This is a significant page as it marks a great change to the bus and coach services in the UK. More detail is hereunder.

Now we are into the critical period with many items to record following the significant reduction in services by all the bus operators with coach services also limited. The M40 Motorway by my house is eerily quiet, it seems strange after 45 years of growing traffic noise that now it really is quiet. Most other roads are also very empty and it seems this may now go on for many months to come.

By April 2nd, in this picture from Jim Wright, taken around 1430 not very much was happening and it will be even quieter next week
as the X5 and Oxford tube cease running from Oxford!

However on the bright side, time to take stock, catch up on all those jobs that one has put off until tomorrow, the next week or the right weather!!

I have been very lucky as some people are still able to get out and take their exercise. For some this is on their local bus routes and so contributions have entirely dried up as yet!

If and when that happens I and others will start to draw on the library of stuff which came at a time when there was too much or when one never imagined "that will come in useful one day" !!

At this time of enforced "internment" you made find this link of interest showing St Giles and The Randolph live 24/7 thanks to the Oxford Internet Institute Live Feed.

Oxford Internet Institute Live Feed

You even get to see various buses passing which is nice! 

More links which may be interest and pass some idle moments.



Finally, as you will see below, most coach services are to be suspended from Monday, April 6th and include many in our main area. Readers have been very kind in providing pictures etc. which will add much in the coming weeks. Thank you! 

The changes which took place last Monday are now seen to be taking effect with significant reduction in passenger numbers justifying the actions taken. The picture below taken on March 30th highlights the lack of services and passengers.

Taken at the same moments in time by Wayne Singleton of Oxford Bus - Gloucester Green during the afternoon of March 30th 2020.

Worcester Street and the associated car park are deserted on March 29th in these pictures by Gavin Francis.

These pictures give an idea of how Lock Down affects the UK in 2020.

A forlorn sight with 10667 by The Ashmolean in St. Giles and no other traffic on March 29th by Gavin Francis.

Below is a link which will take to all the changes on Stagecoach services up and down the UK.


Also on a service more local to us.

X5 Service Update Thursday 2 April 2020

Further revised timetables will be in place from Thursday 2 April 2020; these temporary timetables will operate across Bedfordshire until further notice.


Monday – Sunday X5 buses will now only run between Cambridge and Milton Keynes Rail Station every hour between 07:30 and 19:30.

This means that the X5 will no longer operate to Oxford and the alternative will be to use the 505 Brackley-Bicester and then the S5 to Oxford.

Rugby depot on April 1st 2020.

Announced at 1100hrs on April 1st 2020.

Coronavirus Update: megabus services suspended in England and Wales but continue to run in Scotland

• megabus services suspended in England and Wales - no services from Sunday, April 5th 2020

• megabus services within Scotland and some partner services continue to run 

From 23:59 on Sunday, April 5th all of our services will be temporarily suspended.

I am advised that services will cease to operate from Monday, April 6th 2020 until further notice.

One can see why the services will be withdrawn, there are few if any customers !!

Oxford Tube services will be temporarily  suspended after Sunday 5th April.

Following the Government's guidance to stay at home and stop all non-essential travel, all Oxford Tube services will be temporarily  suspended after Sunday 5th April.

Despite running a revised timetable, the number of people travelling on Oxford Tube services has dropped significantly since the national government guidance was issued on non-essential travel and the difficult decision has now been taken to suspend the service until further notice.

On behalf of everyone working on the Oxford Tube we would like to thank customers for their support and understanding over what is a very challenging period and we look forward to welcoming you back in the future.

Any customers with tickets booked through Oxford Tube should contact customer services via email for a full refund - we will work as quickly as we can to reply. Please email www.oxford.enquiries@stagecoachbus.com. We can also look to extend season tickets and move them to the period when we are operating again

A summary of the current service levels operating up until Sunday is provided below (the last journeys will operate from Gloucester Green at 2015 on Sunday and London Victoria at 2245:

I can append details of those buses and coaches still in use and those which have been SORN for the foreseeable future. This means OBC have 90 vehicles inc. some PMU buses off the road, CSS all  13 off, Thames Travel with 27 inc. all double decks and Carousel with 15 off including all the recently acquired Citaros from Go East Anglia. You can see the details by opening the Excel worksheet below. (SORN = Statutory Off Road Notice.)

OBC Group Fleet List 300320

I would like to express our thanks too Phil Southall, Managing Director of Oxford Bus for this information. He also advises that at present the Airline service to Heathrow and Gatwick will continue next week.

Further service reductions - from April 6th 2020

With customer numbers now around 15% of normal levels, we need to make one more round of reductions to minimise losses, and maximise our chances of survival.

Most routes in Reading will go to basic hourly frequencies, apart from the 17 running every 30 minutes. Some routes, such as the Tiger 7 and Green Line 702 will be suspended entirely due to extremely low numbers. We will continue to run services which are funded either by Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire Councils, or other third parties, regardless of usage, for as long as they want them to run.

This is a difficult and uncomfortable decision and not one that we ever expected to happen, however, the steps we take now are for the long term good of the company and therefore in the best interests of us all. This should be the final changes to our services apart from anything required for the routes we run under contract.

Both pictures courtesy Robert Williams CEO.

New NHS Shuttles

I think this bus is usually on the 11 past the Berkshire Independent Hospital.

On Tuesday we started running two shuttle services for NHS workers at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, following successful discussions around how we can assist the NHS during the current crisis. Funded by the NHS to support their shift workers, route H1 connects the RBH with Queens Road car park and the Station, and route H2 connects the RBH with the University utilising our two Bronze 11 buses and four drivers.

This welcome additional work sees two groups of key workers working together for local residents - a great good news story.

We continue to pursue other potential work for driving /customer service and maintenance roles.

Still waiting to see if they are going to continue with the Green Line services 748,755,757,758,759.

Herewith a list of what's off the road for AY HE LN & MK

Arriva SORN 010420

James Allum

I hope to go out to Hemel once this horrid virus has disappeared. Being on the front line as a train dispatcher in London Euston, I can certainly notice a great deal the low usage of train services and hope the same is going for the buses. 

Just a little note for the page, if there is anyone wanting to know the current level of services of Buses for Hertfordshire please check the Intalink website and go to the Coronavirus bus service link. 

Mainly in Arriva land Hemel the route 2 Woodhall Farm - Town Centre - Bennetts Gate instead of being every 10 mins is running to a 30 mins service

The route 3/4 Grovehill West - Town Centre - Stoneycroft/Gadebridge is running every hour. 

Further timetable changes from Sunday 29 March

Bus operator First Berkshire announced that from Sunday 29 March services 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and X74 will operate a Sunday service 7 days a week from. Services 12 and 13 which will be withdrawn until further notice. The announcement comes after Government outlined strict new measures to tackle the spread of coronavirus, including advice that people should leave home only to exercise once a day, travel to and from work where "absolutely necessary", shop for essential items and to fulfil any medical or care needs.  Concessionary Travel Cards can now be used before 9.30am every day of the week.

The bus operator has briefed local authorities as well as the local Traffic Commissioner about the changes.

Marc Reddy, First Berkshire's managing director said: “With much of the UK effectively ordered to stay at home for at least the next few weeks, we have made the decision to move to a Sunday timetable to support those who still need to get to and from work and get out to shops and pharmacies for essential supplies.

Just a few weeks ago it was almost inconceivable that these restrictions would be in place, which only underlines what a challenging, dynamic and rapidly evolving situation the UK faces, and which First Berkshire is monitoring and responding to day-by-day, hour-by-hour."  

Times of Old

In these times of lock down I was pleased to get a number of interesting local pictures from times past and will include a small selection each week. The contributors name is in the detail.


On August 27th 2019 a preserved Badgerline Van Hool-bodied Volvo B10M made a stop at Oxford Rail Station to pick up enthusiasts on the way to a bus rally.
 I was lucky to be in the area at the time to picture it.

Former Stagecoach in Oxfordshire ADL Enviro200 36453 is seen at Hull depot in May 2019, having not long been transferred to Stagecoach East Midlands.
Note the Oxford area registration - something that no longer happens!!

James Freeman

James is younger than many of us and his contributions are rather more modern.

Skyliner 50120 is seen offloading in Queen Street having worked an inbound X30 morning express from Wantage.
This picture taken on June 9th 2009 is of interest as it shows the graphic use of the destination by Craig McConn of Stagecoach.

Carrying a cherished registration still used on Oxford tube, 50124 was also a winner at Duxford in 2004, seen leaving Gloucester Green April; 28th 2009.
These were fine coaches but with a few problems such as Air Conditioning reliability and a habit of rolling badly at speed on the motorway. 

Matt Bullock

Matthew has kindly provided some older photographs with comprehensive information which is most welcome.

BUD 279 was a Bedford OB new to House, Watlington in April 1946. It served with House all its life, being withdrawn in March 1964 and scrapped at the depot.
The view is of Reading station in 1960. The Jolly Porter in the background was a Simonds pub and was demolished
 along with Vincent’s Garage in 1972 to make way for the a previous redevelopment of the railway station and forecourt.

The Crown on High Street, Charlton-on-Otmoor, was a Morrell’s pub and survives today in private hands.

It’s opposite the church and just down the road from the base of Holder’s “Charlton Services” fleet
 who were the owners of Saunders-bodied AEC Regent III KGU 239.
The bus was formerly London Transport RT1525, new in July 1949, and was acquired by Holder in 1968, serving with them for seven years.

I shall be publishing more of these pictures in the coming weeks, especially if current contributions become limited. 

Nick Ross spends time on an overbridge

Nick writes "I was on the overbridge of the Linslade Western bypass on March 20th which will probably be the last day of school till the Autumn"

Until very recently Masons of Cheddington were using former Red Kite Olympians on their Aylesbury schools - Milton Keynes runs.

By Mar 20th this appears to have changed with ex London DAF LJ03MDY,

Scania YN08MSV (unless this is a Marshalls bus ??)

Olympian still in Red Kite colours R172VPU
- all heading North on the by pass on March 20th 

Indeed an awful lot of Z&S, Redline and other operators run dead from Aylesbury to Bletchley/M. Keynes each day using the Linslade Western bypass morning and afternoon.

Z & S Enviro 200 LJ08CZX  returns home after a day on the 30s

Many thanks to Nick for some interesting pictures. 


North of the Border with Gordon Scott

Taken on March 30th at Drum Brae with Edinburgh Lothian revised timetables for COVID19

Volvo B8L Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 XLB 1101 - SJ19OXU on route 31.

1126 - SB19GLK on Airlink 100 route.

First East Scotland Livingston depot 47454 - SK63KKP Wright Streetlite, ex First Bristol Bath working route X25.

Taken at Broomhouse, Edinburgh on March 31st.

Lothian route 22 normally run by Longstone depot using Volvo B5TL Wright Gemini 3,
due to further COVID19 route timetable changes it is now operated by Central depot Volvo B9TL Wright Gemini.

311 - SN09CUH  & 372 - SN11ECF.

Taken 2/4 at Ferrytoll Park & Ride.

New Stagecoach East Scotland Fife 26353 - YX20OFW Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMC on X55 route Edinburgh to Dunfermline.
Noted another one heading into Edinburgh but did not identify it I do not know how many they have.

This is a list of the total

23649  YX20OFS AD E20D SFDDPCBR9KGY27670 AD B??F 3/2020 Fife Scottish
23650 YX20OFT AD E20D SFDDPCBR9KGY27674 AD B??F 3/2020 Fife Scottish
23651 YX20OFU AD E20D SFDDPCBR9KGY27675 AD B??F 3/2020 Fife Scottish
23652 YX20OFV AD E20D SFDDPCBR9KGY27671 AD B??F 3/2020 Fife Scottish
23653 YX20OFW AD E20D SFDDPCBR9KGY27673 AD B??F 3/2020 Fife Scottish

Five of their 65 plate E200 MMC's have moved to Stagecoach Cumbria.

Taken April 2nd at Lothian Marine depot which is now closed and routes moved to Central depot which is operating all routes.

Stored buses from sister companies East Coast Buses and Lothian Country seen also at Marine depot.

Lothian Central depot 1051CE - SJ18NFA Volvo B5TL Wright Gemini seen operating Marine depot route 26. 

Many thanks to Gordon for his usual interesting provision of pictures.

Fleet news and developments

Previously mentioned are the coaches for the Stansted 720 service, now with more details below:

7200 BV20HRA MB Tourismo WEB41054523001825 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7201 BV20HRC MB Tourismo WEB41054523001826 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7202 BV20HRD MB Tourismo WEB41054523001827 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7203 BV20HRE MB Tourismo WEB41054523001828 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7204 BV20HRF MB Tourismo WEB41054523001829 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7205 BV20HRG MB Tourismo WEB41054523001830 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7206 BV20HRJ MB Tourismo WEB41054523001831 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7207 BV20HRK MB Tourismo WEB41054523001832 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7208 BV20HRL MB Tourismo WEB41054523001833 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7209 BV20HRM MB Tourismo WEB41054523001834 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7210 BV20HRN MB Tourismo WEB41054523001835 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7211 BV20HRO MB Tourismo WEB41054523001836 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7212 BV20HRP MB Tourismo WEB41054523001837 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7213 BV20HRR MB Tourismo WEB41054523001838 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7214 BV20HRU MB Tourismo WEB41054523001839 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires
7215 BV20HRW MB Tourismo WEB41054523001840 MB C??FL /2020 Arriva the Shires

Details of those buses in our area of report are given under Arriva above in COVID-19 section. From that you will see that beloved 2159 from Wycombe is furloughed !!!!

Tony Bungay

I enclose the above just to illustrate how deserted roads are, at any other time this must be a Bus Drivers dream! Clear roads, no traffic jams, being able to keep to schedule.

Sapphire Enviro 400 5468 in Exchange Street Aylesbury working the 500 on March 30th.

Heading out of town on the X60 3873 on March 30th.

April 1st and Citaro 3019 in Exchange Street Aylesbury again on the 500

3874 working a turn on Service X60 proceeds along Aylesbury High Street on April 1st.

Apart from 3873, the other Arrive vehicles were photographed in the centre of Aylesbury about 2pm!

Many thanks to Tony for these welcome pictures.

Nick Ross

Arriva Optare 2498 awaits in vain for customers on a D1 at an equally deserted Leighton rail station on March 27th 2020.

Still devoid of any markings other than the fleet number - 7101 is seen in GLCS on March 30th by Gavin Francis. 

If you haven't seen the Group page recently it is worth looking this for the video graphics.


Phil Southall -  OBC

Rail Blockade has largely been covered by 67 to 69. We have had one or two of them returning for minor issues so I think 70 has been down for a stint too.  

Whilst things are quiet Wycombe Coachway seems sensible as it allows us to take the 102 off for the foreseeable future from Heathrow. 

In other news, 21 to 25 have now left the fleet permanently. They have gone to Brighton & Hove for now to be used on rail replacement to release double deckers to go to the new Cornwall operation from this weekend. 

We are finalising the fleet plan over the next day or so as to what we will be parking up for the duration of this crisis. I can let you have it when done. Obviously this will be driven by claiming tax refunds from April 1st onwards so allocation will change as the week goes on as plans are finalised.

Do check the allocations now as there have been some changes with many buses taken off the road.

OBC Group Fleet List 300320

No decision on Airline yet, likely to continue for at least next week. (April 6th)

Schedule alterations here effective March 30th have seen a great change in the way the fleet is used. Also there is a gremlin in the ticket machines where coaches appear to working local routes. For example on April 1st coach 75 was stated on www.bustimes.org to be working the 35 to Flackwell Heath. My man in Flackwell Heath duly took his daily constitutional to witness this unusual working. And guess what?

Coach 75 duly appeared as bus 939 seen above entering Flackwell Heath working route 35.
One wondered if this was an April Fools joke by someone in Carousel but as this was after 12 noon the joke is on them !!!!
Picture provided by Nigel Peach taken on April 1st.

A further effort by the depot saw coaches 75 and 76 working this route on April 3rd. I wonder if this creates a problem for fuel duty rebate claims?

The regular bus since the service reductions working route 40 to Thame has been StreetLite 407 as 423 has been furloughed for the foreseeable future.

First day of the two hourly schedule to Thame sees 407 on its way back to High Wycombe in Stokenchurch.
Photo by Gavin Francis on March 30th.

Nearing the end of the old timetable 421 is seen with a Wycombe bound 40 by Gavin Francis on March 27th,.
This bus continues in service from March 30th but not to be seen on the 40. 

Well with the significant reduction in services from March 30th "off branded route" buses are making life interesting as shown below.

Guy Watts

Brookes 610 is seen heading along Woodstock Road with a 6 road service on March 28th.

On March 29th it was the turn of 682, the only bus on 6 road on the Sunday hourly service.

By Tuesday, March 31st 652 was in use on 6 road as seen heading along Woodstock Road.

Jason Kew

Red Brookes 604, Grey Brookes 612, 5 branded 653 and yellow 683 are seen with 4 road services on March 28th.

Yellow 689 and Orange 691 are also seen with 4 road services on March 28th.

Yellow 685 is seen on 2 road services on March 28th.

Very many thanks to Jason for a veritable rainbow of pictures from March 28th.

Gavin Francis

March 29th saw Brookes red 606 and 608 working 2 road services.

5 branded 656 is seen working X13 road services on March 29th.

Yellow 685 is seen with a 6 road service on March 30th.

Jim Wright

605 branded for 2 road is seen with a 5 and Park & Ride 672 is working 9 road in High Street on April 2nd.

Again on April 2nd, this time in Magdalen Street East,

Gavin Francis

Winter to Summer March 2020.

On Sunday, March 30th Gavin caught 34 waiting for its next duty at Gloucester Green.

The previous day on March 29th, 35 is seen leaving for Gatwick via Heathrow and also calling at The Coachway, High Wycombe.|
This is shown on the side blind very clearly.

Here we see 36 climbing New Road on its way to Gatwick on March 29th.

Using bus times, as we cannot just go to Handy Cross to take photos anymore, 38 is passing 37 on Handy Cross overbridge.
So, as you can see only pictures used are by people who had a legitimate reason to be where they were taken.

Mention has been made elsewhere about coaches leaving Oxford or working on hire during the Rail Blockade at East Grinstead.

Andy Churchill

Sold to Brighton and Hove are Volvo B11R / Plaxton Panther C44FLT 21/22/23/24/25 with 22 arriving on March 15th and 21/24/25 on March 21st. These Are acting as cover for Brighton and Hove Scania Omnidekka’s 685-688 which have Gone on loan to Plymouth City Bus and the Coaches will be used on Rail Replacement Duties and are expected to remain there for Six months and after that are destined to Move to Plymouth City Bus once the Scania’s return to Brighton.

Matthew Vivash

Matthew has provided two pictures of Airline coaches at work in Brighton and East Grinstead.

Oxford Airline now BH&D 21 at East Grinstead Station on April 1st by Matthew Vivash.

Oxford Airline X50 branded 67 & 69 at East Grinstead on March 25th by Matthew Vivash.

See further reference on these coaches by Phil Southall under Go Ahead above. 

Fleet changes have not happened as expected due to the service reductions and one should refer to the OBC allocation list under COVID19 above to see what has transpired.

As of 216 and its sisters 215 and 217 they are not showing on www.bustimes.org as being with TT!

Jim Wright

Scania 212 heads around Carfax Corner with an arriving X2 service on April 2nd but see the next picture for a strange event!

On the very same day, 216 fully branded for Carousel but now moved to Thames Travel with 215 and 217 is seen in St Aldates with an X32 working!!
Its last working for Carousel was a Link40 service to Stokenchurch on March 24th at 1900.

Well done to Jim for all his photos and I hope for more in the coming weeks if Stagecoach don't furlough him! 



VCS showing the departure bays in the oldest section on March 30th. Very much quieter than usual from Gavin Francis.

I've made this extra large so that readers can see the detail of services on March 29th. Provided by Gavin Francis.


The tables above will help to identify the current route numbers not valid after April 5th.

In line with Government advice on Covid-19, NEx have been running a reduced network for essential travel only. However, as more people rightly stay at home, they have decided to temporarily suspend all services from 23:59 on Sunday, April 5th 2020.

Well, not unsurprisingly, service fully cease after Sunday evening, 23:59 April 5th until further notice. So that 800 group services have only lasted a very short time.

Gavin  Francis

One of NEx's own coaches, BK14LGC seen working an 802 service at VCS on March 29th.

Bruce's Coaches run this Caetano tri-axle BU18OSR seen with an 809 service at VCS on March 29th.

Go Ahead's East Yorkshire nr 4 with an 818 service at VCS on March 29th.

NEx subsidiary Kings Ferry's EK11 BV19XPY with an 814 service at VCS on March 27th.

One of NEx's own coaches SH192 with an 804 service heading out of Elizabeth Street on March 30th

Another of NEx's own coaches SH244 with an 808 service heading along Elizabeth Street on March 30th

Yet another of NEx's own coaches SH281 with an 807 service heading reading for loading in VCS on March 30th

For the routes refer to the table above.

Well we may not have any National Express pictures in the coming weeks so this gives some idea of how the last days were in March 2020.

As a subsidiary of NEx I have included pictures of a Kings Ferry coach on NEx duties.

No indication of what if any route this Tourismo is working or to work!
516 - BF68ZFO is seen by the old BOAC Air Terminal in Buckingham Palace Road on March 29th by Gavin Francis.

New coaches for this operator are:

OU20DVF Vo B8R YV3T7U527LA199879 Pn C57F 3/2020 Pearce Private Hire, Berinsfield
OU20DVG Vo B8R YV3T7U527LA199901 Pn C57F 3/2020 Pearce Private Hire, Berinsfield

Brent Ricketts

I have a couple of bus pics these two being in service on the 882 from Gloucester to Tetbury
 The bus is a 2007 Optare Solo and how empty it was due to the coronavirus outbreak

Reading's 768 and 770 with 702 workings in GLCS on March 30th by Gavin Francis.
The 702 ceases to operate from next week until the current problems are at an end.

Mentioned in a previous issue these are the first of 52 for Manchester

11504 SK20AUY AD E40D AD H??/??F /2020 Greater Manchester South
11505 SK20AVB AD E40D AD H??/??F /2020 Greater Manchester South
11506 SK20AVC AD E40D AD H??/??F /2020 Greater Manchester South

Many buses are being laid up during the present COVID19 crisis. I don't have any information which those buses are at present but hope to find out in the next week.

The Horspath Road depot on March 30th by Gavin Francis.

Gavin Francis

Has provided pictures from the end of March as he has not worked in April and is now furloughed.

MMC 10667 seen by the Ashmolean on March 29th.

MMC 10684 with an S3 service departs from Gloucester Green on March 29th.

MMC 10686 with an S3 service departs from Gloucester Green on March 29th.

Gold MMC 10783 with an S3 service departs from Gloucester Green on March 29th.

Jim Wright

Jim is based at Chipping Norton but has kindly taken some pictures whilst in Oxford but one on his S3 bus will interest readers..

This notice is to the notices on the tube and restricts passenger use of the front seat downstairs. 

 As you will have already read above, the tube will cease operations after service on Sunday, April 5th.  Gavin Francis has taken some photos last weekend which are shown below.

50284 seen ready for loading at Gloucester Green on March 30th

50276 with a London service departs from Gloucester Green on March 29th.

50275 with a London service heads up New Road on March 29th.

50273 with a London service loading at Thornhill Park & Ride on March 29th.

50276 with a sister coach behind seen in Buckingham Palace Road on March 29th.

50284 loading in Buckingham Palace Road on March 30th.

So these will be the last pictures for some weeks or months to come. The fleet is being laid up until further notice and the new fleet announced some weeks ago is now on the back burner.

Jim Wright

Near the end of the road, an M34 service, worked by 54280, was only operating as far as Coventry on April 2nd.

Gavin Francis

megabus Astromega 50291 ready to work an M11 service to Aberdeen from VCS on March 29th by Gavin Francis.

The next day, March 30th, Panorama 50410 was on the same duty making ready to leave VCS, by Gavin Francis.

Announced at 1100hrs on April 1st 2020.

Coronavirus Update: megabus services suspended in England and Wales but continue to run in Scotland

• megabus services suspended in England and Wales - no services from Sunday, April 5th 2020

• megabus services within Scotland and some partner services continue to run

Following the government’s guidance to stay at home and stop all non-essential travel, we’ve taken the tough decision to temporarily suspend our megabus services in England and Wales with no services running after Sunday 5 April. But we’ll still be continuing to run our megabus services within Scotland, please check our website for details and for other services, such as the Oxford Tube and other partner routes which may still be available.

If you're travelling on megabus services within Scotland, or other partner services that remain available at this time, we look forward to welcoming you on board.

Customers with a booked ticket to travel on our megabus services in England and Wales who have been affected by this will receive an email and be refunded. If this affects you and haven’t received an email from us in a few days, please contact our Customer Services Team on enquiries@megabus.com who will be able to look into this for you.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this will cause you. We firmly believe that the decision to temporarily suspend services is the right one based on the current unprecedented circumstances, and I hope you understand the reasons for our decision to stop running services in England and Wales. We hope to be able to welcome you back on board very soon.


Smaller operators and London developments

Tony Bungay

The Masons vehicle was photographed between school duties, parked up just outside Aylesbury Town centre on March 13th. 

Gavin Francis

LT's 45 and 65 with 11 services by VCS on March 30th, looking rather deserted. 


    When I had occasion to need some photographs recently I was delighted to find just what I needed on The Transport Library Web Site. The collection is significant and if you do use the site please mention the Oxford Chiltern Bus Page.

    Robin who runs the site wrote to me:

    "I was recently put in touch with a local transport photographic image company called Kezlan Images. They run two sites – the Transport Library and The Transport Treasury. Together they provide over 200,000 images to purchase with both Road and Rail transport from the UK and overseas. I was drawn mainly to the Transport Library as this site has a larger volume of Bus images. In particular they offer the images from J S Cockshott, Geoffrey Morant and also several photographers who left their collection to the Omnibus Society. Started in 2012 the Transport Library started as a way of marketing Russell Fell’s large collection of London Country and London Transport Images. This collection alone numbers around 25,000 and contains a great many shots from the local area. From there though they have picked up other collections plus run a service for individuals and societies to market images on their behalf in exchange for royalty payments. The site is well worth a look as there are images from a wide variety of operators from across the country, so there should be something for everyone. Kezlan Images also buy transport photographic collections, and have started to move into publishing through the Transport Treasury brand. Currently the books they have produced are based on rail subjects, but they hope to move into road matters in the near future." 

    I would note that prices are most reasonable for the photographs, especially if one take the Digital images.

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