The last few weeks have been very busy and I attended the final day of the X90 services which were recorded in issue 86. however the are some further pictures in this issue which I felt would be interesting to readers. Coach 74 has subsequently been used on the overnight workings of the 102!!

My next task was to prepare for my talk to members of the Oxford Bus Enthusiasts Society which took rather more time to prepare than expected. I quickly discovered that 80 years of Bus Enthusiasm cannot be crammed into one evening without some kind of special presentation and audience who can absorb and enjoy a speed of light years presented !! So, no surprise I managed 25 years in the first night and there is more to follow in another presentation in a few months time. This seemed to go well and I have been asked to give another talk, probably in April !

Much is happening at present with the first ex Oxford X90 coach returning on Friday, January 17th to Carousel in High Wycombe. I hope to have some pictures in time for publication of this issue. Added to this is the first news of a note from TfL of a proposed express service from High Wycombe to Heathrow via Maidenhead !! Shades of the days when a RailAir link ran from High Wycombe direct to Heathrow which I used on one occasion when based in Birmingham in the early '70s.  Does anyone have any pictures of this operation ??

Further mint green buses are appearing for Stagecoach, seemingly to be used on special services such as "Busways" and Park&Ride services. A significant batch has been delivered to SC Manchester.

Pictures from Les Burton of buses awaiting entry into service at Sharston, being stored at Wigan.

I feel I must comment on the state of the roads around our area, especially many roads in High Wycombe where there are some very bad holes in the road which punish all but the worst cars, when maybe a Rolls Royce or Bentley can "fill in" the holes but certainly not smaller cars. And yet money is spent on completely new roads and pavements where the surface was reasonable in the first place. It seems that the planners and designers are hell bent on reducing two carriageway roads to one carriageway and increasing the centre islands and footpath widths. I wonder if this to discourage car drivers which is certainly not working in my experience.

I have received many more pictures from Paul Bateson and Kevin Nicol relating to their world travels which I will feed on to the page in the coming months.

The new timetable for the Oxford tube was introduced on January 6th and we have quite a few pictures of the launch and new destination screen displays. Some of these are under the Oxford tube heading in the fleet area but below is a special piece dedicated to the tube.

Closure of Worcester Street

Gavin Francis notes "With the closure of Worcester Street buses have to go along Beaumont Street to get to Gloucester Green." This has been causing significant problems for many services.

And finally

Finally as I got to "press" I have much appreciated the support from so many readers with over 150 pictures in this issue! Do keep the contributions coming please!


50271 seen arriving at Thornhill working an Express for London on January 10th 2020 by Daryl Major.

Oxford Tube’s significantly improved timetable with increased frequency and a brand-new express service to Baker Street started on January 6th with the company’s senior team welcoming existing and new passengers on to the new services.

Commuters were greeted earlier on the day by Ticket Sales Huw Stockwell, Stagecoach Managing Director Chris Coleman,
Chief Engineer Terry Absalom and Operations Director, Martin Gibbon
 at Thornhill

Stagecoach Managing Director Chris Coleman, Chief Engineer Terry Absalom and Operations Director Martin Gibbon
 alongside Oxford Tube Operations Manager, Rob Hough
welcomed more at Thornhill as some of the first new services departed.

To celebrate the launch the senior team were on hand to welcome existing and new passengers with a complimentary croissant and hot drink as they headed back to routine after the Christmas break. 

The changes to the Oxford Tube service will amount to an impressive 13,446 additional seats between Oxford and London each week, with no extra fare increase. Commuters can also take advantage of the Oxford Tube's current annual pass offer which is on sale until the 31st January, providing a saving of £200 on an already attractive ticket price when compared to rail fares.

Key changes were shown in issue nr 87.

The Oxford Tube service will continue to run 24 hours day with fares remaining unchanged.

Chris Coleman, Managing Director of the Oxford Tube said: "We’ve been working very hard to improve both our timetable and services for our passengers as we enter 2020. We appreciate that good transport links and pricing options for commuters are key and that’s why we have introduced new links to Baker Street. It means commuters can be taken closer to where they work without having to pay extra. 

“We are really excited about the year ahead for the Oxford Tube and will be continuing to monitor and evaluate services so that we continue to offer the very best for our passengers.”

More tube information and pictures under Fleet News and Developments.  

Oxford zero emission zone proposals to capture coaches

The proposed Oxford Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) will see non-compliant coaches subject to a £10 daily charge to enter.

If approved, the ZEZ is on track to be enacted this year under plans by Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council. It will precede a much larger ZEZ in 2021/22.

An upcoming trip on Olympians which will interest Readers

Chris Martin



"I've got a trip organised which may be of interest to enthusiasts in your region. On Saturday 28th March I've arranged a private hire with Cheney Coaches, Banbury using each of their three Leyland Olympians for a trip around the local area. These are normally only used on schools contracts and all three were new to Isle of Man Transport. We will pick-up outside Banbury Railway Station (main entrance, town centre side) at 10:20 and will aim to be back for 16:50, during the trip there will be a chance to look around their depot for those that wish to see and photograph their coaches. Full details on this link... 


"If you could give the trip a quick mention it would be much appreciated and hopefully some of your readers will join us for the rare chance to ride on these buses."

More on the final days of the X90

Jack Cooper

"It was wonderful seeing so many people at the last day event at Gloucester Green and it was wonderful talking to so many different people and listening to people's fond memories of the service. It was great seeing so many people attending the event, with the heritage bus rides being a massive hit. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a ride on one of them but I had the opportunity to back 105 out of bay 6 for the 10:30 departure to Thornhill. There were so many people lining the streets of Oxford taking their final pictures, and there were also people waiting at stops in London the drivers were telling us. Personally I was surprised to see people waiting for us at Hillingdon on the X90 journey that I did, the 14:00 from Oxford and then the 17:00 from London. The freebies in the shop were a bit and had disappeared very quickly, and from what I had seen the X90 books were popular too. I would like to thank those who were taking part in the running day, Jonathan Radley (who had brought OAX 9F) and David Clements and the Cherwell Bus Preservation Group (who had brought NUD 105L), those at Oxford Bus for organising the event, Wayne Singleton (the Gloucester Green controller) and JK (our banksman). It truly was an amazing event." 

Captions for the picture 

Coach 70 (X90WAY) pictured at Thornhill Park and Ride, Hillingdon and London Victoria whilst working the 14:00 departure from Oxford to London.

Andrew Simmonds

After nearly 33 years you could say that Harry Blundred * has finally won the battle between Oxford Tube and City of Oxford for the Oxford to London coach market. 

Must of been one of the longest battles in bus history, although arguably Oxford Tune had won many years ago as Go Ahead kept cutting the service etc.

* Harry Blundred was the originator of the Oxford tube.

Andy Broomfield

I enjoyed this weeks update, disappointing to see the X90 service has come to an end. As a child I used use the service with my parents a few times a year.

Would have been nice if coms had given the only white coach in the fleet a tribute livery to the old city link branding back in the 90’s, never mind just a thought.

Andrew Simmonds sent this picture of 105 arriving in Thornhill driven by Phil Southall.

A nice picture of 74 heading for London on January 4th by Andrew Simmonds.

Another last day picture of 74 this time by Mike Lewis.

74 has been working the overnight 102's for Carousel in the past few weeks !

368 is seen working the 500 from Oxford being over taken at speed by 105 on January 4th by Guy Watts.

Stokenchurch - History from Edward Maun

I have attached 3 photos taken at the Kings Arms refreshment stop, Stokenchurch in 1955.

DDF 45 is a Black & White Bristol L6G with Duple body and is in the coach park which was at the Wycombe end of the hotel – you can just see the island that was in the middle of the park.

DDF45  Bristol L6G 48.116  Du 6054/5  C31F  12/1938  Black & White  101

 OHY 996 is a Bristol Tramways (Bristol Greyhound) Bristol LWL6B with an ECW body and is on the back road which was often used when the coach park was full.

OHY996  Bristol LWL6B 95.007  ECW 6267  FC37F  8/1952  Bristol Tramways  2824


 LAX 644 is a Red & White Bristol LS6G with ECW body seen in the coach park.

LAX644  Bristol LS6G 97.039  ECW 6990  C39F  7/1953  Red & White  UC453 

Many thanks to Ed for those most interesting pictures.

More cooperation in High Wycombe


Recently launched and introduced is further togetherness by Arriva and Carousel. Check the link to read all about it.


Well, it seems sensible, so let's see how it develops. Picture by Pete Cabin.

Winchester on New Year's Day 2020 by David Gray

David visited Winchester for the annual Friends of King Alfred Running Day. 

Variations on a theme 595 and 596 shows two differing liveries in Winchester.

Leyland Titan POU494 is heading for Broadway.

Tiger Cub WCG104 is seen en route to Teg Down from Winchester.

Many thanks to David for his pictures from Winchester.


Nick Ross has sent some nice pictures and here is thought for summer holidays. I remember my visit on my Concession Pass in 2008 from Stokenchurch to Lands End. A wonderful trip.

Three from Cornwall for possible inclusion,  all taken on a very grey January 2nd 2020 !

This links to a route map: https://www.firstgroup.com/uploads/maps/network-map-summer-MASTER-mar19-web_1.pdf

First Kernow Volvo B7 with Alexander body 32097 at Lands End after working the 0840 A1 from Penzance 

First Kernow Trident 33230 at Penzance with A17 1727 St Ives - Pendeen.


First Kernow Trident 33235 at a busy St Ives with an A17 for Penzance and Madron.

Thanks to Nick for these pictures. 

The floods catch Oxfordshire 

Marcus Lapthorn writes "Seen today from New Bridge on the A415 to Witney. This wedding bus owned by the adjacent Maybush public house is surrounded by water!"

May"bush"be it is so that couples can arrive by boat and get married in the bus!!! Sorry Marcus, a brilliant picture.

North of the Border with Gordon Scott

Had a trip to Kirkcaldy on January 4th.

Stagecoach East Scotland Fife, 54075 - SV59CHY Volvo B12B Plaxton Panther on route X60. Seen with Young Scot Awards livery.

Stagecoach East Scotland Fife ex London Scania Omnicity N230 UB taken in Kirkcaldy

15072 - LX09AEV on route 7A.

January 8th

Parks of Hamilton New Volvo B11R Plaxton Panorama
HSK651 - 79 seats & 1 Wheelchair.

Taken at lunch stop on launch day Dakota Hotel South Queensferry today. Official launch was at Riverside Museum Glasgow this morning.

Taken at Edinburgh Bus Station on January 10th.

McLeans Coaches VDL Futura  AJ67MCL seen
leaving Edinburgh on Megabus G92 route.

There are a few of new Volvo B11R Plaxton Panorama coaches branded with Citylink logo where most have route 900 branded.

I caught up with Citylink branded one Parks of Hamilton HSK660 taken at Drum Brae Corstorphine Edinburgh on route 900 to Glasgow.

Taken at Glasgow on January 15th

Stagecoach West Scotland Volvo B11R Plaxton Panorama 50413 - YX69LBL 900 route branded
in front ofWesttCoast MotorsCoast MotorsCoast Motors YX69LHM AIR Coach livery .

50416 - YX69LBP 900 route branded.

50419 - YX69LBZ Citylink route branding.

First Glasgow  33908 - SN11FPA Alexander Dennis Enviro
400 with advert National Lottery on route 6.

67770 - SN13CGU Alexander Dennis Enviro
300 with route 2 green branding.

Parks HSK659 Volvo B11R Plaxton Panorama
with Citylink branding taken in Buchanan Bus Station Glasgow on route 900.

First Glasgow 67821 - SN13EBZ Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 with route 3 Mustard livery
taken Renfrew Street Glasgow.

Taken on January 17th at Alexander Dennis Falkirk factory

First West England 39429 - YN69EHF
Scania Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 City CBG Gas Bus seen out on a test run.

Taken on January 21st at Alexander Dennis Falkirk factory.

Stagecoach London
11342 - SL69XWY Alexander Dennis E40D MMC seen out on a test run at Falkirk.

Many thanks to Gordon for his regular contributions right up to publication day.

Fleet news and developments

The allocation list for January 2020 is to be seen at the link below:

Enthusiast Fleet List January 2020 

Nigel Peach writes "Two more Citaros from Aylesbury to Wycombe last month, 3914 and 3915, swapped with two ALX400s 4824 and 6003. There are now 30 Citaros at Wycombe! And only three double deckers left! ".

3796 seen unloading in St. Aldates on January 6th by Gavin Francis.

Comment was made regarding the lack of suitable coaches for Arriva-Green Line routes from Hemel Hempstead to London. The pictures below from Gavin Francis show the replacement E200s being used for at least one month. One is led to understand that the ordered TEMSA Safari coaches, 7100-7105, are still in South Wales having modifications completed.

E200 3117 in Bulleid Way on January 13th with a 758 working by Gavin Francis. 

Late News from Nigel Peach

I was surprised to see Evolution YJ60GGO in Wycombe bus station today (21st) on route 30.
It seems that this bus has done the rounds during its life, including a spell at Arriva Southern Counties.

That panel is off 2703 from Hinckley Bus being used at Cressex depot for parts.!!!!
Here it is with 3862 back in early December (no front panel though.)

"Meanwhile ex ASC 3539 LF52 UOB, back after a spell off the road, is sporting a replacement front panel... but it's red, and it says HinckleyBus! Sadly it eluded my camera."

It is expected that at least coach 75, now Carousel red will be back on January 22nd.

On a visit to the depot it seems that at least one coach is in reserve for the 102 and on January 20th it was 68.

Scania 216 has acquired a super rear ad and is seen next to 217 and 709 which is now back from its wanderings.
68 is seen in the background. Picture by Malcolm Crowe.

Andy Broomfield

I know at least one of Interdeckers is also there being prepared for Carousel's 102 service.I know at least one of Interdeckers is also there being prepared for Carousel's 102 service.

 I have travelled on coach 78 from High Wycombe to Uxbridge and many customers have commented that these coaches are not practical as there are few seats down stairs..


424 and one of the MCV M A N s now out of use and seen on January 20th by Malcolm Crowe.. 


In regards to the carousel MAN’s, I’m not surprised that they are under review as they don’t seem to particularly reliable at present..

I haven’t seen Chiltern Bus Company ex Carousel bus 872 in a long time, long term VOR or has been sold?? 


Wonder if anymore of the Carousel ex London double deckers will be receiving single door conversation?? It is planned for all the ex London's to be converted to single door.. 

One notes that on TfL Consultancy web site that Oxford have applied for a route High Wycombe- Maidenhead-Heathrow numbered X50 to start in late March. I hope to have more details for the next issue.

Now, pictures from various contributors.

Ciaran Bird

About a month ago I was given a new phone and the camera on it is very good! Here's a photo of 219 HF10OXF on 500 and 305 HE11OXF on 5s at the rail station on January 8th.

Pictures by Ciaran Bird

Mike Lewis

Plymouth's 322 seen in Bath is ex OBC taken on January 4th by Mike Lewis.

Gavin Francis

Tourismo 39 is now back in service after repairs following an accident last August. Pictures from Gavin Francis on January 19th.

Diverted via the Banbury Road due to severe congestion in  the city centre, 40 is seen in St Giles on January 12th by Gavin Francis.

Scania 219,  still devoid of any branding is seen working 2 road by Debenhams on January 13th by Gavin Francis.

227 is seen  by Debenhams with a 2A on January 3rd by Gavin Francis.

364 is seen with an 8 road service in High Street on January 6th by Gavin Francis.

369 is seen with a 6 road service in by The Randolph on January 5th by Gavin Francis.

602 is seen with a 2 road service by Debenhams on January 6th by Gavin Francis.

662 is seen with a 400 road service at Thornhill on January 4th by Gavin Francis.

Due to roadworks around Worcester Street, all PCVs had to divert via Beaumont Street
when this picture of 663 was taken by Gavin Francis on January 14th.

Citaro 846 is seen with a 6 road service on January 11th by Gavin Francis.
There have been many  working of branded buses on the wrong roads in recent weeks.
However unbranded 883 is seen working 6 road on January 3rd.

Dave Gordon

Dave Gordon this time! Taken on Tuesday, January 7th in Kidlington. 305 is somewhat away from its branded route!

Graham Low

Working the 8 on December 23rd, 603 is seen waiting time by Graham Low.

Jack Cooper

This time 846 is working 5 road at the top of Castle Street on January 16th by Jack Cooper.

James Freeman

James Freeman contributed this picture of 848 working the X3 on January 16th in St Aldates.

James also took this picture of 224 working the 300 to Pear Tree on January 16th outside Debenhams by the 2 road stop!!!!

Jason Kew

January 4th and StreetDeck 677 is seen working the ST2 at Carfax Corner by Jason Kew.

Another from Jason shows 845 with a 250 service in St Giles on December 30th.

On the same day by Jason, Thames Travel's 453 is seen working a 6 road service.

Andy Broomfield writes " ..with regard to Scania 205, it has gone to Hants and Dorset Trim presumably to be converted for the open top tours."

Oxford allocated 869 is seen on January 16th by Jack Cooper with a Thames Travel X39 working. 

In these pictures taken by Gavin Francis on January 6th of 937 we can see the ramp still in use from the centre door.
I presume this must make single door conversion rather time consuming and maybe expensive?

Ray Ramsey

Just had a further update that NatEx WM will be extending their Service 11 from Leamington onto Warwick.

Bennetts BV69KRX with a 304 working in George Street, Oxford on January 4th by Gavin Francis.

Taking a cherished registration this Levante is now in full Edwards livery but has been seconded to work a National Express 507 service.
It is seen running round from Sammies to departures and then in VCS. Gavin Francis took these pictures on January 3rd.

Go North East's 7139 in Sammies on January 4th by Mark Wakefield.  

Peter Leymann

Stagecoach Oxfordshire have had to move out of Bicester outstation (Granville Way) and I have sent pictures of the buses running out of the old outstation (Granville Way) on Saturday 18 January 2020 for the last time.

The old yard in Granville Way. Some building work can be seen behind 10779. Taken on January 18th.

In the other pictures 15760 doing the first run out new outstation 19 January 2020 with the other buses parked up at the new yard, lighting was poor at that time of the morning so I do apologise for the bad quality photographs.

!5760 and then 10440 at the new location on January 19th.

All pictures by Peter Leymann ©

Stagecoach have relocated to another yard, in Murdock Road, to operate from for the S5 Bicester services.

New service - 505  Brackley to Bicester

This new service commenced operation on Monday, January 13th and I grateful to Trevor Bayliss (Area Manager) and Hugh Jaeger (Bus Users UK) for providing information and pictures.

Trevor Bayliss

First trip from Bicester Village Rail Station to Brackley yesterday on new 505  service. The trip ran on time.

37405 on the trip mentioned  - January 13th by Trevor Bayliss ©

Hugh Jaeger

I attach a timetable for the new Brackley – Bicester route 505 that Stagecoach in Oxfordshire will launch on Monday 13 January. I wish the late Michael Barlow, who chaired Bus Users Northampton, were alive to hear the news. He died in October 2015, I think of a heart condition. In November 2016 Stagecoach Midlands kindly named a Gold Enviro400 after him.

Mike got me involved in the Brackley – Bicester route almost a decade ago when Northants and Oxon county councils unwisely split route X88 at Silverstone and Walters messed up the Silverstone – Oxford section. At a packed public meeting in Brackley Town Hall in October 2010 quiet, gentle Mike bravely faced 60 angry passengers, Andrea Leadsom MP was there for part of the meeting, but Walters lacked the courage to turn up! 

It prompted me to research the history of buses linking Bicester and Brackley. Have the two towns ever been linked by an hourly bus before? As far as I can tell, route X88 was only once every two hours, and its predecessor was only four times a day. Would I be right in saying the new route 505 is the most frequent Brackley – Bicester bus service there has ever been?pan> 

How much of the route's early history do you know? In 2016 a local bus blogger wrote a four-part history of the route, but it goes back only as far as the 1970s and seems to be missing a few dates:




Do you recall routes 338, X38 or X6? The blogger says the Northampton – Oxford route 338 seems to have been launched in the 1970s, but he does not say which year. And he does not mention any Brackley – Bicester services that may have operated before route 338. If you can fill in any gaps in the route's history, please do!

Originally route 338 (later X38, then X6) seems to have been a direct express service. But then it seems to have absorbed the old Northamptonshire villages route 88 in 2003 (when it became route X88) and Oxfordshire villages route 37 in 2007. Each of those route mergers seems to have slowed it down.

And do you recall when Northants and Oxon County Councils started subsidising the route? Was the original route 338 commercial? I think route X88 was subsidised by 2007, but I do not know its subsidy history before that. 

If the villages are on rural lanes off the main road network, it seems impractical to try to make an "interurban" bus serve all the villages as well as link the main towns. They need two different types of bus service. But I guess county councils on tight budgets were tempted to try to serve two different types of passenger with one bus.

Stagecoach in Oxfordshire seems to have decided to make route 505 purely a direct interurban bus to link two towns. Commercially I am sure this is the right priority. Route 505 will not serve any villages off the main roads, but if it succeeds it should help to reduce the amount of car traffic.

I look forward to route 505 starting on Monday. I will try to visit Bicester or Brackley soon to see it in service!

I asked Mick Furn in Brackley the same question about bus routes from Brackley. All he was able to add was that he remembers in the late 1950s and early 60s there was a COMS route 95 that ran from Brackley to Oxford about twice a day via Stoke Lyne, Ardley, Somerton, The Heyfords, Kirtlington, Bletchington, Gosford, Kidlington and Summertown to Gloucester Green.

January 14th

Picture by Hugh Jaeger ©

I visited both Brackley and Bicester on the morning of Monday 13 January and photographed the new route 505 on its first day in service. The bus was an Alexander Dennis Dart with Enviro200 MMC body, registration mark YX65PXW, fleet number 37405.

Pictures by Hugh Jaeger. ©

The two photos taken in the dark are from very early morning in Manorsfield Road, Bicester. The other photos are in Market Place, Brackley and at Bicester Village railway station. 

There were very few passengers and very little sunshine. 

Route 505 ran on time throughout the morning peak but its timetable has little recovery time: typically two minutes at one end of the route. That morning there were queues of traffic in both directions at Baynard's Green roundabout, which is the junction of the A43 and B4100. I think they are caused by congestion at M40 junction 10. This has the potential to disrupt the new service if ever the M40 has a serious traffic problem or a diversion.

Pictures from contributors

Frazer Peddle

34627 a Trainer from Midlands at Oxford on January 9th by Frazer Peddle.

Gavin Francis

The rear of the trainer shown above which has been around since the first days of January.

36771 works the 800 Hospital service on January 6th seen at Thornhill.

Allan Hollis

Cambus (Stagecoach) Volvo B8R MCV eVoRa, first three on road test today 08/01/2020, first three on road test today 08/01/2020 © A.G.Hollis fotobus 2020.

© A. G. Hollis

Three of the six (21363-68)  Volvo B8RLEs with MCV eVoRa bodywork for Cambridge Busway work are currently undergoing eFan modifications in Birmingham with the remaining three due to arrive there by the end of next week. All three carry pale green livery but currently do not have registration plates fitted. modifications in Birmingham with the remaining three due to arrive there by the end of next week. All three carry pale green livery but currently do not have registration plates fitted.

There also appears to be some confusion over the registrations of the 12 Enviro 400XLBs that have recently been delivered here. Whilst initially we had been told that the registrations would be allocated in sequence, we now understand that is not the case and that the following is expected to be the situation. However, none of the vehicles currently have fleet numbers applied.

13901 BU69XYB
13902 BU69XYA
13903 BU69XYD
13904 BU69XYC
13905 BU69XYE
13906 BU69XYF
13907 BU69XYG
13908 BU69XYH
13909 BU69XYK
13910 BU69XYL
13911 BU69XYM
13912 BU69XYJ

Martin Sacaloff 

54305 at Rugby depot on December 27th 2019 by Martin Sacaloff

Samuel Derrington reported that 54318 was seen in Brunel Street, Birmingham with photos provided !!! Rugby must be really short of coaches.

Carl Berry

I assume you've heard of two ex Thames Transit dds arriving in South Wales, however if not: YN14 PKY/YN14 PKX



Barry Gilbert
also mentioned their arrival and I am hoping for photos from these guys if they are more local to the new operating area?
Update on the current bus fleet records that 15754, mistakenly sent to Hull has not transferred to Cwmbran with 15838, 15964 and 15965.

These are to convert the X3 service (Cardiff-Cwmbran-Pontypool-Abergavenny-Hereford) from Scania/E300 to double deck Gold operation. The buses being replaced are sisters to the Scanias working the X4 from Banbury to Oxford, the only difference is that the Banbury ones are Gold!

I look forward to pictures of our old Golds in their new home area.

Mark  Wakefield provided that pictures above, taken on January 3rd at Cwmbran, of 15754 in the first and 15964-5 in the second.

Due to roadworks around Worcester Street, all PCVs had to divert via Beaumont Street
when this picture of 10986 was taken by Gavin Francis on January 12th.

An interesting picture from Rob Knight taken in Stroud recently.

Buses acquired from South Gloucester Bus & Coach stored out of use at Stroud depot on December 30th.

Just a special note regarding coaches expected for The Oxford tubee
 which I misquoted.

Cumbernauld Joint Venture [Stagecoach West Scotland]Cumbernauld Joint Venture [Stagecoach West Scotland]  still have Van Hool Astromega 50248 & 50249 which I had thought were coming to Oxford. This is shown in the January allocation lists.

Andy Broomfield

Oxford tube - I have noticed they have brought in a number of coaches for the increased service, the current fleet is now over 5 years old. I thought the policy was to replace the fleet every 5 years.  I Wonder?

Gavin Francis

Gavin has been keeping up to date with the recent "second hand" Astromegas which have arrived from Scotland.

50233 from the rear at Oxford Depot on January 11th - note the odd position of the fleet number!!!! 


Here is 50233 from new in December 2011 and in 2016 both by Gavin Francis.

50246 in Thornhill on January 4th -  Note the RED roof !!!

50247 in Thornhill on January 4th, note the BLACK roof and other livery differences !!

50250 also seen at Thornhill, again with RED roof this time on January 6th.

Here 50261 is seen Oxford bound with one of the first EXPRESS services via Baker Street on January 6th at Thornhill.

50280 heads for London on the original route via Shepherds Bush and all stops on January 6th at Thornhill.

Mark Wakefield

50245 in Buckingham Palace Road on January 15th with BLACK Roof ! Also note the fleet numbers.
Surely from a corporate view vehicles should match ?????

Recent reports suggest that things are running well and the coaches are being kept to the correct services - all stops or express - and apart from the inevitable traffic delays timings are holding up. 

megabus on its website is still using the now old megabus.com Monica's !!

megabus 54276 is seen working the M10 to London in December 2019 by Mark Wakefield.

SC West's 59226 on December 28th by Mark Wakefield, not revealing any Stagecoach fleet numbers!

Scottish based 50410 is seen in Bulleid Way GLCS on January 13th by Gavin Francis.
This "new" livery or branding does NOTHING to promote megabus. Just a lump of blue tin not creating impact like Sid did. 

Smaller operators and London developments

This one was a surprise to me!!!!


BlablaBus is a brand new bus company created in 2018. It is the result of the acquisition of OUIBUS (belonging to the SNCF) by BlaBlaCar in November 2018. The official launch took place in June 2019.

Thandi operating for BLA BLA BUS leaving VCS, TT68NDY on January 8th by Gavin Francis.


GAL WSD10 working the 44 carries a rather excellent wrap seen on January 9th by Gavin Francis.

A note to my readers.

So there are many more pictures to come from various contributors especially the ones from Kevin Nicol and Paul Bateson. I should also apologise to a couple of others that I have not included them this time but they will be in the next issue.

So the next page will be on Thursday, January 30th getting back to normal for 2020.

The next days are busy as "someone" has a special birthday on the 24th !!!! 

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