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Issue 122

Monday 4th April 2005
next update week ending 10th April 2005

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An incredibly busy has just passed with visits to Wycombe, London and Cobham in addition to the more usual photograph haunts such as Oxford and the surrounding areas.

Possibly the most significant happening in the area covered by this page is the launch today of a brand new fleet of Volvos for route 31 in High Wycombe. This is covered on a special news supplement which can be reach by clicking on the picture above. This picture is not in thumbnail form as I rather liked the setting. 3866 is seen waiting for the lights to change on the single line access in the centre of High Wycombe.

A day in London watching the last RMs on the 19

Gavin Francis and myself spent Friday in London watching events on the last day Routemasters on the 19. I must say that with fine weather and several elderly buses to ride on, it proved a very interesting day indeed. Perhaps the star of the day was Cobham's STL which is seen below at Porter's Rest near Hyde Park corner.

The sadness was that only very special people could ride on this bus and we were not one of those special people. However, what a glory to behold. In my picture above I have just caught RT3062 going towards Piccadilly Circus. This bus can be seen in my picture below shortly after it had conveyed Gavin and myself to Battersea.

I have included a few more shots provided by Gavin Francis which show one of the last day RMLs on the day and in its former guise in High Wycombe when much younger. It is pictured in high Wycombe at what was the LT garage and is now Staples.


Colin Cooke sent this lovely picture of RM85 on the last day 19s

This picture of RMA58 by Gavin Francis nicely captures the differences in an RMA to the RM

More old Wycombe pictures by Gavin Francis

Following my picture last week of a Scania on the 326 at Micklefield terminus Gain Francis has kindly provided a couple of pictures from his vast collection. This time it is of RTs at the same location but many years ago.


I am happy to say that I can remember RT4744 on the 441 and seeing this bus on my way to Heathrow long before the M25.

Cobham and Wisley April 2005

Sunday was a beautiful day in more way than one. It was the first time I had been to Cobham since it has been linked to Wisley. This event is in its 32nd year and I have to compliment the organisers on a very well arranged day. The buses were in  all cases spaced well apart and as such one was able to get excellent pictures. The vehicles were also lined up facing the sun and early risers could get magnificent three quarter shots of each entrant at Wisley. I have included pictures of vehicles relevant to our area.

As can be seen each picture has relevance to our area.
I understand that RML2440 is preserved in the Wycombe area.

Many will remember the Citaro demonstrator which stood in for these types of buses when that big modification programme took place recently. It has now joined Centra and was also at Wisley.

RT in Wycombe at Ward Jones

Nigel Peach sent a picture of an RT at Binders Yard and we hope to have the chance to ride on an RT next Friday. Nigel says "RT1602 has recently changed hands, I believe and is seemingly at Ward Jones Commercials in Binders Yard for attention."

I regret that I misquoted the fleet number and Peter Cartwright advised "The RT seen at Binder's Yard is in fact RT1206 and the owner of RML2666 - which will be at the Slough/Windsor Running Day - is a part-owner of this recently acquired RT as well."

RT1206 basks in the spring sunshine captured in this excellent picture.

I had a further email this time from the owners of RT1206 saying "Just to update you on the info and picture of RT 1602 at Ward Jones yard. The vehicle is actually RT 1206 which was recently acquired by myself and Steve Bunda. The bus is at Wards for full service and mechanical inspection prior to complete refurb over the next twelve months. Regards Mike Tamkin"

Forthcoming events.

Slough/Windsor Running Day
17th April 2005

the timetable booklets for Slough/Windsor Running Day on Sunday 17th April are now available price 5 inclusive of postage from

Peter Cartwright
54 Guinions Road, HIGH WYCOMBE HP13 7NX.

Cheques payable to Amersham & District Motorbus Society please. 

For those in the Oxford area there is a special X20
connecting with the X39 at Henley.
It will leave Henley (Hard St) @ 10.37 & 14.37
via Hurley & Maidenhead
Windsor St Leonard's Rd 11.30 & 15.30,
Windsor Castle 11.33 & 15.33
arriving Slough Bus Stn 11.45 & 15.45. 

Returning from Slough @ 13.25 & 17.25
via Windsor, Maidenhead & Hurley
arr Henley @ 14.33 & 18.33
for X39 departures to Oxford @ 14.40 & 18.40. 

There are 136 scheduled departures from Slough Bus Stn on the day
and full details are incorporated in the timetable booklet.


The timetable for the Thames Travel bus service from Oxford, for those wishing to attend, is as follows.

Route X39/X20 Oxford-Henley-Slough
Sunday 17th April 2005

Oxford St Aldates 0940 1340
Berinsfield A4074 Lay-by 0953 1343
Wallingford Market Place 1005 1405
Nettlebed 1022 1422
Henley Hart St. arr 1033 1433
Henley Hart St dep 1037 1437
Maidenhead Frascatti Way 1108 1508
Windsor Castle 1133 1533
Slough Bus Station 1145 1545
Slough Bus Station 1325 1725
Windsor Castle 1337 1737
Maidenhead Frascatti Way 1402 1802
Henley Hart St arr 1433 1833
Henley Hart St dep 1440 1840
Nettlebed 1448 1848
Wallingford Market Place 1505 1905
Berinsfield A4074 Lay-by 1514 1914
Oxford St Aldates 1530 1930

Another Photopic page with local interest.

Adam Smith writes "Over the Easter weekend I visited a friend of mine from your area, he recommend I visit your brilliant website and that you might welcome some of my photos from the area. 

I am from Pontefract in West Yorkshire and thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the south, a nice variety of buses in Oxford. I took around 110 photographs while visiting as well as a few sound recordings and videos. If there are any photographs you would like to use on your website then feel free to have a look through my newest collections on my fotopic site.  

The latest collections being: - 

-         Arriva Shires

-         Oxford Bus Company

-         Oxford Bus Museum

-         Stagecoach Oxfordshire

-         Woottens of Chesham

The links are:-

Now on to this week's News and photos. Thank you to everyone who has contributed this week. I have not received so much news this week and so the operator reports are predominantly photographic in nature. I do however realise that many of you enjoy the photos more than the text.

Malcolm Crowe - Monday 4th April 2005

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News of the local companies 4th April 2005

The new Volvos launched today, 4th April and I have posted a special supplementary page this week. Click on the photo at the top of this news page, if you have not already done so and you can see lots of pictures and details.

Chris Lowe from Manchester writes "In the latest O&C Bus Page, I noticed the comment under the photo of Arriva 3841 saying how the freshly painted bus wheels made a difference to the appearance. 

The reason this may have been done is due to having an MOT test recently, when I worked for Arriva North West's (Wythenshawe garage) a while ago. The wheels were painted after all the chassis had been steam cleaned in readiness for it's MOT test, and you could always tell which bus had just been MOT'd by looking at how shiny the wheels were."

Whilst I am led to believe that several deckers will move from Wycombe following the entry into service of the new buses, I saw 5831 today on the 363 and there were also several Bouncy Castles around including one on the 74 to Slough.

Late news is that Olympians 5834 and 5855 are now transferred from Wycombe to Aylesbury.

Nigel James writes "Pictures taken over the Bank Holiday weekend which may be of use": 

Carousel DAF981 on route 4 (not 336!), beside the Bat & Ball at Holmer Green by Nigel James. 

Carousel's L563 heading back to the depot along Desborough Road by Nigel James

From my own camera today


Yesterday, en route to Cobham, we passed DAF 986 also making its way to Cobham on the M40.

Cowley road is presently inaccessible from the east end and so it is a regular occurrence that OBC coaches use the Iffley road.
Here Volvo 22 makes its way into Oxford to operate its London duty.

The trees are coming into bud and here we see Volvo 610 coming up the High on a 2 road service last week.
The bus looks very spruce, only spoilt by the silver rear wheel, somewhat not in keeping.

Volvo low floor 811 is seen here turning out of Worcester Street last Saturday on a 14 road working.
Allocations are still somewhat irregular following the move to the new garage.

Another unusual allocation was 821 on the 500 captured by Bus Monkey last week.

Gavin Francis captured 818 on 4 road seen here in Queen Street, again not a regular working for these buses.

Another unusual working last Saturday was Trident 110 on the 500, normally a Citaro route.

Bus Monkey writes "I've been a bit sporadic again, but here are a few bits for you all. I've also had the Monkey cam out for a change, so might get around to sending a shot or two.

Tue 22nd
831 on 2 (X3 branded)
12 with white wing mirror

Wed 30th
635 on 5
820 on 14
821 on 500
835 on 300

Fri 1st
803 on 14

Still in service

Arriva Sightseeing C907GUD (ML17) is still in service in London, fully fitted with bus seats, up and down.
It started life with COMS as 907, an X90 coach for the London service.
It is seen last Friday at Porters Rest on Piccadilly.


Ken MacKenzie, Oxfordshire Other Operators Sub Editor for PSV Circle writes "Not sure if you know, but Heyfordian have two ex Stagecoach Bluebird - Reg No: L 585JSA and L 587JSA Volvo B10M-60 with Plaxton bodywork. I read that someone saw them in the yard but was unsure if they were acquired or not - they are now painted into Heyfordian livery and ready for use. 

A future two are due from same source but as of Friday only two had arrived."

Pearces Coaches 

Ken MacKenzie, Oxfordshire Other Operators Sub Editor - PSV Circle writes "More news, this time from Pearce Coaches, Berinsfield. 

Martin Pearce has acquired an old Bedford VAL from Lancashire and is to restore it to the original and paint into a blue livery (think this may be their old livery) and the plan is to PSV it for special occasions. 

It was still in Lancashire when I spoke to him last, he's awaiting a nice day to go and bring it down. 

No other details at present, I hope to obtain a reg soon and previous operator."

Red Rose

This last week has seen the return of Solo RR02BUS to the 275.

My Manchester correspondent Chris Lowe writes "I was looking through some of the older pages for O & C Bus Page when I came across the full fleet list for Oxford/Thames Transit and note Olympian 16032 (P532HMP). 

I have attached below a photo of P532HMP where it is now, a photo taken a few months ago when I worked as a driver for Finglands, Rusholme. I hope the photo is alright as it is not a proper digital image but a scan from a photographic print I have in my collection."

Chris adds "Just another little update over the situation regarding the transfer of the two former Oxford Olympians from Stockport to Hyde Road. Apparently these and the native machines transferred between the two garages listed above recently are to cover for a similar number of Volvo B10M's at Hyde Road that are away having a repaint and are expected to gain route branding. The Olympians might therefore return to Stockport when the B10M's are completed. I will let you know any more developments, if there are any.

Spring is really here, well it was last Saturday when I snapped 20004 in the city centre.

Last Wednesday 22057 was on the X4

Bus Monkey sent this picture which he mentions below.

A couple from Wednesday 30th:

821 on 500 and 40654 on the 1815 20A, this trip always seems to be operated by a Witney minibus.

Wed 30th
22936 repainted and new seating on 3, side branding still to be re-applied
(think it has been now)
20820 on 1
33763 on 1 in evening (rather unusual of late to see Darts straying)
20812 on X4

Fri 1st
16518 on 7


Gavin Francis caught this Brookes Trident on the 31 last week

On Thursday Gavin was on hand to get 18196 on the 7s in George Street.

Finally for the unusual this last week, Gavin got this M A N on the 20A

There has been a lot said about the refurbished Volvos at Swindon and I now include pictures of 20681 which has certainly been very well done.


One looks forward to further examples.


I am surprised that some operating companies within Stagecoach still have vehicles in the old livery. The example used on the X6 shown below is often in Oxford and was caught by my lens on the 29th March 2005.

Peter Edgar from Chinnor writes "Whilst photographing in London yesterday I got this shot at Green Park. I think it must have been on a diversion as there appeared to be a major hold-up between Hyde Park Corner and Victoria (as many 8's and 38's on London routes were turning short at G/Park) although I'm not totally sure if that's why it was in the area. The photo is not the best as I was caught unaware by its arrival."

Just a nice shot of 50112 against a college setting last week

Some modifications are being made to the Tubes and I had noticed that the latest Neoplans
for Megabus feature "bright" side lights. These are now being fitted to the Tube batch as seen above.
50117 and 50120 are at least so fitted.

This picture of 50131 alongside 50113 illustrates my point mentioned in the previous picture.

Neoplan Megabus 50128 is seen here operating past Battersea Bridge last Friday on a service to Wales.
I understand this coach, formally used for training and based at Oxford is now allocated to Cwmbran and not Scotland.

I have seen a Neoplan operating the Birmingham service last week and now understand one has been received at Leyton. I think the registration was LN05??? and this could be 50136?

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Martin James sent this delightful picture of an RLH and two Bristol Ks in Ward Jones's yard, above High Wycombe

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