 MAN/E200's are seemingly running well on the service and have been very regular performers on this route in the last weeks. 

Following last week's news that the company is to withdraw the X90 from January 4th  2020, several questions are asked as to what will happen to the current X90 fleet? Sorry Guys I can't answer that one.

Interdecker 74 is seen turning into Elizabeth Bridge with an X90 service on October 8th by Gavin Francis.

Coach 40 with an X90 working at Thornhill on October 3rd by Gavin Francis. 

I am delighted that James Freeman managed to get a picture of 838 in its new guise.

I think it looks rather smart. Picture taken on September 30th at the depot.

Whilst James was at the depot he caught Brookes Bus 376 being towed away by Kardos. I wonder where it was going?

After some pictures of branded buses off route I am pleased to publish Gavin Francis's picture of 226 and 227 in the right place!
They do look rather smart I think and seen on October 3rd by Gavin Francis. 

Not many pictures of 961 appear, here it is in Magdalen Street East on October 3rd by Gavin Francis.

Citaro 882 working the 250 and seen in Magdalen Street East on October 8th by Gavin Francis.

Wright StreetDeck Park & Ride 669 - SK66HUJ worked a 5 road trip around 1845 on Friday, September 27th.  

Looking at www.bustimes.org  it would suggest that 453 and 511 have not been in service since September but I am sure this is incorrect ?

E200MMC 513 is seen working the ST2 in Broad Street on October 8th by Gavin Francis.

Gavin Francis has been busy recording National Express coaches during his working days.

Caetano II tri-axle BV17GPJ is seen heading round to departures on September 30th.

Bruce Coaches BV66WPE displays a very nice super rear during its break time in Gloucester Green on October 3rd.

Lucketts Caetano tri-axle BK67LNZ is seen with an 030 working on October 8th.

The new order of Caetano III tri-axle is represented by National Express's own BV19XOT with an A3 working on October 8th.

Many thanks to Gavin for those excellent pictures.

Gavin Francis caught up with the current type of bus working the 702 to Victoria.

GP livery 756 is seen with a 702 working on October 8th when it was diverted due to severe congestion in central London.

Gordon Scott visited reading whilst he was south of the border for SHOWBUS. He caught some interesting workings in the town shown below.

Pink 27 163 is seen working its branded route in Reading Centre on September 30th.

Two gas buses working their branded routes are 415 - route 7 and 432 - route 2 in Reading Centre on September 30th.

The 1 still sees a variety of liveries and above is 792 in all black (Newbury & District) in Reading Centre on September 30th.

Another non branded bus, 1114, with an X4 service to Bracknell in Reading Centre on September 30th.

E200 YX10FEB is seen with a 28 working in Stokenchurch on October 7th by Gavin Francis.

The new batch of buses for Witney are as shown in the table below. These will replace all 21 Gold buses now at Witney. Seating details would be appreciated. Chassis numbers will be posted in due course.

11233  SN69ZDP  AD E40D   AD K405/1  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11234  SN69ZDR  AD E40D   AD K405/2  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11235  SN69ZDS  AD E40D   AD K405/3  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11236  SN69ZDT  AD E40D   AD K405/4  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11237  SN69ZDU  AD E40D   AD K405/5  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11238  SN69ZDV  AD E40D   AD K405/6  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11239  SN69ZDW  AD E40D   AD K405/7  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11240  SN69ZDX  AD E40D   AD K405/8  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11241  SN69ZDY  AD E40D   AD K405/9  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11242  SN69ZDZ  AD E40D   AD K405/10  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11243  SN69ZFA  AD E40D   AD K405/11  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11244  SN69ZFB  AD E40D   AD K405/12  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11245  SN69ZFC  AD E40D   AD K405/13  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11246  SN69ZFE  AD E40D   AD K405/14  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11247  SN69ZFF  AD E40D   AD K405/15  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11248  SN69ZFG  AD E40D   AD K405/16  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11249  SN69ZFH  AD E40D   AD K405/17  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11250  SN69ZFJ  AD E40D   AD K405/18  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11251  SN69ZFK  AD E40D   AD K405/19  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11252  SN69ZFL  AD E40D   AD K405/20  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   
11253  SN69ZFM  AD E40D   AD K405/21  H??/??F  /2019  Thames Transit   

At the time of going to press a few of these buses appear to have arrived at Oxford.

Newly arrived 11234 seen at Horspath depot on October 10th by Gavin Francis.

Newly arrived 11236 seen at Horspath depot on October 10th by Gavin Francis. 

See under East Midlands for what is happening to the Witney 10 plates.

Gold E300 28745 is seen with a 500 service in Middleton Cheney on October 5th by Theo Freeman.

E200 36766 seen in Middleton on October 5th by Theo Freeman.

Normally seen these days on route 10, 12006 was caught by Ciaran Bird on October 1st working the Blackbird Leys service.

Enviro 400 19696 has now transferred from Cambridge to Peterborough.

Oxfordshire Scania/Enviro 400s will be joining this fleet is the repaint of 15612 in Interconnect livery. It has been used in service from Hull on special services for Hull Fair. We believe that around 12 vehicles from the Oxfordshire fleet are due here but we await confirmation on numbers and allocation although we expect them to go to Skegness.

Pictures of 15612 now in its new livery is shown
courtesy Daniel Dearing.
I think 15610 is the next one to appear with East Midlands.

Gavin Francis has taken a few useful pictures of megabus coaches as seen below.

Left hand drive Interdecker SG29 - 55024 seen by VCS with an M10  working on September 30th.

This time a left hand drive Van Hool SG33 - 55011 is seen with an M10 on October 8th.

Interdecker 54274 is seen with an M12 service heading to VCS ready to load on October 8th.

megabus are holding a launch, come and see their new coaches, next week Aberdeen and Dundee - on 16th Oct and Perth and Glasgow - on 17th! However 54212 and 54603 were seen in London on the 10th, today, with very plain branding.

Volvo B9Rs 53601/02, which had been operated by Stagecoach East Midlands on megabusplus work, have now been authorised for disposal and a sale is expected imminently.

Smaller operators and London developments

RML2394 in Binders Yard in October 2019 and March 2017. Then we can see this bus  in service with Arriva in  September 2004.
all pictures by Gavin Francis.

Gavin also had a trip to the east of London

The Millennium Dome has lots of buses around it!

East of London always provides interesting places and apart from a dramatic wrap on the LT at Walthamstow bus station.
The two Citaros are ones that didn't emigrate to Oxford are at Stratford. .

Gavin admitted to getting a little wet on this trip as this picture shows.

Here we have a new livery  for trainers in Stagecoach's London operation. A 13 plate is quite recent for a trainer compared to some companies.

Tony Bungay sent some interesting pictures, two from Barmouth where he was on holiday.

A Robinsons Tours Irizar can be seen making its way down to Barmouth centre o the A496. The railway line runs just below the coach.

Within a stone's throw of the picture above this time we can see a Traws Cymru T3 service operated by Lloyds of Machynlleth.
This is - YN56FDL - a Scania Omnidekka N94UD with East Lancs H45/33F bodywork, new to Metrobus/London General as their 936 and with Lloyds since December 2017.
It is actually silver not blue which is a trick of the light !  Check this link to see Lloyds at work.  https://hiveminer.com/Tags/barmouth%2Cbus/Timeline

Seen on Tony's way to SHOWBUS this Beestons of Hadleigh Scania which was also with Metrobus (442) and can be seen around Dunstable on many days.

Bedford OB LTA904 seen at Clanfield on September 14th by Marcus Lapthorn.
Some interesting history on this bus can be found at this link: http://www.countrybus.com/housepics.htm

A unique find by Nick Ross on his travels in Ireland.

Former Midland General 309 TRB576F seen on the island of Irishbofin off the west coast of Ireland seen on September 28th.
Believe now a static FLF in use as a cafe on the island . The bus seems in good condition upstairs no window rot and traces of red and green paint.
"Not expecting to see an FLF so far West" says contributor Nick Ross!!
(Inishbofin is a small island off the coast of Connemara, County Galway, Ireland. Inishbofin has around 180 inhabitants and is a popular tourist destination)

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