November 11th 2019


During  this past week since our last issue that day of November 11th has been and gone, well not gone because it is always with us! We Remember Them gives so many a chance to think of those we may have lost in a war situation and I expect most families will have relatives, past and present who have lost their lives in a war situation. As an ex service man, whilst it was always to the front of my mind, it is noticeable that in recent years more and more events and indications of the day are seen, many more than only some years ago. I have included a special piece in this issue to commemorate the year of 2019.

Carousel features strongly in this week's issue with news of an improved 102 service.

Also I start a piece on the upcoming General Election featuring the buses used by each party. So look out for pictures of such vehicles.

Our thoughts are , no doubt with, those people in areas where flooding is much live for many unbearable. The rain has been seemingly non stop for many and roads, even in our local Oxfordshire area, have become impassable. One wonders, indeed, what the winter holds for so many with snow striking at mid and south Wales in  recent hours?

As ever, many thanks to all those who support the page each week with news and pictures. Please do keep this up, it is what makes this page.

Please note that all pictures used in each issue are copyright and may not be used without permission.

Remembrance Day buses 2019

I thought that this year I would show some contributions from operators to the Remembrance 2019.

Alan Robson

Enviro 218 on service 4 at Mereside bound for Cleveleys courtesy Alan Robson.

Blackpool Transport have decorated ADL Enviro 218 with vinyls to represent a cascade of poppies flowing along the sides and rear of the bus in order to commemorate Remembrance Day on 11th November.

Gordon Scott

Lothian 551 - SA15VUB Volvo B5LH Wright Gemini Poppy Scotland Advert Bus taken at Greenbank route 23 terminus.

Steve Knight SKM

East's 37235 working route 4 in Peterborough with "Remember Them" display and poppy on November 9th by SKM

Gavin Francis

The 94 sees quite a few wraps and this one on VH45189 at Notting Hill Gate on November 13th.

Battle Buses

It's that time again with Battle Buses for the upcoming General Election. Any of your pictures would be welcome. Below is our first, taken by Gavin Francis in London.

Most appropriate in the current climate, the Lib Dems have hired this Yutong electric coach, EL19TRK, seen in Notting Hill Gate.

Area developments

Andy Broom

"I have noticed recently in the VOSA Notice and proceedings, pretty much all the Vale travel routes have been registered by other operators, the majority have gone to the Aylesbury operators such as Redline and Red Rose.

Carousel Buses recently started operating the 27 again and Z & S have recently registered the 24/25 in Milton Keynes effective from the 28th October."

Tony Bungay

Bucks County Council website lists more changes coming up. The most notable being a Red Rose service to Milton Keynes from Aylesbury, seeming to revive the 100 route number used by Arriva  some years ago now.

Jack Gannon

"There are a number of changes that will be happening to buses during December and January, I have seen from the TfL bulletin.  Links below.

First are changing their route 7 to go from Britwell to Heathrow and their route 8 to be withdrawn and be replaced by extended route 4 buses from Maidenhead. 

And if the proposals are true, funding must be coming from Heathrow and the 102 will have many many extra journeys until 3am!! 

I'm very excited because I use this route all the time."

James Freeman

"A CYCLIST and van were involved in a crash on Magdalen Bridge in Oxford.

The busy bridge was completely closed to westbound traffic shortly before 9am on November 12th and later all lanes reopened. 

Traffic at The Plain was being diverted south on Iffley Road, Oxfordshire County Council said, and buses were also affected. This can be seen from my pictures taken during closure."

Coach 30 is seen turning round.

314 on a 4A to Wood Farm was also turned back on diversion.

Also involved was Stagecoach 10677 working the 3.

A Bristol VR still around by Marcus Lapthorn

"On April 8th 2018 I sent you a ‘photo of FFL 463 V, which at the time was standing in a field just off the A420 near to Great Coxwell. I have re-attached that ‘photo for your information ( Photo P111420). 

April 2018        -              November 9th 2019
On November 11th, I have photographed it once more but now in a new location at Westmill Farm, between Shrivenham and Highworth.

I am amazed that it has moved as it looked to be out of condition, but maybe it was towed there.

It is a Bristol VRT and was previously owned by Emblings Coaches of Manea, Cambridgeshire and prior to that by West Riding Automobile Co."

Nigel Peach stays inn Scotland

"We had a holiday last month staying with my brother who lives in Edinburgh. He lives right by the Silverknowes terminus for a number of Lothian routes. One of those is the 16 to Collinton, which is now worked by the latest batch of tri-axle Volvo B8L Alexander Dennis Enviro 400LXB with 100 seats! "

Rear of 1100.

1110 taken from a bedroom window in my brother's house. The Firth of the Forth is in the background and the county of Fife in the distance.
A pity about the young tree obscuring the rear wheel!

1111 taken simply because it was 1111!!

1125 in the special livery celebrating 100 years of Lothian Buses. 

Many thanks to Nigel for some interesting pictures. These really are impressive vehicles.

James Freeman goes to watch Oxford United play Hayes & Yeading United FC - FA Cup match

November 10th

James provided some interesting pictures first of which are supporters coaches.

Motts MT16MTT and UK16MTT parked up at Y&H FC

Kingsferry BA68PZO a 35 seat Tourismo Exec which was in full Kings Ferry livery and comes from Gillingham.
This could be a team coach, maybe someone knows?

Oxford United moved into the FA Cup second round with a 2-0 victory over a stubborn Hayes & Yeading of the Southern League Premier. In an entertaining, end-to-end game, the League One visitors scored a goal in each half, through Sam Long and Rob Hall, to put the side 109 places below them in the pyramid out of sight. 

Another parked up but seemingly nothing to do with the game is seen below.

V V LINK COACHES M15VVL parked up near the ground in Hayes.
Van Hool TX16 with VV Link Coaches of Hayes - their first large vehicle. Acquired from BM Coaches in March 2018, was CC64BMC.

Following this James provided some interesting pictures of buses around Hayes and on the Uxbridge Road.

Readers will remember that the 207 was worked by bendi-buses ! Also the 427 has gained route branding.

Metroline DE1134 is seen working an E6 (Ealing) at the Fairdale Gardens bus stop.

Gavin Francis reveals some more wraps in London

Gavin has visited Notting Hill Gate and Marble Arch on November 13th, returning with some interesting pictures of the more recent wraps in the area.

Two buses in the 94, one for Lumineers and one for TfL and their 1 hour hopper tickets both at Notting Hill Gate.

Buses on the 137 at Marble Arch reveal some more interesting wraps.

LT650 working the 189 route advertises "Star Wars - JEDI Fallen Order" seen at Marble Arch.

The 52 has its share of wrap as seen above, VWH2374 is very colourful and again TfL advertising their 1 hour hopper tickets both at Notting Hill Gate.

Tower driver trainer DP42603 looks very smart for an 18 year old bus. Wonder if it is Euro 6 compliant?

Metroline have just taken over the H13 DE999 is seen at Ruislip Station on November 13th by Gavin Francis. 

North of the Border with Gordon Scott

 There were eight of the Cambridge Enviro 400 XLB's in the yard on November 8th, most fitted with there new camera type mirrors. LCA, the one that went to MIRA, still has its yellow type mirrors fitted.

November 9th

 Taken today in Edinburgh Bus Station, Princess Street and North Bridge. New for Border Buses  Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMC on route X95 Edinburgh to Galashiels, Hawick and Carlisle.

 SN69ZNM and SN69ZNH branded.

November 11th

Three shots attached taken at Buchanan Street Bus Station in Glasgow taken today.

Stagecoach Midland Red 54609 - YX68 UAS Volvo B11R Plaxton Elite i seen on M20 London leaving Glasgow.

Stagecoach East Scotland 54125 - NXX451 ex SP62CKF Volvo B13R Plaxton Panther
arriving at Glasgow on route M8 in overall advert, Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance livery.
On an odd occasion such coaches have found their way to London, let me know if you see one.

West Coast Motors AIR route Glasgow to Edinburgh Airport YX69LHJ Volvo B11R Plaxton Panorama seen arriving at Glasgow.

November 12th

New Lothian Country route X38 launch at Kirkliston today which starts on Sunday 17th November. Edinburgh Regent Road - Corstorphine - Ratho Station -Kirkliston - Winchburgh - Linlithgow.

Shots attached showing:

 Lothian Country 184 - SN13BFJ still to have branding for X38 applied.

 (Kirkliston is a small town and parish to the west of Edinburgh, Scotland, historically within the county of West Lothian).  

November 13th

Princess Street, Edinburgh with Lothian 856 - SN57DFJ Volvo B9TL Wright Gemini, in Macmillan Cancer Support named Hamish.
On route 3 last day in service before advert
being removed.

Many thanks to Gordon for some interesting pictures of developments in Scotland.

Fleet news and developments

Arriva are opening a new travel shop and enquiry facility in Wycombe today, Thursday November 14th, as seen in the pictures below. This is an improvement on the closed facility provided previously with a timetable rack outside!

Office and help point by Malcolm Crowe.

Buses art the Eden Bus Station on November 11th, 2326, 4824, 6000 and 6002 by Malcolm Crowe.

Mick Payne

Regards news, on November 8th, I can confirm Milton Keynes's electric buses 2301-08  have disappeared from local route 7 Bletchley - City Centre - Wolverton. Last saw one mid-October.

Also apparently gone are the two silver liveried StreetLites HRZ6498/99 (don't think they ever carried fleet numbers) that were used most days as service spares and also carried route 7 branding. 

Route 7 currently worked by any bus single or double-deck, all of which rather too large for the narrow estate roads traversed by route 7.

Does anyone have any information about the demise of 2301-08? They were much heralded as the future of public transport in Milton Keynes?

 About eighteen months ago there was said to be a large grant in the offing for a much larger fleet of electric buses for Milton Keynes.

That seems to have died a death. Shame when we all supposed to be going green.

Nick Ross

Who'd be a bus driver. After struggling to keep Arriva DAF 6000 moving on the steep Coombe Lane Hill between Hughenden and Naphill the DAF eventually ground to a halt about 150 yards short of the summit. Most passengers aboard decided to walk to Coombe Farm stop at the top of the hill so the harassed driver had to marshal his passengers across the busy road. 6000 was back out the next day her exploits on November 6th's 1532 High Wycombe - Aylesbury 300 but a memory!

6000 on Coombe Lane by Nick Ross.

Nigel Peach

I saw that Wycombe are taking on more of route 300 and X30, routes previously worked by Aylesbury. I wondered if that may mean that buses are transferred to Wycombe to cover. Today I saw Citaro 3916 on the 800 Marlow route, then 3922 on the 32. Both of these were at Aylesbury. Interestingly, on the website, they show as having last worked on 5th and 2nd Nov respectively, on Aylesbury routes, so I guess they will be corrected sometime soon! 

Thanks for sending me the latest Arriva fleet list. I was sad to read that two of the batch of Volvos that were branded for Green Route 31 have been withdrawn. 3862 and 3865 were both latterly at Luton. The other four of this batch still with Shires are all at Aylesbury. I well remember the big presentation you did when these buses first entered service (and I managed to get a picture of 3865 on its first day in service, 1st March 2005, which was also the first day of the 05 plate). They seem very young buses to be taken out of service - especially with all the older ones still rattling around in service!

3865 on first day in service approaching the old Wycombe Bus Station on March 1st 2005 - Nigel Peach.
Indeed when they arrived they were the pride and joy of Wycombe depot. This bus is now withdrawn !

Paul Swann of Arriva HQ writes "Additionally 3863 has gone to Southern Counties at Ware in exchange for 6403 - GN04UDS  a Volvo B7TL with Alexander ALX400 body".

 6403 was new, with 6402 to Gillingham depot - in the Arriva Medway Towns part of Arriva Southern Counties - in 2004. Picture link below.

Ciaran Bird

3796 is a further repaint at Aylesbury and is often seen working the 280 as here in Oxford on November 12th by Ciaran Bird.

Tony Bungay

You may have already had a photo of this, if not this vehicle seems to have appeared at Aylesbury this week?  This is the minibus I refereed to in my last e-mail to you working an X8 journey on Monday, November 4th. This photo was taken November 7th with 1008 working local service 9, a more likely working I would imagine for this type of vehicle. 

Picture by Tony Bungay
1007 is a regular on the 9 and 1008 may have been on loan?  

Exciting times as Carousel return to Heathrow at the end of December. The 102, from High Wycombe, will operate every hour with the route extended from Uxbridge to Heathrow Central Bus Station. The service will be operated using Volvo B11R/Plaxton Interdeck coaches suitably adorned with a new livery, an idea of which is shown above. Coaches 75-78 are being transferred from Oxford to High Wycombe for the service. They will provide free WiFi, usb points, coach seating, toilet facilities and plenty of luggage space. The alternate half hour service to Uxbridge only will, we understand, continue to use the current buses which have low floor entrance and facilities for buggy use etc.

This is a challenging development for Carousel in which we wish them all success.

Carousel service changes from December 29th
click the link for full details and timetables

On a personal view, I think the night service and some early and late day services are tied to airport workers shift times. Heathrow obviously is anxious to reduce staff travelling by car. I stress this is my view and no one else's.

It will also be most interesting to see how this service is worked as night services are to be operated using Oxford based drivers and the day services will be operated by Carousel for whom recruiting is taking place.

Citaro 877 was seen working an X32 service on the morning of November 14th. It had not been in service at Carousel since November 5th. (Thanks to Jack Cooper for that tip.)

Citaros in the Eden Bus Station on November 11th by Malcolm Crowe.

938 with a 36 service leaves the Eden Bus Station on November 11th by Malcolm Crowe.

One item of interest is that 75-78 to be transferred to Carousel, three will have Chiltern Red livery and one will be unbranded. This is for the revised 102 service to Heathrow.

Mike Lewis

"A picture that you may find interesting to put in the next edition of the Oxford Chiltern by page, it is R12OXF fleet number 12, now R258DWL with Edwards Coaches, Llantrisant, Wales, taken on November 3rd, while on a enthusiasts tour of Edwards garages"

Picture by Mike Lewis

Gavin Francis has provided a picture of nr 12 in service at Gloucester Green.
In fact it was re-registered by Oxford Bus as they wanted to retain the registration R12OXF.
Picture taken November 13th 2005 when these coaches had been. for sometime, painted in the green X90 livery.

677 is seen working a 300 service on November 11th by Gavin Francis.

A new sticker is appearing on the X90 saying "Ultra Low Emissions, this coach is due to move to Carousel in late December.
Taken by Daryl Major on November 7th.

Oxford's 309 branded for 35 road is seen working a 3 road service on November 8th by Ciaran Bird.

This time in a picture by Jack Cooper, 309 is seen on 5 road by the new Shopping Centre on November 7th.

204 looking resplendent in its new livery passes the Randolph in Beaumont Street on November 11th by Gavin Francis.

204 features in an offside rear shot at the Rail Station on November 11th by Jack Cooper.

Citaro 877 was seen working an X32 service on the morning of November 14th. It had not been in service at Carousel since November 5th. (Thanks to Jack Cooper for that tip.) 


21 October 2019.

W8 WELLINGBOROUGH - Wollaston - BOZEAT (M-F). New service replacing Centrebus at very similar times.

For interest I am including a fleet list for this company which maybe of interest.




Optare Solo



Enterprise Plasma Plaxton Primo



Enterprise Plasma Plaxton Primo



Enterprise Plasma Plaxton Primo



Scania CN94UB OmniCity



Scania CN94UB OmniCity



Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Mini Pointer



Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Mini Pointer



Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Mini Pointer



Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer 2



Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Mini Pointer



Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Mini Pointer



ADL Enviro200



Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Mini Pointer



ADL Enviro200



ADL Enviro200



ADL Enviro200



ADL Enviro200



ADL Enviro200



ADL Enviro200



ADL Enviro200



ADL Enviro200



ADL Enviro200



ADL Enviro200



ADL Enviro200



ADL Enviro200



ADL Enviro200



ADL Enviro200



ADL Enviro200 MMC



Dennis Trident Alexander ALX400



Volvo B7TL Wright Eclipse Gemini



Volvo B7TL Wright Eclipse Gemini


Y857 TGH

Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Mini Pointer

 Some pictures, provided by Mark Bowerbank, are included for interest.

707 LX06 EAW received the registration
BU51WAYin June 2018.
Was London Central/General WVL251 LX06EAW often on route 68 to West Norwood.
 In January 2012, this bus was refurbished by Hants & Dorset Trim, Barton Park.

The new E200MMC, 225, featured in service next to 109, a Plaxton Primo, a type that one does not see so often these days.

Many thanks to Mark Bowerbank for allowing me to use these pictures. 

Mobi PO17EJX is seen passing the Randolph Hotel in Oxford on November 10th by Gavin Francis.

National Express's own fleet 286 (BV19XOS) runs round at VCS with an A3X service on November 8th by Gavin Francis.


PULHAM & SONS (COACHES) LTD, Bourton-on-the-Water

 28 October 2019

606 CHIPPING CAMPDEN - Weston-sub-Edge - Willersey - Broadway - double-run to Childswickham - Stanton - Toddington - Alderton - Gretton Church - Greet - then serving Winchcombe by loop of Greet Road, North Street, Hailes Street, Broadway Road and Becketts Lane [anti-clockwise for both directions], Gotherington, Bishops Cleeve - CHELTENHAM (M-Sa days). New service gained from Marchants on Gloucestershire re-tender. The route variants around Winchcombe have been standardized. There are now nine journeys in each direction between Winchcombe and Cheltenham but only three start back from Chipping Campden and only two continue to that point, plus a third which runs as far as Broadway.

The rerouting via Bishops Cleeve replaces former Marchants circulars W1/W2 on this section while the direct route via Cleeve Hill now abandoned is taken over by new Stagecoach service W (M-Sa days 60').  

Redline's V185OOE working the 321 on November 11th by Malcolm Crowe.

Take note of the comments by Tony Bungay relating to a new service (100) to Milton Keynes.

Gavin Francis

10735 is to return north very soon, indeed it may already have left Oxford.

11245, 11246 and 11248 are now prepared for and will enter service shortly at Witney. (update November 14th)

Gavin Francis took a few pictures early on November 9th featuring various new buses and Golds waiting for transfer to East Midlands or Yorkshire.

11248, 11249, 11247, 11250 and 11251 are seen in the pictures above.

Here 15611, 15619, 15537 and 15613 are seen at Oxford waiting transfer to fleets in the north.
A number have already gone ahead and are being prepared for service in their new homes.

Remembering things as they were - Gold was good.

15535 seen on an S2 service in George Street on November 11th by Gavin Francis.

15620, looking a little care worn working the S1 in George Street on November 11th by Gavin Francis.

And now we have corporate livery but with many improvements on the S1 and S2.

11239 is seen with an S1 to Carterton on November 10th by Gavin Francis. This bus entered service on October 29th.
Note that all though new this bus appears to have a display problem with the destination !

11242 is seen with an S1 to Carterton on November 10th by Gavin Francis. This bus entered service on November 7th. 

STAGECOACH EAST (Cambus Ltd), Cambridge

 27 October 2019

 The depot at Long Sutton, an outstation of Peterborough, is transferred to Stagecoach East Midlands.

Long Sutton is where some of the ex S1/S2 buses are going !

The two former Stagecoach London Enviro 200s in the training fleet at Peterborough (36309/10) still await the application of branding.

Look out for Enviro 400 10053 entering service at Bedford. It is the first of the four ex-Norfolk Green E400s to receive an internal retrim in Stagecoach moquette. It retains the wood-effect flooring in both saloons. 

STAGECOACH EAST MIDLANDS (Lincolnshire Road Car Co. Ltd), Lincoln

 27 October 2019

The previous Stagecoach East outstation at Long Sutton is transferred to this company and becomes a standalone depot.

Services involved are 50 (Long Sutton - Wisbech), 56 (Wisbech - Manea or Benwick), 66 (Wisbech town service), 505 (Spalding - Kings Lynn) and a couple of school services.

Readers will remember from previous issues that a number of Gold buses from Witney are destined to serve from Long Sutton in the coming months. 15612 is already there in service and 15614,5,6,7,8 & 9 will be joining 15612. Any pictures of these buses in the new homes would be appreciated. 

STAGECOACH CHESTERFIELD (The Yorkshire Traction Co. Ltd), Barnsley

 27 October 2019

 X1 CHESTERFIELD - Clay Cross - Alfreton - East Midlands Designer Outlet - M1 - Whitemoor - NOTTINGHAM (Victoria BS) (M-Sa days mainly 60' to mid-eves plus late trip Sa; Su days 90'.) New limited stop service. On M-F am peak journeys to Nottingham divert via Phoenix Park P&R, as do journeys from Nottingham during M-F pm peaks. Replaces 54/54A between Clay Cross and East Midlands Designer Outfit.

Gold 11215 working an X1 service at the M&S Outlet on November 1st courtesy SC Yorkshire.

It is suggested that 15609 and 15610 are on their way to this operator having not been used in service since October 23rd and 28th respectively. Any pictures of these buses in the new homes would be appreciated.

Astromega 50235 arrived on Monday, November 11th from Chesterfield where it had been on Rail Replacement work. This is the first coach for the increased operation on the Oxford tube due to start early in January 2020.

It is suggested that this coach will go away for repaint, into tube livery, as 50237 did some months ago. From the pictures it looks very tidy for a coach which is now some nine years old.

November 11th - 50235 arrived from Chesterfield, where it been working Rail Replacement services and is the first of six extra coaches for the Oxford tube.
The first picture is on arrival by Andy Churchill and second by Gavin Francis later that day. This coach will match 50237 already in use.
50233, now en route to Oxford will make three of these 61 plate coaches in the fleet.

Further coaches are arriving today, November 14th from Cumbernauld depot, these being 50233, 50245 and 50247. Two of the three feature the later front end and are more in kin with the 14 plate tube coaches. 

Transferring from megabus to Oxford tube Astromega 50235 arrived from Chesterfield on November 11th.

The Panoramas are now appearing in London more often.

50408 is seen leaving London on the late morning M11 service to Aberdeen. Gavin Francis took this on November 8th.
One must agree that these coaches now look very bland with the refreshed livery ! 

Smaller operators and London developments

Gavin Francis this this picture of a French FLIXBUS in Victoria on November 8th.

The School Bus Co. Oxford runs this ex Dublin E400 now registered LW51ZWY which is seen  after a school run at Stokenchurch.
November 11th by Malcolm Crowe.

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