Well, a restful time over Christmas, good food and pleasant company. I hope my readers also had a pleasant time. As I start to write this Editorial (Sunday December 29th) much is happening to include in my next page, a week today. The first operation of coaches on Carousel 102 to Heathrow took place from this morning. Coaches 68, 69 and 78 were in use from first light on this service which also had short workings to Beaconsfield, Maxwell Road using StreetLite 405. The first Heathrow service from High Wycombe was the 0710 departure using coach 78 returning from Heathrow at 0847.

The X90 has now gone to an hourly frequency and only five coaches were on line at 1800, Sunday December 29th. Plans are well under way for next Saturday, when a special free service will run between Gloucester Green and Thornhill.

A bumper issue with nearly 200 photographs!

Express services from Oxford to London from 1928 to 2020 - we will remember you !

Not intending this to be a lengthy eulogy as my involvement lasted from 1998 to 2004, when amongst other routes I regularly worked on a Saturday driving the 1515 departure X90 duty which included a return via Trafalgar Square at around 2230. The coaches in use by then were those more familiar to younger readers but I have saved a few photos of the very early days. South Midland operated from 1921 until the '40s when they were absorbed into Red & White and later transferred by BTC to Thames Valley and even later to City of Oxford Motor Services. Indeed COMS did operate irregular service to London, especially during the Empire Exhibition.

The British Empire Exhibition was a colonial exhibition held at Wembley Park, Wembley, England from 23 April 1924 to 31 October 1925 and a number of coach operators benefitted from this, among them being COMS.

Gloucester Green in the 1930s with two South Midland coaches operating Races Excursions.
These coaches would have operated the London services in that period. Picture from Paul Lacey.

click image to see more easily.
Indeed this very interesting book on South Midland for sale and published by Paul Lacey can be found at this link:

There was competition even in the early days but prior to privatisation in the '80s COMS held sway on the route. In 1986 Thames Transit was formed by a one time manager at COMS and one service started by Thames Transit was the Oxford tube which survives significant competition from two railway services, GWR and Chiltern Trains. In these days of profit and returns it is sad that the competition on the coach side of this route is now reduced to one company and we sadly see the end of the X90 service, an operation with a proud service.

Saturday, January 4th saw the last day of operations for the X90 which was marked locally in Oxford by two coaches, one similar to the Bristol REs operation by Oxford South Midland and an ex COMS Oxford South Midland Bristol VR double deck coach purchased  specifically for the London route. These two vehicles ran free trips between Gloucester Green Terminal in the city and Thornhill Park & Ride terminal which were greatly enjoyed by the enthusiasts taking advantage of the days' event.

This lovely book was produced for the day by the company. Below is a link if you wish to buy one!

Many pictures have been submitted by contributors and these are included below with suitable acknowledgement.

Ed Maun provided this picture of a South Midland relief to Oxford pictured in Stokenchurch on what would become the 290 in later days.

Initially in the early '80s the COMS, still using the basis of the National Bus Company Express livery, added to this using 190 branding as seen in the following pictures by Paul Bateson, not previously published anywhere!

These pictures show a 190 service operated by COMS nr 10 which had received a new front end following an accident  - hence the blind position
and a 390 service (via the Thames Valley - Henley and Maidenhead) operated by coach 33 both taken on March 4th 1983 at Gloucester Green.

Here we have 33 again and acquired 51 (From PMT) seen in Victoria Coach Station on March 2nd 1983.

A nice promotional touch was the wrapping of VR 461 in a 190 livery and seen in Gloucester Green on March 4th 1983.

All these pictures by Paul Bateson.

Tony Bungay has also sent some pictures from yesteryear which I found most interesting.

All taken in the early '90s. Sadly the Green Line part of the 290 ceased sometime later.

33 again but by now in City Link stripey livery which predominated for some years. The Sun & Moon were down to the then Marketing Manager!
Both the Plaxtons and one ended up with Heyfordian and were re-registered.
Metroliner 902 is one of eight of these coaches which were not too reliable.

Quite a reminder that in modern days wrong buses run on wrong routes, these Tigers were super coaches.
It does not appear that lady with the  pram and babe in arms is too happy !!

The more up to date order from a time when I drove on the X90, these Volvo B0Ms were excellent coaches and reliable ones too.
Though this is 20 years ago now and for my 60th birthday a cake model was made of nr 9 on the Gatwick service !

Well, there are doubtless many hundreds of pictures going back over time which will appear over time. Those above give some idea of the London service in the last century !

A surprise in recent weeks has been the use of currently used X90 elite I Interdeckers with branding removed and still appearing on the X90 to be then used by Carousel on their new 102 service to Heathrow started on December 29th.

Gavin Francis

69 is seen with the temporary Carousel branding applied. However on December 24th it was used on the X90.

70 seen a Hillingdon Station stop on December 27th but continues with X90 branding to work the London service.

In preparation for the last day and seen in London on January 3rd 2020 is this picture from Gavin  of 74 with suitable front branding!

Robert Sheward

Whilst shunting at VCS, yesterday, noticed this fine coach on Christmas Eve at 16.15 parked in Green Line, fleet No 69. Still working the X90 but the livery of the future. 

69 is seen again on December 24th having by this time arrived in London laying over in Green Line Coach Station.

Three repainted coaches are due to move permanently to Carousel, these being 75-78, of which 75 and 76 are presently at Hants and Dorset Trim having a spruce up and repaint. Pictures of these coaches working for Carousel are shown under the operator heading below.

Jack Cooper

74 in London with some useful detail for future models ! Taken on January 3rd 2020.

Jason Kew

74 is seen in St Clements heading for London again on January 3rd. It looks very spruce !!!

Finally we have pictures from January 4th of the final day of the X90.

For the first time in many months I went to Thornhill Park & Ride to enjoy the day's event marking the end of the X90. My pictures are included below and I will include more pictures from contributors in the next issue - 88.

Malcolm Crowe's pictures taken on Saturday, January 4th.

At Thornhill Park & Ride

There was lots of activity at the Park & Ride and here is COMS 105 arriving at Thornhill
 on its first trip from Gloucester Green with an almost full load.
The comparison of a March 1973 double deck coach to a 2014 Van Hool behind.
I was told that due the high-diff on these VR coaches, they proved unsuitable for the London service.
They ran for only two years before being replaced by later more suitable VR buses.

Suitably branded Interdeck 74 is seen loading for London at 1026 on the day.

At Gloucester Green

An interesting display on a table in the Oxford Bus booking office.

Also there was a photo board showing the X90 development over the years.

Last day at Gloucester Green including COMS 703 on display, two tubes, an X90, the back of the VR alongside an S6 from Swindon.

The Oxford Bus Museum is a transport museum at Long Hanborough, West Oxfordshire bought its first vehicle,
which is an AEC Regal III 1949 semi-coach, registration mark NJO 703 COMS fleet number 703.
This was on show at the last day of the X90, highlighting bus/coach development over the past 70 years!

The visiting Bristol RE coach, very similar to some RE coaches operated by South Midland was there on the day providing free rides to Thornhill
It is seen above departing on the 1130 to Thornhill

105 was to operate the 1230 to Thornhill and is seen above with some of its owners.

The driver on the 1230 was, none other than, Phil Southall who is Managing Director of Oxford Bus.

On the way to and back at Thornhill Park & Ride

My return to Thornhill was taken on Red & White RC 968 and above we are approaching Gypsy Lane lights.
It was everything I remember of these coaches when I often travelled from Uxbridge to Stokenchurch back in the mid '70s.
They were and this is powerful and throaty !!

Arrived at Thornhill, the RE had carried a full load and was due to return to Oxford some 15 minutes later.

I really enjoyed my day, as a lot of effort had gone into making the day successful. I met people from Newcastle on Tyne and Northampton among many other people from more local areas. They were all most enthusiastic and many memories of past days working on or using the X90 were recounted.

To end this piece I received this link from James Freeman of a video he made of the day:


Truly gone but not forgotten !


New contributions from overseas.

Daniel Doyle

Daniel is presently on a holiday starting in Cebu City. There is a good link below relating to buses and routes.

Air-con minivans (along with Jeepneys) shadow bus routes in many parts of the Philippines (especially Bicol, Leyte, Cebu, Palawan and Mindanao) and in some cases have replaced buses altogether. However, you may have to play a waiting game until the vehicles are full.

Jeepneys are shared mini buses that carry 10-12 passengers, only to be recommended if you're going to and from major landmarks (like Ayala Mall), since they run in fixed routes and it's very hard to know which Jeepneys is going where. All the Jeepneys in Cebu City have route numbers displayed on top of them (in alphanumeric characters like 04C, 03B, 08G, etc.), the trick is to tell a local (or your hotel) where you're going to and ask them to tell you which Jeepney route to take, them simply look for the Jeepneys with those numbers on top. The benefit of using Jeepneys is that they're dirt cheap. Prices: they cost less than 15-25 pesos ($0.3-$0.5USD) per person to ride.

Here are the routes: https://www.cebuwanderlust.com/developments/cebu-jeepney-travel-routes-codes-and-numbers/

Shown in this picture from Daniel - Philippines in CEBU, a typical Jeepney working the 62C seen on December 29th by Daniel Doyle.
Imagine this kind of travel in High Wycombe or Oxford!!!!


Pit-Os - Talamban - Gaisano Grand Talamban - USC-Talamban - Banilad - Gaisano Country Mall - Gov. M. Cuenco Ave. - Juan Luna Ave. - Sn. Carlos Seminary College - C. Rosales Ave. - Ayala Center Cebu - Keppel - Samar Loop - Luzon Ave. - Arch. Reyes Ave. - Hotel Elizabeth - Asilo Dela Milagrosa - Gorordo Ave. - G. Echavez St. - Sikatuna St. - D. Jakosalem St. - Ramos Public Market - Junquera St. Ext. - Junquera St. - University Of San Carlos (Main) - Colon St. - Gaisano Main - University Of The Visayas - P. Burgos St. - V. Gullas St. - Manalili St. - Carbon Public Market - Progreso St.

Paul Bateson

Paul writes that following a visit to the south of Argentina, during his 2019 country visit, he found these two RMs in Ushuaia which provides London interest.

Luis Vuoto showing the 20 years history.

Ushuaia is the capital of Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur Province, Argentina. It was regarded as the southernmost city in the world.

Paul writes saying " my report includes the Routemaster views.  Hope there are not too many!  Feel free to use any of these images on the Oxford-Chiltern web page and don’t hesitate to mention the British Buses Abroad magazine!  RM 317 and RM 969 are owned by Luis and Monica Vuoto who operate the Ushuaia City Tour.  I was a special guest at the 20th Anniversary Celebrations and I am really glad that I went there.  BTW, I enjoy the weekly briefing!"

There is a nice link here at the company website which an extract states:

These photos by Paul Bateson show the detail inside RM317 taken on November 24th 2019.

Ushuaia City Tour is a family business with its own capital.

In 1999, we brought a classic double decker Routemaster by sea to inaugurate a city tour service with regular departures in Ushuaia, 
so our city began to have a new service in the same modality that was offered in the the most important tourist cities in the world.


Ushuaia is a resort town in Argentina. It's located on the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, the southernmost tip of South America, nicknamed the “End of the World.” The windswept town, perched on a steep hill, is surrounded by the Martial Mountains and the Beagle Channel. It's the gateway to Antarctica cruises and tours to nearby Isla Yécapasela, known as “Penguin Island” for its penguin colonies.

I couldn't resist including this picture on the bulkhead of RM317 by Paul Bateson.
Maybe a revolving notice might prove useful for UK operators when the WC facilities are out of order!!!!

Paul has contributed a large number of pictures relating to his visit and I will hope to include a selection over the coming issues.

Urban Transit Fleets in Canada from Paul Bateson

click on the logo above to visit the web site.

Paul Bateson, who provides pictures both past and present, has asked me to let readers know about a recent publication which he is involved with. Having studied this book I must say that it is very comprehensive indeed. It takes readers on a visit to Urban Transit Fleets in Canada, with 64 pictures in colour of the vehicles, providing the reader with an excellent idea of the fleets involved. There is also much more information on the operations, buses and of course fleet lists. Especially useful if anyone is intending a visit to Canada. You will also find the many  pages on heritage operations, including tramways extremely useful.

A better idea of what the book is like.

If you have Adobe Acrobat open this link to order: Order Form_2019 SSG_MEB.pdf

Isn't it surprising how much detail there is worldwide about buses and transport for people who follow this subject.


Kevin Nicol visited Switzerland and provides some great pictures.

I will be using a number of pictures and text in coming issues. Here is a taster for all readers.

Those ADL Enviro 500s previously seen at Falkirk are now seen by Kevin Nicol in service at St. Gallen on October 1st 2019.

On the Thursday of my second week in Switzerland, I visited Geneva. This would be the 12th out of 12 trolley bus cities that I would visit. Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland (behind Zurich) and has a population of about 200,000 residents (500,000 in the metropolitan area). The city has an extensive trolley bus and tram network. The public transport is provided by Transport Public Genevois (TPG). 

For trolley buses, six routes are operated. The fleet consists of about 100 trolley buses which include Hess double articulated buses (from 2006) that are used exclusively on route 10. Route 10 had been extended to the Airport during the last couple of years. Also in the fleet are Hess articulated buses from 2004/05 as shown below.

Transport Public Genevois (TPG) Hess artic 790 works route 10 in Geneva on October 10th 2019 by Kevin Nicol.

While in Geneva, I also was able to photograph the track sweeping vehicle which was similar to the one that I saw in Bern.

Quite fascinating I am you will agree, it makes Ro-Rail move into another realm!

Well, more to come from Kevin in future issues.

North of the Border with Gordon Scott

Edinburgh has major rail improvement work at Haymarket Railway Station from Friday, December 27th until Sunday morning with a coach shuttle from Waverly and Haymarket to East and West rail stations affected on Rail Replacement work.

Two Stagecoach East Scotland Fife Rennies seen at Haymarket today on Rail Replacement work.

53707 - IIB 6015 Volvo B9R Plaxton Elite, new
to Stagecoach South East AE10JTO.

53038 - HKZ726 Volvo B12M Sunsundegui
Sideral, new as FJ04ESU to Rennies.

Edinburgh to Glasgow Citylink 900 also busy noted three Van Hool Astromegas on Citylink 900. 

Fleet news and developments

A surprise announcement by Arriva/Green Line is that service buses are to be used on the 758 service for the next 4 weeks from January 1st. This is because the coaches previously in use are not wheel chair accessible and so do not meet the updated regulations.

Gavin Francis was able to get a couple of pictures of the buses presently in use plus a picture of the note to customers from the General Manager.

The notice advising customers.

Two of the 2017 E200s based at Luton, 3112 and 3116, often used on the 321 but working the 758 on January 2nd seen by Gavin Francis.

Tony Bungay

When they were branded in Sapphire livery I used to see these vehicles appearing on the 300 on and off, but since repainting this is the first time I have seen one personally.

3798, on December 22 2019, nearing the end of its journey from High Wycombe.

This picture, again of 3798, this time shows it
working the 500 service on December 27th to Watford via Hemel. Tony Bungay.

Another surprise was this now Aylesbury based decker 4023 working the 8 to RAF Halton on December 21st.
Those of us old enough to remember linen blinds, which when worn often slipped and got out of line, will maybe be smile at the angle of the destination!

Surprise visitor to Arriva Cressex was this London E200 ENS4 more familiar on London 393 as seen above in a picture from Gavin Francis on March 14th 2019.
My picture at Cressex is from December 30th - Malcolm Crowe.
  I wonder if it is destined for Wycombe?

Cressex depot on December 30th with some windscreen replacement taking place. - Malcolm Crowe.
one has to note the beautiful blue sky - was it really December?

This was not my best photo taken in a rush on my phone but seems Cressex were short of buses to let this one out with the white front!!
Citaro 3918 at the Eden Bus Station on December 9th. Malcolm Crowe.

2479 and 2509 are seen working route 30 on December 30th by Gavin Francis.

This is from Wycombe's historic fleet !!! Ex Derby, 2159 is seen working the 32, again on December 30th by Gavin Francis.

Finally from December 30th by Gavin Francis, DAF 4819 is heading for Bourne End on a 37 working.

Here is the link to the 102 service High Wycombe-Heathrow CBS: https://assets.goaheadbus.com/media/cms_page_media/7785/Chiltern_Hundreds_-_102_Timetable_Leaflet_-_Nov2019_WEB_V2.pdf

This is the link for the full 101/102 services: https://assets.goaheadbus.com/media/cms_page_media/2019/12/27/Chiltern_Hundreds_-_101-102_-_Timetable_Leaflet_December_2019-WEB.pdf

A number of you provided pictures of the X90 coaches now working on the 102 service to Heathrow.

Gavin Francis

68 seen around the Eden bus station and Wycombe centre is working the 102 on December 30th.

69 is seen at the Wycombe depot on December 31st.

It would appear the 61 has been used most days on the night duties and appears under Carousel on www.bustimes.org !

Joshua Sammonds

78 is seen at Heathrow Central Bus Station Bay 9 with the Go Ahead 0945 to High Wycombe.
This was on December 30th. I wonder why Carousel is not mentioned on the stand screen?

 Richard Griffin, once a driver on the X90 and now a Training Driver on the London Underground

As I walked up to the departure end of my Metropolitan Line train at Uxbridge this afternoon, I spied an X90-liveried coach on York Road... I immediately cottoned on to what this would be and there was just time for me to put on my Hi-Vis and walk via Uxbridge sidings out onto York Road to take the latter photos before returning to my train for its 1516 departure to Aldgate! 

This coach would have begun its journey at Heathrow Central Bus Station at 1445,
and was due off Uxbridge York Road at 1515 and had probably arrived early thanks to empty roads.

Many thanks to Richard for these nice pictures.

A strange mixture of coaches working the 102 as on January 3rd 61 was working overnight and recorded on "bustimes" heading for Oxford at just after 7!!

The Scanias with the exception of 216 are now out and about. However M A N E200 422 and 424 with Mercedes 418 and 419 have not been used for many weeks now and are now delicenced pending a decision on their future. In the Carousel allocation they are replaced by the four X90 Interdecks.

424 hidden away with 418 and 419 in the overflow parking yard on December 30th by Malcolm Crowe.

Thus 421 is seen on the 40 instead of 423, again on December 30th heading out of West Wycombe by Malcolm Crowe.

939 and 940 seen in the operating yard on December 30th,
these ex London buses seeing regular use with sister 941 appearing on the Park & Ride 8 service on January 2nd. Malcolm Crowe.

Interesting times ahead for this operator. 

Obviously much is mentioned in our heading about this operator and I will keep X90 matters to that first section of this issue.

Regarding other matters I am advised that coach 39 is back from repair following an accident at the end of August 2019 only awaiting replacement vinyls before its return to service.

A number of pictures have been provided by contributors as indicated below.

Gavin Francis

Not long ago busy in High Wycombe but returned to Oxford and seen working the 500 road on December 22nd.

35 branded 305 is seen working the 3 on December 26th when many odd workings by branded buses took place.

New Year's day continued this trend with 308 working the 300 in Magdalen Street East.

Once a member of the Park & Ride fleet, Hybrid 311 seen working 300 road on December 22nd.

Girl Guiding 369 is seen with an outing working a 9 road service to Risinghurst on December 22nd.

Looking very tidy, Citaro seen working its usual 250 road on Christmas Eve, December 24th.

Jack Cooper

604 pictured on December 23rd at the train station with a city vinyl applied to its Brookes livery.  

Airline Tourismo 37 on December 23rd working an OXF service to Heathrow, some of you may remember Heathrow services being numbered X70.

Thames Travel Science Transit Shuttle 453 on loan to Oxford Bus Company working on City 6 pictured on Monday 30th December. 

Oxford's 845 working a City 250 service on Monday 30th December. Three of the four generic City red Citaros were off the road, 869, 870 and 882.
883 was the other bus on the 250 service on that day

Graham Low

603 is seen working 8 road on December 23rd which is at odds with its branding along the same route!

Graham Mildenhall

COMS 845 captured on Camp Road Upper Heyford on Monday 30 December operating the 1502 Bicester to Oxford service 250. 

According to bustimes.org, Thames Travel 453 has been on the Oxford/Wolvercote 6 road all afternoon!

Seen on the last day of the X90, coach 45 came through the Park & Ride on its way to Heathrow. Picture by Malcolm Crowe.
I heard someone say it is to become a training coach but that is not confirmed.

Jack Cooper

Jack writes from December 23rd "Oxford's 204 seen at the Rail Station, it also shows the new destination blind saying "University & City Tour. 20 stops & up to 14 languages" 


Guy Watts notes : "Thames Travel services were all operated by OBC out of Cowley House using TT drivers. 839, 840 and 845 were on X40s all day on December 26th."

Boxing Day sees 839 working a Thames Travel service, X40 to Reading.

As recorded elsewhere E200 453 has been on loan to Oxford and in use on 6 and 250 roads.

Several of their buses seem not have in use for a number of weeks. 

Reading with Thames Travel's Scania 229 working route X39 to Oxford by Jack Cooper on December 23rd. 

Chris Maxfield sent pictures of the Pulhams National Express relief that he operated on Christmas Eve.

PU15HAM in Gloucester, Sammies VCS and parked in Battersea.

News of the loss of Levante SH203 will be in the next issue.

Jack Cooper writes "Here are some pictures from Reading taken on a recent trip there with Theo Freeman on 23rd December."

Reading emerald Enviro 400 MMC 763 on route 5 to Northumberland Avenue.  

Reading Park and Ride Enviro 200 651 on route 500 to Winnersh Triangle. 

Big orange StreetDeck 903 and little orange Enviro 200 133 pictured together. 

Reading Omnidekka 806 on route 26 to Calcot IKEA. 

Reading Gas Enviro 300 429 on route 10 to Spencer's Wood. 

Courtney buses YJ13 HKW on route 128 to Wokingham.
To see more about Reading & Courtney view : http://www.buszone.co.uk/Up2019.html

Reading skyblue Enviro 400 230 on route 15 to Calcot IKEA.  

Reading greenwave gas Enviro 300 406 on route 60m to Mereoak P&R.  

Reading gas Enviro 300 418 on route 11 to Coley Park and Reading claret Enviro 400MMC 755 on route 21 to Lower Earley.

Many thanks to Jack for the update on a most interesting fleet.

Christmas Day service was operated on the nr 1. It is suggested that 10067 from Banbury also worked on this route over the holiday, does anyone have a picture?

The Oxford Training Coach, 52424, at Excel by Gavin Francis on  December 21st 2007. This was before it became a trainer at Liverpool.

Gavin Francis provided pictures of trainer 18484 now in use at Oxford.

Most of the older Gold buses from Witney have now gone north but still awaited a swop is 15616 which should see the of 15754 which went north in error.

I am pleased to have a picture of 15610, now with SC Yorkshire on its planned route of Barnsley-Leeds.

Taken on December 28th arriving in Leeds on an X10 working taken by Mike Power who has allowed me to use his picture.
Doesn't it look clean and shiny?

A further ex-Stagecoach Oxfordshire Scania/Enviro 400 to enter service at Long Sutton shortly before Christmas 2019 and following repaint into Interconnect colours is 15615, which allowed Enviro 400 19686 to return to Hull.

This London Scania, 15053 from Gavin Francis, has now joined the fleet of The Bus Business in Witney. Pictures would be appreciated. 

East's 54305 is seen at Rugby depot looking a lot better on December 27th by Martin Sacaloff. 

From Monday January 6th the Oxford tube will implement its new increased timetables which can be seen at the link below:

Oxford tube timetable from January 6th 2020

From Monday 6th January 2020 the Oxford tube will be introducing a a significantly improved timetable with increased frequency and a brand new express service to Baker Street.

Key changes to the timetable that will come into effect in January 2020, are:
  • 17% increase in number of journeys each week
  • Introduction of 12 express journeys in each direction (Monday to Friday) that will run as an Express between Thornhill Park and Ride and Baker Street, stopping only at the request of passengers at White City (in both directions)
  • An extended 10-minute operating frequency Monday to Friday in peaks
  • Up to 8 minute frequency on Saturdays, compared to 12 minute previously
  • Up to 12 minute frequency on Sundays, compared to 15 minute previously

The above changes will amount to an additional 13,446 seats between Oxford and London each week. Customers will be able to use the express route via Baker Street and the normal route on the same ticket (travelling to Baker street and returning to Oxford from Marble Arch or Notting Hill Gate)

Fares will remain unchanged.

The additional coaches were all delivered by Christmas and one or two were used in that period, being 50235 and 50246.

Pictures and report on these coaches appears below.

By January 3rd all but 50233 were back in Oxford and more or less ready for Monday 6th -- D Day !!!

Gavin Francis

50235 at Gloucester Green on December 24th ready for London.

50244 seen in Horspath Engineering being prepared for service on December 26th.

50245 seen in Horspath Engineering being prepared for service on December 26th.

50246 seen in Horspath depot yard ready for service on January 2nd.

50250 seen in Horspath depot yard waiting for the application of vinyls on January 2nd.

Ex megabus Astromegas 50246 (red roof) and 50245 (black roof) at Network Oxford early on Sunday, January 5th.

The random positioning of the fleet numbers and the variety of all red rooves and some with black should be noted.

Now a regular feature of the tube operation is one time megabus 50237 with red roof! At Hillingdon on December 27th. 

On Saturday, January 4th the service was very busy and above is 50277 a "full coach" ready to leave Thornhill with 50237 approaching behind.

Stagecoach West Scotland's 50291 is seen working Citylink 900 Glasgow Edinburgh at Haymarket on December 28th by Gordon Scott.
These are some of the last Astromegas purchased by Stagecoach. Now the Plaxton Panorama is in favour.

Interdecker 54270 is seen with the northbound M34 in Beaumont St Oxford on January 3rd by Gavin Francis. 

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