The weather in recent days has been very trying and upsetting for so many people throughout the U.K. It seems that here in the Chilterns we have escaped being less affected than so many readers and friends in our areas.

This has not stopped roads becoming flooded, trees coming down and even old codgers like me, your Editor, have fallen over in the difficult conditions to walk our dogs!

Gavin Francis, seemingly as ever, in the right place at the right time got a lovely picture of Carousel's new bus wash on the A40 approaching Stokenchurch. It does look pristine, the paintwork is really shiny.

Picture by Gavin Francis taken in February 16th of 857 working a Sunday Link40 service to Stokenchurch.

School half term has been this week and as a result a number of buses have also had a break. The county school services are curtailed during this time as always.

A late item is the revelation of Oxford's coach 67 now rebranded for Airport service.

Picture from Jack Cooper

You can see in detail the rebranding under Oxford below.

Also in this issue we have a delightful article from Michael Wadman relating to Oxfordshire in 2013. You will notice a lot has changed.

I have also included some fascinating pictures from Paul Bateson taken in the early 1980s. Nick Ross also spent a few days in the Highlands which he recorded for us.

Graham Wareham has an interesting Flickr site with many pictures of buses times past. https://www.flickr.com/photos/59835095@N02/

M4 closure this weekend

The M4 will be completely closed between junction 4b and 5 from 2000 on Friday 21 February until 0600 on Sunday 23 February 2020. This is to allow for the demolition of the Old Slade Lane bridge.

Traffic will be diverted as follows:-

Towards London: From junction 5 via A4, right A3055, right A3113, join M25 northbound (signed M4 M40 M1)
 to junction 15 and join M4 towards London.
Towards Slough: M4 to junction 4b. Join M25 (signed Gatwick) to junction 14, left A3113, left A3034 and left A4 to junction 5.

This will doubtless produce a great deal of extra traffic on the M40 between the M25 junction and High Wycombe.

Is Flixbus looking to start UK operations?

European and American intercity express operator Flixbus has applied for an Operator’s Licence in the UK.

The application is for the East of England Traffic Area for one vehicle to be based at Unit 1-2 , Buckingway Business Park, Rowles Way, Swavesey, Cambridgeshire. This is the same operating centre address as Whippet Coaches Limited.

The Director is listed as Max Zeumer, the Vice President of International Business at Flixbus. The licence status is ‘currently under consideration’.

During the 1990s National Express also operated in a similar way, where only one vehicle was operated by National Express itself, with the rest of the vehicles being operated by contractors.

Flixbus already operates some European services into London, from Paris and Amsterdam, with a further 42 connections available, some of those services coming from the June 2016 deal where Flixbus acquired the megabus.com retailing business in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Benelux as well as cross-border services to London. Megabus.com continued to operate as a Flixbus contractor for a short period of time.

Gavin Francis caught up with a Flixbus in London Victoria on February 18th.

This VDL is run by KUPERS of The Netherlands on behalf of Flixbus seen in Elizabeth Bridge, Victoria on February 18th by Gavin Francis. 

Geoff Cunliffe on a forerunner of a Flixbus style operation

I read the Flixbus article in Route One with interest. For those with long memories, it reminds me of the ill-fated British Coachways network which was established in the early 1980s. Fylde Borough bought a couple of double deckers to work some routes there but, as you may remember, the scheme soon fell flat.  

Attached is some note about the operation which is in my Fylde fleet history file and which may be of interest:- 

The vehicles were supplied with high back coach type seating and used initially on a short-lived daily express service to Manchester Airport, operated under the terms of the 1980 Transport Act, which linked with the equally short-lived British Coachways network at Altrincham via Shearings. 

The British Coachways network was interesting. The idea was born by the southern operator Grey-Green (Mike Kay was a leading light of the project) after approaches to National Express and Scottish Bus for a share with them on main motorway routes had come to nothing. On the basis that if you can't join them, try to beat them, leading independents, and some less well-known, were approached on the understanding that each route was a separate pool but the general publicity was an overall responsibility. National Express revenues were severely dented for three months. Unfortunately, the opportunity was lost through distrust and the failure of some to appreciate the well-tried practices of joint operation. Poor coach terminals had a lot to do with the failure as did the long pocket of the National Bus Company. The full, though brief, history of British Coachways would bring credit to few but it was the less powerful of their participants which set the best example. The late Charles Warner and the erstwhile Morris Bros of Swansea were amongst these.

Additionally there is a good article on the web about the failed British Coachways attempt to challenge the National Bus Company.

Under the Wikipedia banner, it can be found at:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Coachways

However it would appear that the Flixbus operation is made of stronger stuff. However time will tell. Ed.

Michael Wadman relates to Oxfordshire in 2013

Don’t know whether these old photos are of interest to you for OCBP. They’re from a couple of films that I took in 2013 and have only just had printed, and relate my attempts to chase Tex Coaches before they withdrew their last bus services. And it sort of ties in to the recent thread on Brackley, which was where I ended up. Unfortunately I don’t have full details of the day because of a lost notebook.  

So having seen in N&P that Tex Coaches had de-registered their remaining bus services from mid-October, I decided that a trip to photograph and if possible ride on them was required, and on the 3rd October 2013 I arrived at Oxford, probably by coach, with plenty of time to take a few photos before heading north. 

Amongst the vehicles seen in Oxford were: 

Heyfordian Solo YJ10MBO on service 44

City of Oxford ADL Enviro 400H no 309 (HJ11OXF) on Park + Ride 300

City of Oxford Scania N230UD / ADL no 218 (GF10OXF) on service 20

Stagecoach Thames Transit ADL Enviro 400 no 12006 (OU10GGO) on service 2

A couple more vehicles seen in Oxford in the morning: 

Swanbrook Scania K340EB4 / Caetano FJ07DWP on service 853 

Thames Travel Optare Solo SR no 720 (YJ13HOA) on service 25A 

It was now time for me to leave Oxford, and at first I thought that my day would be ruined right from the start as the S5 that I was waiting for was delayed unable to make the turn into Magdalen Street by a carelessly parked van. Fortunately thanks to some spirited driving the delay wasn’t enough to disrupt my plans. So S5 to Bicester where I alighted at the Shopping Village to photograph the shuttle to Bicester North station which in those days was operated by Grayline.

I duly recorded Wright StreetLite DF MX13BCU before walking to the town centre.  

Having with some difficulty found the new stops (this must have been my first visit since they built a supermarket on top of the old ones) I was able to get some more photos: 

Langston & Tasker Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton KU52YKD on service 18

Thames Travel Optare Solo SR no 717 (YJ13HNX) on service 24

Stagecoach Thames Transit Scania N230UD / ADL no 15757 (OU61 AVM) on service S5

So now I’m in Bicester and along comes the vehicle that I’ve been waiting for, Tex Coaches Ford Transit EP03FJX on service T1A. If you look closely you can just seen a tiny electronic display mounted on the nearside dash showing the route number. On this I proceeded on a splendid rural trundle via Ardsley, Fritwell, Aynho, Kings Sutton, and Bodicote to Banbury, where the second photo shows it after arrival.


From here I had planned to make my second journey on Tex Coaches, to Brackley via Helmdon on service 508. Unfortunately when Iveco Daily / Euromotive AO51KSZ turned up, there was no room for me! Apparently there had only been a few passengers on the inward journey and so for the return they had allocated a vehicle with only just enough seats – because of course no-one was going to want to make a one-way trip on the return journey, were they?


So instead I went round the corner to the bus station and caught Heyfordian’s Optare Solo KX03 KYU on service 499, which retraced much of the route of the T1A as far as Aynho before heading off for Brackley, where it arrived before the 508 was due.

As I mentioned earlier I have unfortunately lost the relevant notebook so I don’t know exactly what I intended to do next. I’m certain that I thought that I would be able to leave Brackley on another Tex Coaches service but which one and to where I have no idea.

Having examined the N&P entries it’s possible that I was misled by duff Traveline info and that the service I was expecting had already been withdrawn. But whatever, nothing turned up, not even the 508. This left me stuck in a somewhat drizzly Brackley for rather longer than I had expected, but did mean that I got a photo of Redline’s Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton T375JJC on service 132.

Eventually I escaped on a Stagecoach Midland Red South service to Banbury and an S4 (which I was surprised to find was another Midland Red South vehicle, ADL Enviro 200 no 36454 (OU61AVD) to Oxford.

With many thanks to Michael Wadman for a most interesting piece and photos which take us back a few years.

Paul Bateson remembers the 1980's in pictures

Paul has sent a number of interesting pictures which I going to present here for your interest and for many much older memories from more than 30 years ago.

Alder Valley's Bristol VR DP 934 LPF597P is seen in Peascod Street, Windsor on February 28th 1983.
Most interestingly it is heading for High Wycombe with Thames Line M A P branding. Thus it was probably allocated to Maidenhead depot.

Alder Valley used their Bristol VR DP 985 CJH125V on London tourist services when seen in Victoria on March 2nd 1983.
This is a far cry from the Sightseeing services on the 2020s.

Alder-Valley's Railair 1197 GGM97W at Reading Station on March 3rd 1983.

Charlton Services used this ex London Fleetline MLH420L on its service to Oxford where it is seen March 4th 1983.

Chiltern Queens of Woodcote ran this Leyland Leopard OJO835M to and from Reading. Seen on March 3rd 1983.

City Of Oxford 85 RBW85M-in Gloucester Green, Oxford on March 4th 1983.
These were wonderful coaches, very fast and very warm. They had Leyland engines and ran very smoothly indeed.

City Of Oxford 214 BBW214Y is seen in Gloucester Green, Oxford on February 12th 1984 with a service to Blenheim Palace.

City Of Oxford 316 NUD106L in Gloucester Green, Oxford on March 4th 1983.
These double deck semi-coaches had been delivered for use on the London services and this one was 106.

City Of Oxford 429 UFC429K, Daimler Fleetline with Leyland engine working a 311 service to Milton on March 4th 1983.

I was most impressed when I saw these Leyland Tigers with ECW bodies when new. Little did I realise that many had a weakness in the rear end
requiring expensive rectification works.
London Country TL5 TPC105X is in Buckingham Palace Road on March 2nd 1983 working the 757.

Motts Coaches ran this Bedford SBH102R again in Gloucester Green on March 4th 1983.

Percivals of Oxford ran a joint service with Premier Travel of Cambridge between the two University Cities for many years.
VJF18S was a Leyland Leopard with Plaxton body new in 1977 to Ementon of Cranfield. Seen in Oxford on March 4th 1983.

United Counties Bristol RE/ECW 284 TBD284G at Biggleswade but often used on London services. It was October 27th 1984.

United Counties Bristol VR/ECW 803 PRP803M parked in Royston on August 31st 1984.

Seen in Carlisle is Western SMT DR2164 JAG517F on Marc h 22nd 1983. Next to it is a Ribble ECW bodied Bristol VR nr 1450.

Stagecoach in the early days in Perth using Bristol/ECW HDV639E seen on March 20th 1983. 

Slogan of Winnipeg were operating this ex North Western Road Car Daimler Fleetline with Alexander body, once FJA210D on July 15th 1982.

Scottish Highlands by Nick Ross

Sherpa van 44020 once of Stagecoach East Kent at Cairngorm with the 1240 to Aviemore

A decker at Britain's highest bus stop, Enviro 19175 has a rest after the long climb up
from Aviemore to Cairngorm with the 1015 31 from Aviemore on Feb 7th 2020

Shiny white Enviro 400 11300 at Inverness bus station with a 26 to Cromarty on the black isle on February 5th 2020.
This is one of three all white MMC E400s with Stagecoach Highlands.

Tridents are in decline from their former vast numbers in Inverness, here's Trident 18112 at Dingwall
after a good run over Torre with the 1615 Inverness - Dingwall on February 5th 2020.

Very many thanks to Nick Ross for some excellent pictures. 

North of the Border with Gordon Scott

Gordon advises not unexpectedly that today was not a good day for anything moving much at Falkirk. I am sure we all understand that the north has been hit hard as well. 

Fleet news and developments

Company notice

From 23rd February we will be making some changes to service 800/850 in High Wycombe. For more information including the updated timetable please visit:

 crowd.in/htNQdY or pic.twitter.com/5splRdxNdF

Paul Swann

Paul, who is Fleet Planning Manager at Arriva writes "Temsa coach, 7102 YJ69AAV, for the 758 services arrived on Tuesday, February 18th and entered service the following afternoon."

Nick Ross

5459 at Thame with a 280 to Haddenham on January 31st 2020.

Pictures by Malcolm Crowe on February 21st.

Cressex depot on February 21st in a break from the rain. The Bedfordshire Recovery lorry had recovered the Solo seen below.

An effort by the wrecker driver to reverse the Solo, 2495, into the engineering base.

In case you were wondering T 946 is on loan to Wycombe for Training purposes.

Hot news from Phil Southall, Managing Director of the Oxford Group.

"Some interesting news for you to watch out for this weekend. We are hiring four Mercedes Citaro's from Go East Anglia that will be numbered 884 to 887 and these will into Carousel to release 876 to 878 to Thames Travel and 215 to OBC. "

The following buses will be available to collect from Saturday 22nd February: 

422 HF55JYY 

423 HF55JYZ 

427 HF55JZE 

The following bus will be available to collect  Saturday 29th February 

421 HF55JYX 

428 in service from Dereham heading for the Broads (Wroxham & Horning) on November 18th 2019 by David Beardmore.
Sadly I couldn't find a picture of 427 but this provides an idea!

I assume that the buses will be 421-427 as 884-887 but this is not confirmed. Also I think some of these Citaros were used in Oxford when new?

This is not the first time that Go South Coast origin Citaros have been used in Oxford. In March/April of 2006 two brand new South Coast ones 898 - HF06FTYO and 899 - HF06FTY spent several months working in Oxford, generally on route X3.

My picture taken on April 27th 2006 in New Road shows the two buses passing each other. - Malcolm Crowe.

I wonder if anyone can advise where these two buses are now in 2020 ? They are not in the GSC fleet anymore.

It now appears to suggest that coaches 75-77 are all in Carousel red and in service on the 102. 78 appeared to be the spare but note remarks below and we have seen 63 and 73 from Oxford working the overnight services using Oxford crews.

Robert Davies
of Oxford Bus contributed this picture of 77 after final vinyls had been affixed on February 12th.
This means that we have featured all three coaches used on the 102 service.

67 X90APP has returned to Oxford from repaint as of February 18th. Phil Southall advises that 67-69 are to be in specific branded livery for the X50 High Wycombe-Heathrow and that this service will be operated from Oxford.

Due to there being less E200 M A N s available apart from 423, we have seen 877 and 878 working Link40 in recent days as the second of the two buses in use. The other has been Orange Link40 branded 423. On February 19th 876 appeared on Link40.

The Thame route was served by two buses on February 20th as seen below at Stokenchurch.

Solo 709 heads for Thame whilst 423 is seen making for High Wycombe.  Malcolm Crowe.

503 and 856 are seen at the depot in Wycombe on February 21st by Malcolm Crowe. 980 is in the second picture.

The company seems to have settled down in the case of branded buses on the wrong routes in the last few weeks. This is good to note.

q.v. 67 X90APP has returned from repaint as of February 18th. Phil Southall advises that 67-69 are to be in specific branded livery for the X50 High Wycombe-Heathrow and that this service will be operated from Oxford.



These excellent pictures have been taken by Jack Cooper on February 21st at Cowley House.

Phil also notes as under:

Coaches 70 to 72 will be repainted into Airline livery to replace 61 to 63 (Euro V engines not compliant for Heathrow from October). 

Coaches 73, 74 and 78 will be in a generic spare livery to be used across 102, X50, LHR and LGW. (No further details provided)

Coaches 61, 62, 63 and 65 will be 'spare' too !

Many thanks to Phil Southall for those updates.

Gavin Francis has been busy taking a number of pictures on February 18th in Oxford which prove most interesting.

Scania 220 seen with an X3 working loading in St Aldates. Hybrid 361 was the previous departure !

Hybrid 352 is seen back on 5 road, one supposes due to the shortage of StreetDecks.

367 is at the other end of town working the Kidlington services when seen in Magdalen Street East.

On the other side of St. Mary Magdalen Church is 604 with a 2B departure to Kidlington.

MMC 613, in Brookes livery, is seen loading in front of the Post Office in St Aldates with a U5 departure to Marston.

665 is seen in George Street with a 300 duty and then 680 by the Odeon with a 500 duty.

Mercedes 976 is seen busily heading down St. Aldates on a dry Tuesday, February 18th by Gavin Francis.

Scania 214 is back on the road but seemingly not tracking as advised by Jack Cooper.

Daryl Major comments on the attached picture "St Aldate's in Oxford - February 14th. The eagle eyed of you will realise that the registration doesn't match anything else around Oxford. This is because these E400s were originally meant for Southern Vectis, but were then diverted to COMS, for the Oxford to Oxford Parkway rail/bus service, whilst the line was constructed. These then went to Thames Travel when COMS received their park and ride Wright StreetDecks"

Thames Travel 254 is seen working an X40 service on February 14th - Daryl Major.

Gavin Francis has provided a few nice pictures from February 18th in Oxford.

Scania 212 is seen with an X39 departure in St Aldates.

Citaro 849 is seen working route 11 to Watlington waiting at its departure stop in St Aldates.

E200 Connector 513 is seen approaching Magdalen Street East with an ST2 working to Wytham.

Motts GB16MTT, a Tourismo, in Beaumont Street on February 18th by Gavin Francis.

I haven't received a picture of the deckers for sometime and Gavin Francis contributed this taken on February 18th.
The coach - BU18OTA is run by Edwards of Llantwit Fardre working the 040.

Parked on the same bridge, Worthing Coaches BU18OSO is seen after working an 030 service to London by Gavin Francis on February 18th.

It was raining heavily when I took this on the over bridge of junction 5- M40 on February 20th. Malcolm Crowe.

Skills of Nottingham operate this Levante tri-axle on NEx services.
This one has gained a super rear wrap for Amazon. February 19th by Gavin Francis.

Another new Levante III for Stansted services, SH 295 on February 19th by Gavin Francis. 

National Holidays is a subsidiary of Shearings Group. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shearings

Since 2015 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo coaches in both twin and tri-axle variants, for both the Shearings and National Holidays fleets.

Happy holidays to these coach passengers on Tourismo NX69JHH seen on the M40 in The Chilterns on February 20th by Malcolm Crowe.

This link will provide a list of National Holidays present fleet : http://quack77.uk/fleetlists/fleet.php?ownerid=300

Not a very regular performer, Optare 899 is seen in GLCS on February 20th by Gavin Francis. 


February 17th 2020

Local authorities across Britain are being urged to "maximise the power of the bus" to benefit communities as new research published today shows that Stagecoach supports more than £1.6billion a year in value to the country's economy.

Independent research carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) shows that Stagecoach's aggregate contribution to the country is £1.63billion a year in Gross Value Added (GVA)1.

Stagecoach, Britain's biggest bus and coach operator, is one of the country's largest private sector employers. It provides direct employment for 24,000 people and supports a further 10,000 jobs. In total, Stagecoach supports one in every 1,000 jobs in the UK.

The new report ‘How we support Britain’s economy and communities’, also demonstrates the wider benefits and financial savings that Stagecoach transport services deliver by reducing congestion, making the nation more active, protecting the environment and supporting safer communities.

Stagecoach Chief Executive Martin Griffiths said: "We’re proud to have kept Britain connected for the past 40 years and this new report shows the huge positive impact of our transport services to the economy and our communities.

"As regions across the country face up to the challenges of congested roads, declining air quality, ill-health and pressure on our high streets, it is vital that local authorities maximise the power of the bus to deliver safer, healthier and more prosperous places for people to live."

Cebr analysis shows people using Stagecoach buses rather than cars helps avoid millions of pounds of wasted resources every year, with the savings able to be invested in better public services:

Stagecoach was founded in 1980 and is Britain’s most successful transport start-up. It continues to deliver direct significant benefits to Britain’s economy and communities, paying £710million a year in wages and employee benefits, as well as generating £220million in income-related tax contributions.

The analysis by Cebr also shows the significant contribution that Stagecoach services are making in regions across the UK, including:

Cristian Niculescu-Marcu, Director of Analysis and Head of Microeconomics at Cebr, said: "Stagecoach makes a substantial economic and social contribution to the UK economy, supporting one in every 1,000 jobs and underpinning regional communities across the country.

"As well as its direct impact, Stagecoach’s transport services help reduce congestion, lower physical inactivity, and cut road traffic accidents. The company also plays a major role in cutting greenhouse gas emissions at a time when there is greater focus than ever before on measures to address the climate emergency."

From spring 2020, Stagecoach will deliver the first vehicles as part of a £13m investment in what is one of the biggest orders of new electric buses in Europe. A total of nearly 50 new e-buses are being introduced in Greater Manchester and Caerphilly, South Wales. By the end of 2020, Stagecoach will have more electric vehicles than any other major UK bus operator. Carbon emissions from Stagecoach businesses have been reduced by 14% over the past five years as a result of a package of measures introduced as part of the company's sustainability strategy.

Last month, Stagecoach launched a new look for its buses as part of a wider commitment to make using public transport easier. Stagecoach has delivered the biggest roll-out of contactless technology by any bus operator in Britain to simplify ticketing. It has also launched a new bus app, featuring a new online travel-planning tool that provides customers with real-time tracking of their bus service on an interactive map. 

A picture of ex Oxfordshire Golds now in Cwmbran, South Wales by Mark Wakefield.

15838 in the line!

Some pictures from Gavin Francis taken on February 18th

Gold 10788 with an S3 by the Odeon.

MMC 11247 arriving in Oxford with an S2 from Carterton and Witney. It is entering Magdalen Street East.

15832, 15833 and 15834 on a variety of routes in Oxford, non of which match the branding!!! 

Also,, relating to www.bustimes.org I note 37401 was working the X4 on Tuesday, February 18th. This was when 28744 and 28745 (branded for the Banbury-Oxford route were employed on the 500.

Road Car (SC Lincolnshire) is seen its in new garb working 505 to Kings Lynn on January 24th 2020 by West Lynn.
Picture by David Beardmore.

It is now possible to follow the X5 operations all the way through to Oxford on www.bustimes.org . This has not always been possible.

CAMBUS 13906 BU69XYF in service near HISTON on February 3rd by David Beardmore.
Strange, no branding or fleet numbers!!

student link coaches of the Stagecoach fleet in Cwmbran by Mark Wakefield.

52402 and 52403 at Cwmbran depot. 

Astromega, ex megabus, 50250 has spent several days of the road and I note that on a number of occasions in recent days a normal service bus has appeared on one of the X5 workings each morning. This adds to 50264 and 50274 which have been absent from service in recent days.

Thinking about rain, I spent a few minutes on the overbridge at Stokenchurch on the M40.
It was a very wet February 20th day and 50246 is caught heading for London being overtaken
by an Airline Tourismo at speed. I am led to understand that 50246 is rather slow!! 

Left hand drive 55021, SG42 is seen by Victoria Coach Station on February 18th by Gavin Francis. 

Smaller operators and London developments


Gavin Francis

Arriva's LT55 seen by Victoria Coach Station on February 18th by Gavin Francis. It does look rather careworn!!

London United's LT672 with a 211 working seen by Victoria Coach Station on February 18th by Gavin Francis.

Perhaps one of the brightest wrap in London at present is demonstrated by LT665 working the 211 for LUL on February 20th.

Golden Tours 104, decked in 4D Bus Tours livery turns out of Buckingham Palace Road on February 18th by Gavin Francis. 


When I had occasion to need some photographs recently I was delighted to find just what I needed on The Transport Library Web Site. The collection is significant and if you do use the site please mention the Oxford Chiltern Bus Page.

Robin who runs the site wrote to me:

"I was recently put in touch with a local transport photographic image company called Kezlan Images. They run two sites – the Transport Library and The Transport Treasury. Together they provide over 200,000 images to purchase with both Road and Rail transport from the UK and overseas. I was drawn mainly to the Transport Library as this site has a larger volume of Bus images. In particular they offer the images from J S Cockshott, Geoffrey Morant and also several photographers who left their collection to the Omnibus Society. Started in 2012 the Transport Library started as a way of marketing Russell Fell’s large collection of London Country and London Transport Images. This collection alone numbers around 25,000 and contains a great many shots from the local area. From there though they have picked up other collections plus run a service for individuals and societies to market images on their behalf in exchange for royalty payments. The site is well worth a look as there are images from a wide variety of operators from across the country, so there should be something for everyone. Kezlan Images also buy transport photographic collections, and have started to move into publishing through the Transport Treasury brand. Currently the books they have produced are based on rail subjects, but they hope to move into road matters in the near future." 

I would note that prices are most reasonable for the photographs, especially if one take the Digital images.

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